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There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be

Paul Fassa
December 22nd, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 12:22 pm
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Making vaccines safe by removing their toxins (greening), or telling people they have a right to look at vaccine ingredients before deciding whether to vaccinate or not may be the politically correct form of vaccination resistance. It does help avoid some of the wrath from vaccination high priests. However, the very nature of our immune systems and what vaccinations do to artificially stimulate immunity makes safe vaccinating an oxymoron.

The Fallacy and Dangers of Artificial Immune Stimulation

Bypassing our normal immune system pathway and inserting an artificial immune response stimulant (vaccination) with or without added toxins has inherent dangers. Few articulate this better than Dr. Suzanne Humprhies.

“The doctor was never taught in medical school how to take care of an immune system, so what you end up with is a whole society, from start to finish, that doesn’t know how an immune system works, that doesn’t know how to take care of it, does not know how to replenish the nutrients and minerals that are needed, when it fails, it’s God’s fault. We need a vaccine. They think Mother Nature is flawed.”

Dr. Humphries explains further that the only thing a vaccine accomplishes as an immune response is the appearance of an antibody, and an antibody is only one small aspect of all the human immunity factors. Injecting diseased matter through the skin into the blood bypasses the normal immune system and creates an immune imbalance that can, and often does, result in infection from the disease it purports to protect.

Read: Exposing the Vaccination for Immunity Fraud

Dr. Humphries also discusses how infants have a developing immune system. A healthy mother’s breast milk offers the most protection during the baby’s first year (as much as 80% protection), largely by supporting intestinal flora. Injecting them with contaminants within the first few months presents both immediate and long term damage to their developing immune systems.

Other immunity disruptions occur from vaccinations. The result of inter-reacting vaccine ingredients cascading through one’s body is often ill health effects hat show up later if not sooner. The facts are that the USA has the largest childhood vaccination schedule, yet ranks higher in infant mortality and poor childhood health than all other developed nations.

This deathbed statement reportedly made by Pasteur is ignored by the medical mafia: “Bernard (Bechamp) was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” Unfortunately, killing and artificially “protecting” against germs is more profitable. The trade-off for this illusion of immunity is increased auto-immune disease , vaccine injury, permanent disability, and death.

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  • dUo

    Ive read the comments in entirety.. and i cannot fathom such a close minded doctor like Jakerb25. You sir are incredidibly sad.. as first an academic, then an MD you should have the open mind and thirst for knowledge in your field. Yet all youve done is put your head in the sand and repeat yourself over and over and OVER again. YOU ARE WRONG PERIOD. PLEASE i mean this too, educate YOURSELF, dont have someone like a college do it for you. THIS IS BEYOND YOU, and youre a pawn and a parrot for whats wrong in the country and world. I believe your heart is in the right place but you seriously need to research. a few people gave you hard evidence even within the posts here and you said NOTHING except repeated the same shit someone shoved down your throat years ago.

  • Anthony Dewitt

    polio and smallpox vaccine good thing. MMR hep etc. Not so great. I had all 3 plus a few other childhood illnessesw now i never get sick 50 years later. I quit the vaccine thing back in 1978 when the first swine flu shots killed 28 military people- they always test vaccines on us first. I refused and was lucky i didnt get a courts martial for it. All vaccines inevitably kill at least a few people- maybe horse blood and chicken embrios dont belong in our bloodstream

  • M.J.Smith

    Well, if I didn’t have an ounce of respect for others, I’d say the trolls are out in force, aren’t they? Jakerb25, can you please tell us what city you practice in? I want to make sure I avoid it like the plague. You are intolerant and disrespectful of other people, their opinions, and belief systems. I would not want you as a doctor. You are a doctor, not a God. That puts you one wrung up from a used car salesman, meaning no offense to
    honest car salespersons. And for you and others that worship at the Alter of
    the Holy Vaccines, do you ever read the product inserts for vaccines? So those
    references to all the adverse effects, including paralysis, neuropathies, brain damage, and more do not mean anything? The fact that most vaccines have not been tested on pregnant women, and possible harm to fetuses HAS NOT been determined, doesn’t mean anything or bother you in the slightest? We should just take it on good faith that no harm is possible? Because if you acknowledge that harm is possible, why would you put everyone down who seeks to avoid harm to their babies? Is that not rational

    Ok, so then you (pro-vaccinators) will simply say the greater benefit of vaccines far outweighs the chance of harm. So that is, and will be, great solace to the thousands of vaccine-injured children and their families? And the fact that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists and pays out billions of dollars for damages, including death and permanent disability doesn’t bother you in the slightest. That’s just
    collateral damage. It must be their tough luck, right? You cannot prove something that hasn’t happened. So you can argue vaccines eliminated smallpox and polio, but you cannot prove it. There are credible arguments by doctors and other scholars, who based on the evidence, make a damn good case for those diseases disappearing in accordance with their own life cycles, better nutrition, hygiene, modern sewage systems, clean water, infrastructure, etc.

