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Science Using Genetically Modified Pigs to Grow Human Organs

Mike Barrett
August 23rd, 2011
Updated 11/11/2012 at 7:48 pm
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Scientific progress has been made, a research team in Japan says. What scientific progress might this be, you ask? Scientists are on the verge of having the ability to create human organs from genetically modified pigs. This is done through the injection of human stem cells into animal embryos.

The ultimate goal, as stated by Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi of Tokyo University, is to generate human organs from induced pluropotent stem cells. This technique, called blastocyst complementation, has already been successful using mice and rats. The next step is to generate functional human organs.

NaturalNews reports the following:

The experiments involved mice that couldn’t grow a pancreas. Why?They were genetically engineered that way. That made newborn mice diabetic because they couldn’t produce insulin. The mice were injected with stem cells from rats with healthy pancreases and as the mice matured they grew pancreases and were no longer diabetic. So a pig would have to be missing a pig organ for it to grow a human organ that would be taken out for placing into a human.

This is double suffering and subsequent often gruesome death for many pigs. Sure, this farm animal suffering and death for greedy human consumption is rampant with factory farming and large slaughter houses. But that should also be stopped.

To paraphrase Ghandi: “A society’s morality can be determined by its treatment of animals.” If you’ve seen any covertly filmed footage of CAFOs (confined agricultural feed operations) or factory farms, or demonic slaughter house activity, you’d be shocked or grief stricken if you have any compassion at all. (2)

Ignoring Natural Healing to Cut, Grab, and Stitch

A serious physical trauma that damages an organ beyond repair creates an understandable motive for human organ transplanting. But any other reason is highly questionable. For example, the diabetic mouse pancreas transplant evoked awe from a physician who saw this as step toward curing diabetes. Replacing the pancreas is the only cure for diabetes?

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  • Han Bolero

    Great article

    It’s immoral $$$ like Monsanto, a chemical pharma-linked, seed corp who funds propaganderists like scientists to lie to the public and act like a figure. Go figure. Dangers are mere side-effects for them. Common sense triumphs science anyday!

    Diabetes means eat organic veg, fruit, no food thats human made. Basically, what occurs in nature is safe.

    Natural remedies do work, but you get so many pro-pharma, pro-monsanto, pro-chem trolls duping everyone while these coalition of crazies want more power over choice because the owners arent satisfied with the 6 or so ferarris, boats and mansions he/she got from injuring and killing others. It’s terrorism, and they pay off the msm to change the story. GMA is Grocery Management Association which is a coalition of seed, big agri and poison mongerers seeking to further damage the earths environment. If the environment gets polluted, so do we. Why depression is common? Pollution in air, GM groceries and pharmaceuticals.