5 Celebrities That Prove Massive Weight Loss is Possible

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Report Blames Walmart on the Obesity ‘Epidemic’

A new report examining the effects of economic variables on obesity puts some of the blame for increasing waistlines on Walmart supercenters in the US.

FDA Approves Surgical Implant to ‘Fight Obesity,’ But Won’t Label GMOs

The FDA wants you to implant a small ‘anti-obesity’ device deep within your body that shuts down your nerve connection to your stomach. Good idea?

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These 5 Foods Could Be Making You Fat

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Why Butter Isn’t All that Bad

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4 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

Taking care of your skin can help you retain a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance throughout the years. Here are 4 ways to reduce wrinkles naturally.

Is the Gluten Free Diet Deja-Vu of the Fat Free Fad?

The saturated fats-cause-bad-health dogma is fading, but now it seems a new craze is in town – the gluten-free diet. But is this just another myth?

Low Fat Foods Contain 20% more Sugar on Average than Full-Fat Products

Are you attracted to low-fat or fat-free foods? It turns out that these foods often contain as much as 25 percent more sugar than the full-fat conterparts.

Stumped About How to Eat? Yale Scientist Compares All Diets and Finds REAL Food Best

Which diet is best? According to a study by a highly credentialed medical expert, Dr. David Katz, the best food – is REAL food.

Leading Heart Expert Says Fats are NOT to Blame for Heart Disease

Scientists and health experts are realizing that fats are not the enemy. Further, saturated fats are not the villains when it comes to heart disease.

Another Study Confirms (Dark) Chocolate can Promote Weight Loss

Yet another study has found that eating chocolate (preferably dark chocolate) does not make you fat – it actually promotes weight loss.

8 Foods that Speed Up Ageing While Promoting Sickness

If you don’t shift to a healthier diet now, you will probably regret it later. Here are 8 foods you should avoid to age gracefully and avoid sickness.

Study: Obesity Fuels Breast Cancer Cell Growth and Tumor Size

Being overweight increases breast cancer risk. A recent study even found that obesity is directly related to breast cancer cell growth AND tumor size.

Study: Belly Fat Increases Risk of Dementia, Memory Loss by 3.5x

People with a large amount of abdominal fat are 3.5 times more likely to develop memory loss and dementia, according to recent research.