Medical Marijuana Bill Starts Moving Again in Southern State

A bill aimed at expanding Florida’s medical marijuana program is only facing one more regulatory hurdle before it reaches the full House of Representatives.

The World Takes 4th Major Step Towards Creating GMO Babies in a Year

A panel of U.S. scientists and ethicists says that 3-parent embryos can be created safely and ethically, but right now the process is banned by Congress.

FDA (…Sort of) Bans GM Salmon Until Labeling Guidelines are Finalized

The release of GM salmon to the market has been placed on hold as the FDA finalizes guidelines for the safe consumption of the fish.

Need a Link Between Federal Reps and Big Pharma Companies? Here it is.

Last month, the CDC shelved plans to release guidelines for prescribing painkillers after criticism from people and groups with conflicts of interest.

FDA Panel: Codeine-Containing Medications are Unsafe for Kids Under 18

FDA medical advisers are saying that medications containing codeine should not be given to children and most teens to treat pain or cough.

Are Genetically Modified Pigs up Next for Approval by the FDA?

Professor Bruce Whitelaw has produced swine fever-resistant pigs through a new gene-editing technique., which he hopes will become FDA-approved.

FDA Claims New GM Potatoes are Safe: But Would You Eat it?

The Food and Drug Administration has recently given a green light to a genetically modified potato engineered to resist a certain pathogen.

New Flu Shots Could Make the Flu the Least of Your Problems

Federal regulators have approved a new type of seasonal flu vaccine with a booster in it that’s intended to trigger a stronger immunity response in the elderly.

Outraged Senator to Block FDA Commissioner Over Questionable GM Salmon

Sen. Lisa Murkowski will block Dr. Robert Califf’s candidacy as the new commissioner of the FDA because he fails to see dangers of approved GM salmon.

Win! 3 Harmful Chemicals Used in Food Packaging Banned by the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned 3 carcinogenic chemicals found in pizza boxes, popcorn bags, and other food packaging.

FDA to Approve Cannabis-Based Pharmaceutical for Multiple Health Conditions

GW Pharmaceuticals is expected to be given a green light for a cannabidiol drug (marijuana-based medicine) which shows promise in treating epilepsy.

Congress Decided we Don’t Deserve to Know Where Meat Comes From

The spending bill passed by Congress last week repealed country-of-origin labeling designed to let Americans know where their meat comes from.

Huge: Spending Bill Forces FDA to Label the New GM Salmon

The Food and Drug Administration may be forced to finalize guidelines for the labeling of the recently-approved genetically modified (GM) salmon.

Chemical Banned Nearly 30 Years Ago Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

A pesticide banned in the late 1980s was found in the brains of men with Parkinson’s disease who reported drinking more than 2 glasses of milk a day.

Superbugs are on the Rise, and so is the Sale of Antibiotics for Livestock

It seems that U.S. sales of medically-important antibiotics approved for use in livestock is on the rise, but so is the growth of unstoppable super-bacteria.

Google Files Patent for “Needle-Free” Glucose Testing Technology

Google has filed a patent for a needle-free blood draw system that would be built into smartwatches, or even smartphones.

Alaska Fishermen Concerned GM Salmon Could Harm $6.4 Billion Fishing Industry

Alaska fishermen are concerned that the newly-approved genetically modified salmon could tank the fishing industry.