Florida Dentist Accused of Making Millions of Dollars While Abusing Children

This Florida dentist is accused of abusing low-income children and performing unnecessary procedures in order to cash out with the government.

Why Do Companies Still Put a Banned Chemical in Your Toothpaste?

The FDA has banned triclosan from antibacterial hand soap, but allows it to remain in toothpaste. Dentists’ opinions differ on the wisdom of that ruling.

Studies Suggest Flossing may not be as Beneficial as Claimed

A new investigation by the Associated Press (AP) is suggesting that flossing might not actually work as well as we have been led to believe.

Root Canals: The Horrible Truth Revealed

Did you know that root canals can have untold, negative effects on your health? Here is what you need to know about the hidden dangers of root canals.

Girl’s Routine Dentist Visit Ends up Saving Her Life

An 11-year-old girl went to the dentist for a routine cleaning, only to discover that she was actually suffering from a large mass on her pancreas.

Cancer Treatment from the Dentist who Beat Cancer on Life Support

During the 1960s, a small-town Texas dentist discovered and created a way to treat his terminal pancreatic cancer, then went on to help others.

Study Links Gum Disease with Erectile Dysfunction

Periodontal (gum) disease affects a multitude of people from all walks of life. And more and more we are learning that diseases of the gums can be traced to ill health in general. One study has shown that gum disease could even cause erectile dysfunction.

The Hidden Dangers of Root Canals You Don’t Know About

Did you know there are dangers associated with root canals? A root canal could lead to various diseases and health problems like MS, or arthritis.

Dental Amalgam (Silver) Fillings and Cancer: Is there a Connection?

While the United States is no where near banning mercury fillings, with mainstream health agencies refusing to recognize risks, the Commissions study and recommendations could pave the way for future changes in dentistry and possible admission that the dental amalgam fillings are toxic, affect the nervous system, the reproductive system, and even possibly increase the risk of certain types of cancers.

Home Remedies for Toothache – 7 Natural Toothache Treatments

The pain from a toothache can be excruciating and seemingly everlasting, but thankfully there are a number of natural toothache treatments that don’t involve a visit to the dentist. Below are some effective home remedies for toothache that may also help to treat tooth abscess and tooth infection.

Fluoride is Not Safe, Despite CDC Claims

Fluoride still has its place in many municipal water supplies and dental products throughout this country – at least that’s what the CDC thinks. The CDC calls public fluoridation one of the foremost health achievements of the 20th century, and yet fluoride is a deadly substance that has been pushed with propaganda backing it since its introduction into municipal water supplies and dental care.

How to Prevent Cavities With Simple Home Solutions

Preventing the formation of cavities is much easier and more effective than ‘treating’ it with fillings or other dental interventions. In addition, it can save you a considerable amount of financial turmoil. Cavity treatment can cost you hundreds of dollars, depending on how bad the damage can be. If you want to know how to prevent cavities the natural way (without the use of chemical treatments or mainstream dentistry), here are some tips to help you do so.

FDA Ignores Scientists, Dentists Warning of Amalgam Mercury Pandemic

Mercury found in dental amalgam fillings has been an issue within the dental community and beyond for many years. These fillings, used since the American Civil War, contain an estimated 50 percent mercury. Whenever friction meets these fillings, toxic mercury gases are emitted. This means that with each chew and dental drill comes an emission of mercury gases, leading to numerous health problems.