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Suppressed Study Shows Vaccine Dangers: Vaccinations Stimulate Autoimmune Diseases

Paul Fassa
September 6th, 2012
Updated 11/01/2012 at 10:33 pm
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vaccineandfullvial 235x147 Suppressed Study Shows Vaccine Dangers: Vaccinations Stimulate Autoimmune Diseases

There have been reports from long term statistical surveys (epidemiological) confirming suspicions that those who are vaccinated often don’t do as well with long term health as those who are vaccination free. Vaccine dangers are real, but those in power don’t want you to know about them.

Many of us know this from our own experience. I’m not referring to serious reactions from vaccinations that do occur more often than recognized, such as autism or GuillainBarré syndrome (GBS), paralysis or death. This is just about continuing life without asthma or chronic autoimmune diseases, and fewer flues, colds, and allergies.

Those epidemiological studies bear out the fact that bad health is more common among the vaccinated (who survive) than those not vaccinated – period! The study was reported and peer reviewed in the PLOS One Open Journal at the end of 2009, but has not received much if any public attention.

The Japanese Animal Study

The lab study was conducted at Kobe, Japan’s University of Kobe Graduate School throughout their various health and biology departments. It seems the initial purpose was to understand how autoimmune diseases develop, not as an effort to reveal vaccine dangers and undermine vaccinations.

Mice that were bred to avoid developing autoimmune diseases were injected with solutions that contain antigens. The word antigen combines the two words “antibody generator.” An antibody is a type of immune system protein that battles pathogenic invaders in our blood or cells.

When antigens get out of hand or are self generated, the antibodies simply attack the host’s tissues instead of non-existent disease causing particles. This basically defines autoimmune disease: The immunes system’s attack on its human or other mammalian host.

A vaccination injects cultured vaccine antigens to create an immune response to that antigen, purportedly for creating immunity to that particular disease. It’s not so unusual for cytokine storms (immune system overreactions) to overwhelm one who has been vaccinated. Permanent disability, autism spectrum disorders, or death can occur.

Mice that were bred to not develop autoimmune diseases were injected with antigens, much like vaccinations, to help determine how an immune system could turn on itself to create autoimmune diseases. The researchers were pushing the mice immune systems to see if and when they would no longer bend, but break.

They used Staphylococcus entertoxin B (SEB) as their injected antigens. Keep in mind that the study report did not mention the use of any toxic adjuvants often used to soup up vaccines, nor was there any mention of aluminum, mercury, or formaldehyde preservatives. These are some of the toxic elements in vaccines.

Only antigens were used. After seven injections the mice recovered with their immune systems intact. But after the eighth injection, problems with key immunity cells were observed. Their immune systems had become overwhelmed and the mice started to develop autoimmune reactions.

Here’s the conclusion quoted from Japanese Kobe University study’s journal report:

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organize criticality.” Emphasis added.

Why Vaccine Dangers are Always Experienced

The USA and other industrialized nations’ vaccination schedules amounts for children are far beyond single digit figures. And the infant mortality rates and increasingly poor childhood health records correspond with these increased vaccination schedules.

Many vaccinations are done in series or groups, amounting to a total of over 30 inoculations by the age of six, with more to come in later years, or “repeated immunization with antigen.”

All of those vaccinations do include the harmful adjuncts and preservatives. Deadly H1N1 vaccine side effects have been revealed repeatedly, and the Hepatitis-B vaccine is simply a crime against infants. But according to the Kobe animal study, “greening” vaccines (eliminating toxic additives) is not worth pursuing. It’s merely the politically correct way to contest vaccinations while not offending the religious dogma of vaccinations for creating long term immunity.

Artificial antigens injected alone repeatedly create enough of an autoimmune problem. It’s no wonder the quantity and variety of autoimmune diseases have surged with the coinciding increase in vaccination schedules from the 1970s to now. Vaccine dangers are real; don’t be afraid of saying no to vaccines – it’s your right.

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  • Kate Ulrich

    Could you **pretty please** provide specific citation information for how to find the article at site? I advanced searched for “University of Kobe” and “antigen” and “autoimmune” and didn’t come up with anything that sounds like the study you describe here. I need more evidence than just this second-party article!

