The Fraud of the American Cancer Society Exposed

The American Cancer Society is the most profitable non-profit out there, having deep ties to Big Pharma and suppressing alternative cancer treatments.

Need a Link Between Federal Reps and Big Pharma Companies? Here it is.

Last month, the CDC shelved plans to release guidelines for prescribing painkillers after criticism from people and groups with conflicts of interest.

Police Dept. Calls Out Big Pharma, Helps Drug Addicts Instead of Jailing

Instead of locking up drug addicts, Gloucester, MA police department is helping addicts with rehabilitation while calling out Big Pharma.

Big Pharma Spent $27 Billion Marketing to Doctors in 2012…Here’s More

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, more than $27 billion was spent on marketing to physicians by the pharmaceutical industry in the year 2012.

Health Experts Worry Drug-Resistant Malaria Could Spread Globally

There have been fewer cases of malaria in recent years, but many of the new cases are drug-resistant ones.

Major Drug Distributors Flooded West Virginia with Millions of Pain Pills

The attorney general of West Virginia is suing 11 drug distributors for illegally flooding the state with prescription pain pills that fueled drug abuse.

Could Marijuana Replace These 5 Major Pharmaceutical Drugs?

A new study reveals that people are increasingly substituting prescription medications, alcohol, and illicit drugs with cannabis.

8 People Die From Suspected Heroin Overdoses in Massachusetts in a Week

Eight people in Massachusetts died from overdoses of a particularly deadly batch of heroin in the past week, but detectives don’t know where it came from.

Bacteria Resistant to ALL Antibiotics Now in the United Kingdom

Bacteria resistant to last-line-of-defense antibiotics are in the U.K., 3 years ahead of their expected arrival.

Judge Rules NYC Children Do NOT Need a Flu Shot for Preschools, Day Cares

A Manhattan judge has overturned a policy that would bar preschoolers who haven’t received the flu vaccine from entering city preschools and day cares.

Law Enforcement may Soon Have Breathalyzers to Measure Marijuana Impairment

A new breathalyzer that can determine how impaired someone is from smoking marijuana is set to go into clinical trials early next year.

Superbugs are on the Rise, and so is the Sale of Antibiotics for Livestock

It seems that U.S. sales of medically-important antibiotics approved for use in livestock is on the rise, but so is the growth of unstoppable super-bacteria.

Mexico Issues First Permit Allowing Some to Grow, Use Recreational Marijuana

Mexican health authorities issued the first permit allowing 4 people to grow and use their own marijuana for recreational purposes.

Alaska First State to OK Marijuana Use at Pot Shops

The board responsible for writing rules on recreational marijuana in Alaska has voted to allow people to use pot at certain stores that will sell it.

Biotech Takes Another Beating: Companies Valeant and Theranos Tell Bigger Picture

The biotech industry has taken a beating lately, and this is evident in Monsanto’s numerous actions of late. But there is even more to the story.

American Prescription Drug use more than Doubles

Prescription drug use among American adults has more than doubled, especially medications to treat diabetes, heart disease and other obesity-related drugs.

Combining Birth Control Pills Triggers Heart Attack for 24-Year-Old

Sarah Brison thought she was having a panic attack when she awoke in agony, but she was actually having a heart attack caused by her birth control pills.