Pennsylvania Senate Unanimously Passes Industrial Hemp Bill

Recent passage of hemp bills in Pennsylvania and Hawaii signal a tipping point in the country’s attitude on cannabis-related products.

Limiting DEA’s Reach: House Votes on Bills Allowing States to Grow Hemp W/O Interference

Recently, the U.S. House voted on two amendments that would prohibit the DEA from over-stepping their boundaries when it comes to hemp cultivation.

Kentucky Sues DEA to Free 250 Lbs of Impounded Hemp Seeds: Win

Banning industrial hemp has been a crime against farmers and the planet, as the plant offers so many solutions. Well now, it seems hemp is coming back.

What You Should Know About the Hemp Amendment, Even if You Don’t Use Marijuana

There are dozens of great uses for hemp. Why on earth would it be illegal? Everyone should know why the cultivation of industrial hemp is so important.

Farm Bill: $56 Billion to go Toward Environmental and Conservation Aspects

Of the $956.4 billion doled out in The Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill), $56 billion will go to conservation and $881 million to alternative energy.

The $1 Trillion Farm Bill: Offers Numerous Victories, But with a Big Dose of Fluoride

The $1 trillion farm bill offers some victories, but the bill fails to regulate pesticide residues which contain brain-damaging fluoride.

How Far Does Your Food Travel? 4 Reasons to Choose Local

How far does food travel before you eat it? The average plate full of food on an American table has traveled 1500 miles before arriving on the table.