After a new report confirmed that childhood vaccination exemption rates were climbing across the United States, a flurry of mainstream media reports began to surface discussing whether or not it was ‘irresponsible’ to opt out of vaccinations due to medical, philosophical, or any other reasons. Despite the heavy demonization of parents taking the health of their child into their own hands, a new poll hosted on a mainstream media website has revealed that the general public still heavily supports the right of parents to choose what they feel is the best for their child.


The poll, hosted on an MSNBC article targeting parents who opt their children out of the recommended vaccine schedule, asked “Do you think it’s OK for parents to opt out of vaccines for their kids?”.

Even with a video at the end of the article featuring a doctor who claims that it is ‘irresponsible’ for parents not to vaccinate their child with all of the recommended injections, over 23 thousand mainstream readers still felt that it was okay for parents to opt out of vaccines for their kids. The outcome highlights the increasing number of individuals who have decided to opt out of the highly controversial vaccination program as instituted by government health organizations.

The calls by the mainstream media for citizens to vaccinate with not only the recommended vaccines, but the ineffective and risky flu shot, are being challenged by health professionals and global activists alike. In 8 different states, more than 1 in 20 public public kindergartners are not receiving all the vaccines that the government ‘requires’ for school attendance. Some locations are even reporting exemption rates as high as 20 or 50%, as different regions are waking up to the health dangers of vaccination.

Other states with high vaccine exemption rates include:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
  • Vermont
  • Oregon
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
When mainstream media polls such as these are toppled with health conscious individuals who do not buy into ridiculous hit pieces, it sends a universal message that even mainstream media readers are waking up to the true nature of the health paradigm.

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