  • kitokid

    I quite enjoyed reading it

  • amanda

    My heart goes out to you. I have read about cannabis oil greatly helping folks with some of your conditions.

  • urdummies

    Hell yes lets bring back the Iron Lung you idiots.

  • Scott Douglas Lemoine

    Here is a form you can ask your doctor to sign if they are willing to assume responsibility for whatever they inject your child with!

  • bdcguard19

    Nice copy and paste you shill. You don’t have don&#039t when you type in your posts. Do you enjoy your job of misinforming people?

  • Catherine Mill

    Please read the Poison Needle and see for yourself how nutrition improvement is the answer

  • Lucy Hill

    My sister is now dead thanks for a Tetanus jab, she was a happy healthy child until she received that (at age 8), then went slowly downhill with a muscle wasting disease which is known to be caused by the vaccine. They made a lot of money out of her with all the drugs they’d put her on, ruined her life, dead at 21.

  • Sherlyn

    Dacron – I would never ever have dreamed that was achievable!

  • Serene

    I now have three autoimmune diseases. Because of this, my endocrinologist has given me a letter to show other doctors, stating that my children should NOT receive vaccinations.

    Ive had numerous runs of "mandatory" vaccines, that I absolutely HAD to have if I wanted to continue to study nursing. My story is long, so please bear with me.

    When I was 15, I had my first ever vaccination. My mother never vaccinated before that school-based one, and I was always healthy. After this first vaccine, I started to develop frequent stomach pains, diarrhoea, reflux. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel disease, and at one stage they tested me for Crohns and Coeliacs. I have one marker for Coeliac disease, but not both needed for diagnosis. I never had bowel issues before this. EVER.

    When I was 17 I had another vaccine – just a booster, because I had never had DTPa before and I was told to have it because of an increase in whooping cough cases locally. 3 months later, I had developed Type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes. So now, not only was I on the toilet all the time, but I was injecting myself too.

    I started my nursing degree in 2005. To be allowed on prac – ergo, to pass – I had to have enormous rounds of vaccines. I never seroconverted with HepB, and one venue insisted I have a fifth booster to try seroconvert before I attended there. I also had to have Gardasil for them. It was less than a month after it, that I began to feel weak.My thought processes began to change. I thought I was just tired. I failed that prac. I was diagnosed later that year with Graves disease, and I was severely thyrotoxic, extremely weak, and eventually I had a psychotic break (I do not remember it). I was unable to normalise my thyroid levels even with VERY large amounts of medication and even steroids, and I was getting sicker and weaker. I was developing cardiac arrhythmias, and even had cardiac antibodies. My thyroid and parathyroids needed to be removed. I was finally well enough to finish uni 15 months later – almost 3 years after getting sick in the first place, because of a vaccine. During this time, I had completed my Gardasil course at the insistence of the university, and 6 months after a CLEAR pap smear and screen I had my last Gardasil injection.

    18 months later… because smears are second yearly at my age. I had my routine smear, and a grade 4 abnormality was detected. With previously normal smears, this is not normal at such a young age. Further tests, HPV-DNA testing came up positive for a strain that is included in Gardasil. After 2 years of monitoring and watching it "go away" once, but then come back, I had multiple colposcopies, and eventually a LLETZ. I have had one clear smear following my LLETZ, but am still in the "monitor" phase. I am in a long term monogamous relationship. My husband is military and had yearly STI screens, all of which have been normal and negative. They are STILL negative for the viral strain that caused my lesion, the strain that Gardasil "protects" you from… the strain that I was injected with.

    At the moment, I am trying to convert from casual to permanent at work, but I am being met with resistance because I still suffer from all these illnesses. It is worse in the morning, it always has been. My doctor is supportive of me working, and I CAN work afternoons and nights, but thats not good enough for the new manager where I want to work. The discrimination I am experiencing because of vaccine injuries is astounding. I didnt choose any of this. My career is suffering because of a mandatory injection to get INTO the career in the first place.

