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The Sacramento Bee, a popular mainstream media outlet for not only citizens of Sacramento but also for readers around the globe, has taken down our highly viral anti-Monsanto article declaring them the Worst Company of 2011. The article has received millions of views across a number of mainstream media platforms where it has been picked up as a result of our massive campaign on the subject, but The Sacramento Bee has removed the entirety of the article from their website after it was heavily shared on Facebook and posted to top websites.

Searching “Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011” on Google generates 652,000 results, with countless mainstream and alternative sources carrying the wave-making press release. The press release goes into the numerous ways in which Monsanto is threatening your health and the environment, and with the Sacramento Bee and others carrying this powerful information, it makes sense that Monsanto would demand it be taken down.

Sacramento Bee Deletes Story After It Goes Viral

You can view the original link to the article on The Sacramento Bee website, which now returns a 404 error marking its deletion. Of course this deletion occurred after top websites began linking to the article on the Sacramento Bee website, such as the Organic Consumers Association. In their article on the subject from December 6th, they list the source as The Sacramento Bee — even providing a link to ‘read the full’ story at the bottom of the excerpt.

The deletion of this story signifies the censorship of Monsanto’s deeds, which individuals who are unknowingly consuming genetically modified food ingredients deserve to know. Whether or not Monsanto directly demanded that the article be taken down from The Sacramento Bee website is uncertain, but what is certain is that mainstream publications that intend on staying relevant in 2012 will be forced to start telling the truth on matters like genetically modified crops and the crimes of the Monsanto corporation. Otherwise, readers will simply go somewhere else to hear the real story.

All readers need to contact The Sacramento Bee and demand an explanation for this. It is bad enough that the mainstream media continually spins information to satisfy their corporate masters, but people’s health is on the line.  Demand that the article be reinstated immediately, as well as remind them that they are quickly making themselves irrelevant as a source of honest information.

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