    I sir, am well educated and read books, medical studies, and scholarly articles constantly. I know how to assess evidence and I freely choose to believe that someday these vaccinations will go down in history alongside of bloodletting as accepted
    medical practice. So make your best arguments and have a little respect for other thinking people who make theirs. Until you’ve walked in the shoes of those authors in the Thinking Mom’s Revolution, you have no right to call others idiots and insane.

    • sseals

      Stay the course… :)

    • Jakerb25

      Nutrition is part of oncology. I agree. A healthier person can beat a disease easier. But to suggest nutrition is MORE effective than chemotherapy and radiation is pure ignorance. Try telling a person dying from cancer to go home and eat healthy. I could not do so. It would go against everything I believe.

      • sseals

        That’s part of your problem, you are apparently relying solely on what you believe.. There are plenty of people who are intelligent enough to put their beliefs aside and open themselves to what all is out there to become aware of.

    • Jakerb25

      I don’t know how to make it simple for you people. Getting a child vaccinated makes them less likely to become seriously sick or die. I have studied medicine for a very long time. As a physician of internal medicine I see countless cases of people being hospitalized and dying from diseases that can be prevented by vaccines.

      What I do not see… are people dying from anything that can be related to their having been vaccinated.

      The benefits far outweigh the risks, and the risks are not clearly understood by the public and are always reported with questionable science and bias.

      Avoid ME like the plague? Avoid every licensed hospital, pharmacy, or university that trains medical professionals who are accredited with the letters M.D. in the entire United States while you are at it. Because we all have the same opinion on vaccinations. We are ALL the “pro-vaccinators” as you call them.

      I don’t think I am God. I don’t believe in God. But I do believe in science and medicine and I believe I have been properly trained to help prevent illness and treat it accordingly – and doing so has been my dream since I was a child, and will be my entire life’s work

      • Guest Doctor

        Please show us all a proper double blind placebo controlled study (the benchmark of science) on any vaccine ? Epidemiological studies do not count
        There are none! Don’t call it science when it’s not!

      • Doug

        “we all have the same opinion on vaccinations.” Wrong. We DON’T all have the same opinions on vaccinations. There are many MDs realizing the truth about vaccines. All, like myself, were once part of the chorus that preached the wonders of vaccines. Most who realize there is another, valid side to the vaccine debate just keep their mouths shut, to keep the ridicule and derision at bay. You need to dig deeper than the party line spouted by Pharma and their incestuous relationship with the CDC, FDA, medical academia, etc. Here’s a start… look at how the incidence and rate of mortality of “vaccine preventable” diseases, along with many communicable diseases that have never had a vaccine declined dramatically through the 20th century, BEFORE the vaccines were developed.

      • Diane Prima

        If you are really a doctor and not a troll you would read this or Dr.
        Blaylock, and/or other sources and links given. But you’re not interested in healing, You’re interested in being right and marketing poison in the name of stupidity and greed. Your intellectual laziness reveals itself in the content of your responses, and you sound more like a chump than a real doctor. Now this is a doctor !! .

  • Steve Sweet

    Cardiologist, Dr. Donald Miller on Vaccines, and book recommendations:

    If interested on learning more yourself.

  • alex wear

    the vaccination debate, such as it is among those brave enough to discuss it, centres around 4 issues. 1. the contents of vaccines….2. the increasing amount of vaccines there are available and that western medical professionals say are necessary..3. the lack of real independent assessment of the true value of vaccines…..4. the connection between individual doctors, and doctors professional bodies and the medical corporations that manufacture western medical drugs and equipment…because if no one has already not noticed: vaccines have created an epidemic of chronic diseases……especially in more developed countries….but with countries with less cohesive infrastructure, vaccine coverage may be patchy as well as being outside strong regulatory control….so unofficial experiments take place…..which could be construed as a kind of informal germ warfare….merely in the interests of science, you understand?

