‘Extreme Levels’ of Monsanto’s RoundUp Found in GMO Food, Norwegian Study Shows

After analyzing levels of RoundUp in GMO soy, researchers found ‘extreme levels’ of toxic RoundUp on 70 percent of genetically engineered soy plants.

GMO Soy Repeatedly Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality, Birth Defects

The genetically modified crop soybean grown on 91 percent of US soybean fields is repeatedly attributed to devastating reproductive and birth defects in animal studies. Nevertheless, the powers that be—in both the private and public spheres—continue to allow Americans to shovel GMO soy onto their dinner tables.

GMO-Fed Hamsters Become Infertile, Have Stunted Growth

Yet another study has concluded that feeding animals GMOs results in higher rates of infant mortality and causes fertility problems. “Originally, everything went smoothly,” Surov told broadcasting service The Voice of Russia. Surov and the researchers fed the same diet to three generations of the hamsters, and that’s when they noticed things going awry.

Environmental Award Won by Mother for Beating Monsanto

After experiencing the traumatizing death of her daughter to kidney failure just three days after her daughter was born, Sofia Gatica from Argentina became determined to find out what killed her daughter. Her conclusion? Monsanto’s genetically modified soy fields that surrounded her neighborhood, laced with damaging insecticides negatively affecting nearby neighborhood children and adults alike.