  • Irene

    My 6 month old son was never the same after he had his DPT shot. He had a seizure and quit breathing about 3 days ofter the shot. My husband went to get him so he could nurse and his eyes were rolled back into his head, lips were blue, and he was not breathing. We had to revive him. Doc said he would have died and been classified as a SIDS case if we would not have woke up to fee him. I also have had two other friends whose babies died in the first week after they were vaccinated. One was only a couple of months old, the other one died while sleeping on his dad's chest, after he had been fussing right after his vaccination. My daughter got the Hep B, and had a seizure and was ambulanced to the NICU. She is fine today, but because of my older son's reaction at 6 months old, (now has a pretty severe form of ADHD, anger problems etc,) and was very sickly after the vaccinations. No way, No way I would do any of it again and will tell every parent I can not to either. I now home school my now 13 year old and she will not get the HIB or any other shots again. You can talk until it happens to you!

  • S

    Jane Burgermeister has done lots of research exposing Big Pharma's Agenda 21 programme

  • zvezda


    Can you please give the exact reference to the original article ?


  • Lori

    I have a very close freind that had a beautiful little healthy boy 10 years ago. He nursed beautiful and was thriving in every way. At his 3 month app. doing what she thought was right because the Dr. said so. He got all his shots. He went home and had a grand mal seizure. He countinued having several a day for 3 weeks before they could get any drugs to work. He stopped nursing day 3 into it became lethargic and unresponsive, lost any and all coordination. 1 month in he was diogonosed with cerebral palsy. He now eats thru a tube in he belly has a diaper and is strapped in a wheel chair. Everyone even his Dr. knew what happened and ofcourse he told my friend that this little boy should never have another vaccine. It has been a terrible thing watching this little normal baby go to severly handicapped within a month! This is all too commen and unless the parent is educated enough, many of these things could be prevented. I also have a friend that has had her kids get every vaccine on time. Both or her children got whopping cough 2 months ago after their booster shot, haha go figure. Her kids are also sick all the time with constant colds and flu. My 4 kids have never had a vaccine in their life and we have very little sickness in our house. I also feed us a whole foods non-processed diet. People need to build their immune systems by NOT eating the (SAD) standered American diet. Most important is stay off of refined white sugar and all GMO foods! Use whole food vitamin and mineral supplements, lots of vitamin C and natural vitamin E.

  • Indirections

    Controlled depopulation is a reality. Bill Gates continuously speaks of population control. Lets not forget Charles Darwin, with his "natural selection". The WHO and UN is guilty of the hoax of the 2010 "swine flue", and all other "new diseases" – that don't exist, until people are vaccinated. For more than half a century we have been programmed to accept that we must be killed. So obviously the majority of people won't bat an eye, when putting poison into their own children, "for the good of the planet."

  • Anonymous

    Some people just can't wrap there head around the idea vaccines might not prevent the disease MY Doctor told me it would. Vaccines might just might b harmful. The FDA and CDC are not all for there pockets and not for my health?!?! Really No Way. Total shocker! —- spoken sarcastically.

  • Educated Vaccinator

    This article is extremely biased and alarmist. I find that most of the people who I personally know that do not vaccinate also follow other conspiracy theories (Obama is the antichrist, etc.) I know one person whose child became ill from vaccine-just one person out of the many I know who do not vaccinate. I think that it's fine if they don't want to vaccinate but they need to keep their children away from my infant who is not fully vaccinated yet. That means no waiver to put their child in a daycare that also cares for infants. If they want to risk their child then that's fine but they don't get to risk mine too. Whooping cough is not going to kill your 4 year old who is not vaccinated-he'll be uncomfortable but if he gives it to my infant then my infant could die. You don't get to make the decision to expose my child to something that is preventable.

    • Anonymous

      Ur really ignorant

    • Anonymous

      If vaccines do there job and work ur kid is prevented from whooping cough if he or she got the whooping cough vaccine. Why n the world would u not want ur kid to b around a non vaccinated kid if u truely believe ur kid is protected from their vaccine they wouldn't catch anything even if the unvaccinated is sick. That's ridiculous. U do know the unvaccinated kid actually has to be sick in order for ur kid to catch anything right? But I'm confused as to y ur vaccinating ur kid and then still afraid of him or her still catching the disease. Sounds like u don't believe ur truely protected from a vaccine. ???

