5 Reasons Monsanto Will Continue Losing Money in 2015

As GMO giant Monsanto loses profits, here are the 5 reasons 2015 could be the key year in Monsanto’s collapse.

Americans To Eat 1+ Billion Pounds of GMO Foods On Superbowl Sunday

Super Bowl fans are expected to break previous records in consuming over 1 billion pounds of GMO-laden snack foods

Natural Society Joins 60 Million Strong Petition Against GMOs

Natural Society and Anthony Gucciardi have signed on to the profound anti-GMO petition which has received over 60 million signatures.

New Jurassic World Trailer Explores Dangers of Genetic Modification

The new Jurassic Park sequel ‘Jurassic World’ trailer warns over the continued genetic modification of the planet.

5 Hidden Toxins Found in Baby Products

There are several different toxins lurking in baby products and we all need to be aware of their presence. Here are 5 of those toxic substances.

Video: FDA Now Monitoring Social Media, Targeting ‘Whistleblowers’

Amid powerful activism, it should come as no surprise that agencies like the FDA are concerned about whistleblowers leaking key intel to the public.

Scientists Say We Are Practicing Ecological Homicide: We Must Protect the Pollinators!

Scientists, environmentalists, and citizens are urging the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the US to halt the destruction of butterflies and our pollinators.

Farmers File Last-Ditch Effort to Protect Selves Against Monsanto

GMOs are contaminating conventional fields, leaving farmers with no choice as to what they grow. This has led to farmers filing lawsuits against Monsanto.

Connecticut First State to Pass GMO-Labeling Bill…Almost

Connecticut lawmakers recently passed legislation that would require the labeling of GMO foods. Though the law is far from perfect – here is why.

Herbalism, Not Big Pharma, is Oldest and Most Effective Medicine

Big pharma is not the answer to eradicating illness and disease. Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to naturally treat and heal.

Could Your Digestive Problems be Solved by Eliminating GMOs?

Evidence exists that could tie the growing prevalence of GMO foods to the increase in digestive problems like leaky gut syndrome and IBS.

Surprise: Mainstream Media (FOX News) Admits GMOs Are a ‘Real Safety Issue’

The following, actually presented by Fox News, may just be one of the most hard-hitting GMO (danger) reports ever aired by the mainstream media.

The Cost of Labeling GMOs: How Much Will It Cost Consumers?

How much will GMO labeling cost consumers? The truth of the matter is that labeling GMOs won’t cost consumers a single penny. Not one.

Monsanto Propaganda Defeats Monumental GMO Labeling Bill

Monsanto’s massive campaign to defeat your very right to know what’s in your food has been backed by over $22 million.

3 Ways Monsanto Threatens Our Planet (And What To Do About It)

Through rampant and unchecked genetic manipulation, Monsanto continues to churn out genetically modified creations that threaten the entire planet.

Victory: Senate to Kill Monsanto Protection Act Amid Outrage

Activism has forced Senators to kill the Monsanto Protection Act renewal that would grant Monsanto immunity from legal action.

French President Maintains Monsanto GMO-Corn Ban

After a temporary cancellation on Monsanto’s GM-corn ban, it was recently confirmed that France will maintain the key ban on Monsanto’s GM maize MON810.