Nail-Biters and Thumb-Suckers may Develop Fewer Allergies

Researchers say parents shouldn’t freak out if their child sucks his thumb or bites his nails; it might actually be helping them avoid developing allergies.

Stem Cell Fillings Could ‘Put an End to Root Canals’

Dental fillings with stem cell technology have recently been announced by researchers, which could put an end to root canals forever.

Veterans Given Free Dental Care This Month for Servicing Country

On June 25th, Aspen Dental practices all across the United States offered veterans free dental service, giving many of them a much-needed cost-free service.

Orthodontists Warn Against DIY Braces Fad to Straighten Your own Teeth

Some people, including teenagers, are trying to better their smiles with DIY braces. Orthodontists warn this could cause irreparable damage in the process.

Forget Crest and Colgate – Use Coconut Oil Toothpaste!

Did you know that mainstream toothpastes expose your body to several unwanted toxins? Here is why you need to use coconut oil toothpaste instead.

Root Canals: The Horrible Truth Revealed

Did you know that root canals can have untold, negative effects on your health? Here is what you need to know about the hidden dangers of root canals.

British Government Wants to Force People to Drink Fluoridated Water, Even if they Have No Teeth

Fluoride is a toxic substance that shouldn’t be forced on any population, but the British government is suddenly trying to force fluoride on the people.

4+ Reasons Onions may be the Next Big Superfood

Onions harness some key beneficial compounds that can bring your health to the next level. Here are 4 reasons onions can be called a superfood.

Cocoa Bean Husk Found to Protect Your Teeth

Does chocolate rots your teeth? Not necessarily. One part of the cocoa plant is even found to promote better dental health.

The Hidden Dangers of Root Canals You Don’t Know About

Did you know there are dangers associated with root canals? A root canal could lead to various diseases and health problems like MS, or arthritis.

Dental Amalgam (Silver) Fillings and Cancer: Is there a Connection?

While the United States is no where near banning mercury fillings, with mainstream health agencies refusing to recognize risks, the Commissions study and recommendations could pave the way for future changes in dentistry and possible admission that the dental amalgam fillings are toxic, affect the nervous system, the reproductive system, and even possibly increase the risk of certain types of cancers.

Gum Disease Linked to Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Recent findings by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) links a bacterium responsible for gum disease development with double the risk of pancreatic cancer. The study, published in the journal Gut, indicate that although researchers are still leery of announcing a direct connection, it’s one worth further exploring.

Coconut Oil Hailed as ‘Miracle’ Dental Breakthrough, Deadly Bacteria Killer

Mainstream science has now fully recognized the ‘miracle’ powers of coconut oil to not only combat tooth decay and drastically improve overall mouth health, but also to specifically crush a yeast known as candida albicans.

European Commission Recommends Banning Mercury Fillings

While amalgam fillings were frequently referred to as “silver,” dental professionals were referring to the color, and certainly not the contents. Those fillings are mercury, and they are highly toxic. Now, about half of American dentists are mercury-free and the general population is starting to take note on the dangers of the dental amalgam mercury fillings in their mouths.

FDA Ignores Scientists, Dentists Warning of Amalgam Mercury Pandemic

Mercury found in dental amalgam fillings has been an issue within the dental community and beyond for many years. These fillings, used since the American Civil War, contain an estimated 50 percent mercury. Whenever friction meets these fillings, toxic mercury gases are emitted. This means that with each chew and dental drill comes an emission of mercury gases, leading to numerous health problems.

Dental Mercury | A Major Source of Environmental Pollution

Used since the American Civil War, dental amalgams contain an estimated 50% mercury — which studies have found is leading to the toxic contamination of water, air, and soil. Fortunately, in the last 10 years nearly half of dentists have recognized this and have stopped using them in their practice. However, 50 percent of all US dentists still use them.