    • Anonymous

      So, let me get this straight…. As long as your child wasn't the "one that was injured by vaccines" then it's ok? Just so I'm clear on this, everybody else should vaccinate, regardless of the risk, in order to "protect" only your child. It's totally ok that someone else's kid is hurt, as long as its not yours……. ( or maybe your child has already been injured by a vaccine but it will take a few years before an auto-immune issue shows up?) at that point, are you still happy with your choice, because you "took one for the team?"

    • Done The Research

      Wow! For someone who is an "Educated Vaccinator" you really haven't done much research. If you had done even a quick search you would have seen that Whooping Cough spreads mainly through vaccinated populations. If you look at the most recent outbreak in California in 2010 which was the worst in 50 years, it was revealed that 81% of those infected under 18 were FULLY vaccinated, another 11% had received at least one shot, and only 8% were unvaccinated. Many diseases are now spread mostly via vaccinations. If you look at polio, the ONLY known cause of polio in the US is the vaccine. Now tell me who you should worry about your kids hanging around with?

    • eflynn75

      You are completely ignorant and shouldn't even post if you don't know your facts…YOUR child is more likely to pass on something to MY UNvaccinated child from THEIR vaccinations…Since MY child is NOT exposed to all that garbage! Did you know that the vaccinations you give your kid shed for about a month..SO YOU should keep YOUR kid away from MY infant AND any others. My daughter was a vaccine injured infant…My DR bullied me into giving to her one shot… and I almost lost her. Do you know what THAT'S like??? The percentage of vaccine injured children is not a low number..and the TOXINS & POISONS put into vaccines are real…do you really think the gov't would tell us about the REAL numbers & how much money they've actually paid out to families?! Big Pharma & gov't have been in bed together for a very long time! So, Next time you want to sound educated, you might want to actually do your research first!

    • Anonymous

      if your concern is your unvaxed infant… Then it is YOUR responsibility to protect your child by ensuring the immunity is passed through breastmilk until the disease is less dangerous! Vaccinating my kid with toxins to prevent your from getting it is not only immoral…it is ineffective as all of the recent reports have shown that the ruined immune systems of the vaccinated have been ineffective in protecting them and THEY are the ones with whooping cough spreading it to the infants!

  • Third world

    Yes please stop all vaccines. I want future generations to die from small pox, be crippled from polio and not to mention all of the other good vaccines have done. If you really think they are horrible take a trip to a third world country where people still die from not being vaccinated.

    • Done The Research

      I applaud your caring about the greater good, but "the good vaccines have done"?! Time to get the facts straight. Many of these diseases and worse are now spread via vaccines. If you want to talk about the third world, let's take India, where the leading cause of polio is now the vaccine. Many of those cases being from people exposed to the feces of the vaccinated. Maybe well-meaning charitable organizations would be better off if they didn't spend their resources pumping innocent people with live viruses, and instead focus on sanitation and clean water, which are the real reason these diseases have been eradicated or greatly reduced in the West.

    • c.e

      Small pox isn't a vaccine given but to a very very small group of people. Just so you are aware.

  • Mindanoiha

    Manufacturers give a long list of potential serious adverse conditions in package inserts etc

    However, the so-called safety statistics are biased.

    They are presented by the manufacturers and vaccine promoters. When the risk is stated as "rare" or for example 1 in 10000, this information is not to be truste. It may well be blatant lies.

    Unfortunately many doctors appear to trust biased information which is no doubt the reason that they can recommend vaccines with good consciences.

    Risk of adverse events and “safety” statistics for vaccines are certainly not to be trusted.

  • Anonymous

    What a load

  • Sugel

    All these possibilities apply to vaccines or their constituents. If one introduces antigens into the body (e.g., through vaccination) which have similar structural groups as some body tissue, even if the similarity is only partial, the production of antibodies in the sense of an auto-immune reaction is possible. A well known medical example for this process is the cross reactivity between poly-saccharides of the cell membrane of beta-hemolytic streptococci and the human cortical valve during rheumatic fever. In this case, damage to the valve can occur by means of antibody production.