The FDA is Offering a Cash Prize for an App to Fight Opioid Overdoses

The FDA will host a contest that will allow programmers to submit a smartphone app designed to reduce opioid overdose deaths.

Marijuana Use is up on College Campuses, but Other Drug use is Down

College kids are toking up in greater numbers, thanks to changing attitudes and pot legalization, but they’re also rejecting harder, more dangerous drugs,

DEA’s Ban of Kratom is Sending Many into Fury

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is taking an herbal supplement known as kratom off of the market, upsetting many who use the plant for their health.

DEA to Ban Herbal Supplement Kratom

News broke that the DEA will temporarily ban Kratom, an herbal supplement used for issues like chronic pain, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Could Antibiotic Use Lead to Type 1 Diabetes?

A new study involving mice suggests that the impact of antibiotics on gut bacteria may make people more susceptible to Type 1 diabetes.

Untreatable-Gonorrhea Hits Spotlight While WHO Issues New Treatment Guidelines

The WHO released new guidelines for the treatment of gonorrhea this week because it has become largely resistant to an entire class of antibiotics.

How Illegal Drugs and ADHD Medications are Polluting Urban Streams

A new study reveals that streams near Baltimore, Maryland, are heavily polluted with amphetamines, and it could devastate the entire stream ecosystem.

Study: If You’re a Coffee Lover, it Might Be in Your Genes

A new study supports previous research suggesting that the amount of coffee people consume may be written in their DNA.

New Painkiller as ‘Effective as Morphine,’ but Without the Side Effects

Scientists found a compound that could help them create an opioid painkiller rivaling morphine, but without the side effects and addictive properties.

Cancer Study Halted After 3 People Die

A cancer therapy trial involving genetically engineered immune cells and a chemotherapy drug was halted after 3 patients died from brain swelling.

House Overwhelmingly Passes Opioid Abuse Bill

On July 8, the House approved an agreement between itself and the Senate intended to tackle the burgeoning opioid crisis in America.

Youth Marijuana Use Virtually the Same in Colorado After Recreational Legalization

A 2015 survey shows that middle school and high school students in Colorado have been using marijuana LESS since it was legalized for recreational use.

2nd Case of Superbug Resistant to All Drugs Found in NY Patient

A second case of a superbug resistant to last-defense antibiotics has been discovered in a patient in New York, just a month after the 1st was detected.

Mystery Drug Causes 3 Deaths, Several Overdoses

Officials report that a deadly mixture of street drugs are being sold, causing people to become extremely ill and in several cases, die.

Myth Busted: Beards are Cleaner than a Baby-Bottom Smooth Face

Antimicrobial bacteria found in some beards may be effective against multi-drug-resistant strains of bacteria, giving beards an advantage over no-beard.

Poll: 57% of Americans Want Drug Ads Gone from TV

After hearing arguments both for and against drug advertising on TV, 57% of poll-takers said they support removing prescription drug ads from TV.

Implant that Weans Addicts off Opioids Wins FDA Approval

A new implant designed to help people wean off of heroin and other opioid drugs has been approved by the FDA and could be available in a month.