  • Jakerb25

    Most ridiculous medical conspiracy to date in the civilized world. Measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and smallpox have been all but eliminated in America due to vaccinations. And yet these ‘nature over science’ conspiracy theorist STILL are able to convince themselves otherwise. MILLIONS of lives saved… Epidemics avoided for a hundred years… incredible.

    • katerbug72

      Well said.

    • Steve Sweet

      Neil Z. Miller, in a fascinating examination of the vaccine problem, discovered that most of the epidemic infectious diseases were declining drastically BEFORE mass inoculations were introduced. For example, the measles death rate from 1915-1958 fell by 95% in both the US and UK before the vaccine program was implemented. Pertussis death rates fell by 75% and diphtheria by 90% before immunization. Polio had fallen 47% in the US and 55% in the UK before 1953, the year the Salk vaccine was introduced.
      Even more interesting was the finding that 58% of all measles cases were contracted by people who HAD been vaccinated, while only 42% of unvaccinated children contracted the disease. A similar finding was seen in those vaccinated against pertussis, with 46% of VACCINATED children contracting the disease.
      From the book: Health and Nutrition Secrets, by neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, taken from Neil Z. Miller’s book, Vaccinations: Are They Really Safe and Effective?

      • sseals

        Steve, thank you very much for sharing that with us…. I will be getting that book to add the library.

        • Steve Sweet

          Your welcome, sseals. I just ordered Neil Miller’s latest book:

          Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, 2nd Edition: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection
          Forward by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

  • cleudaly

    So, what you are saying then is, it is ultimately more safe to inject aluminum, thimerisol (mercury), formaldahyde, polysorbates, etc into their little bodies repeatedly. Better that they have asthma, autism, childhood leukemia or any number of auto immune syndromes that will follow them for a lifetime than to have to put up with developing immunity to childhood diseases the old fashion way like generations before did. Your RealityCheck is in the article – the USA has the largest childhood vaccination schedule, yet ranks higher in infant mortality and poor childhood health than all other developed nations.

    • RealityCheck

      First, you are making wild appeals. Do you know at what dosage those chemicals are toxic (don’t tell me all chemicals are toxic, everything in the universe is a chemical)?

      Do you have any evidence that vaccines are responsible for the ills you cited? That’s a very serious claim to make so I presume you have serious evidence.

      You’re implying that a correlation equals causation. It does not. The infant mortality rate is roughly 6 per 1,000. That’s really not so bad. The leading causes of death in infants in the U.S. are congenital defects, low birth weight, and SIDS. Of course, having some common sense, you would know these deaths occur long before the child receives a vaccination.

      • puppymama

        Your last statement is false. Most babies have up to 6 shots within the first days of their lives, before they leave the hospital. SIDS affects most infants within the first couple weeks of life, and
        Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is commonly diagnosed when they have “no
        idea” why the infant passed away. Congenital defects are also commonly over diagnosed. All of a sudden, the baby that was just born in the hospital and had all “tests and check ups” done a couple days before, is back with seizures or paralysis, and the doctor says, “Well, it must be congenital”. (So the correlation (yes not causation) of vaccination to infant morality is an acceptable statement). Growing up, I had no more than 7 shots before I was 6 years old. (I had the chicken pox and the flu, because those weren’t even vaccines back then, but yet, I am still here!) Hepatitis Vaccinations (A &B) where not even “mandatory” until I was 12 years old.

        The Vaccination tally currently in 2013, is between 20-35 shots before 6 years old. Some people believe it’s not a matter on whether or not a single vaccination is or is not safe, it is more about the obscene amount that they are given at such a young age. Their bodies are so small and so tiny, how in the world, just through straight common sense, do you really think that the “stabilizers” and other “deemed permissible” ingredients couldn’t be potentially toxic at that quantity, so rapidly in such a small time frame?

        So yes, a lot of us were vaccinated as children, and yes vaccinations may have helped eradicate certain viruses or diseases. However, when those vaccines were popularly administered, they were not combined with a plethora of other vaccinations, all in one fell swoop, almost every other week of the individual’s life for 6 years. This IS what infants are subjected to today, and for Doctors to fail to see that this is a potential threat, in my opinion, and more of a GOOD thing, is ignorance.

        If more than 20 years ago, myself, my brother, my parents, and my grandparents, could all still be around today, all having the flu and all having the chicken pox, without vaccinations for either, then how in the world is it that our bodies, through nature, have somehow “forgotten” how to defend themselves? Yes, some people have lower immune systems, and the elderly and poor are at a greater risk for disease and virus. Yet, that is how it has ALWAYS been, and it is like that for every living creature out there.

        People should be focusing more on educating people on their diet and daily habits (like lack of exercise, drinking and smoking), that could be affecting their immune systems, far more substantially than sitting next to an un-vaccinated child.

        If you choose to vaccinate yourself and your children, based on the education you have received or sought out, that is your right. It is also the right of others to not do so, based on what they have learned through their education and findings.

        This debate will never go away, but people really need to be more respectful on others opinions, and look at to both sides of the story. Whether scientific or personal accounts. Everyone is entitled to their choices and opinions.

        • Jakerb25

          To argue the effectiveness of vaccines in this day and age is absurd. I am a physician… and with all respect to people’s opinions on the “dangers” of vaccinations, those opinions are idiotic. Arguing the merits of vaccination are the same as walking into a physics professors classroom and trying to dispute the laws of gravity or motion. Smallpox was defeated by the smallpox vaccine, polio was defeated by the polio vaccine, and measles, mumps, and rubella epidemics have been avoided for 50 years in countries that have routine vaccinations. You people who dispute these things are absolutely insane.

          • puppymama

            By defeated, you certainly mean that there is not a single case out there on any person, vaccinated or un-vaccinated? Vaccines do not destroy viruses in their entirety. We all know this, or there would be absolutely no cases, or deaths, due to these named viruses or diseases today.

            As I said earlier, it is more of a question on why so many vaccines in such a short time frame, right at the most key ages of development in an infant’s life? Again, when these epidemics were in full force, those who were receiving the vaccinations for said virus, such as polio or smallpox, where only receiving THOSE PARTICULAR VACCINATIONS at that given time.

            Now, no one can claim that they wish for these diseases or viruses to become such a huge threat again to our society. Yet, as a physician, even in your eyes, when is this prevention too much? How do you justify 20-35 vaccinations, if not more, on a child so young? Why is it that these vaccinations cannot be spread out, or given when the children have more weight and more solidly developed brains, and bodies as a whole?

            • Jakerb25

              The reasons the vaccinations are suggested to be given ASAP is because a child is most vulnerable to measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, and viral meningitis in their first year of life where they essentially defenseless, and because the child’s immunology will develop with a definite understanding of how to defend against these things. An immunologist or infectious disease specialist could explain it better. But by doing these things early… you basically develop a human being whose body has grown with an understanding of how to defend itself against these viral infections. And I will add… that even with an underdeveloped immune system, these vaccinations are STILL not dangerous to infants.

              If someone can show me medical research that links vaccinations to neurological damage or anything of the sort I would love to hear about it. Because in 4 years of medical school and 2 years of residency I am yet to hear or see anything of the sort.

              Flu vaccinations are different. It is rare, but it does happen, where a person gets a flu vaccine but still gets the flu soon after. However, this will not be a major flu. It’s symptoms will be much lesser and end more quickly than someone who contracted the flu from another person. I suggest flu vaccinations during flu season – In all, you are much less likely to get the flu if you get a flu vaccine. This has been proven through case studies.

              To someone who argues something along the lines of, “Myself and my children were never vaccinated and we never got sick” my response would be, “that is because most everyone else was vaccinated, and therefore you were never in serious danger of getting sick in the first place.”

              25-30 vaccinations? Insane. I do not even know of 20 things worth vaccinating against.

              Mumps, measles, rubella, meningitis, and pertussis are what can kill an infant, and what does kill thousands of infants who are not vaccinated in nations that don’t have routine vaccinations. Vaccinations against smallpox and polio stopped long ago because it has not surfaced in many years, and because we have vaccines for both stockpiled and ready.

              There is ONE and only ONE danger to vaccination. And that is the extraordinarily rare event that the recently vaccinated person comes down with mild symptoms related to the virus vaccinated against. In any case, this person can be easily treated, and is now immune.

              Polio and smallpox have been defeated in this country. A person has not been paralyzed from polio in 70 years. A smallpox death has not occurred in many years either. Why else do you think this could be other than the fact that polio and smallpox vaccinations began around the same time during the last epidemics for both? From what I have heard, which may or may not be true, the only recent cases of polio were among amish children who were not vaccinated.

              • Steve Sweet

                Hey Doc, Might I suggest looking into a few books that I own, that, are
                general health books, but, amazingly, all say Vaccines are dangerous, and many,
                point out that Clean Water, Better Sanitation, Healthier Foods, etc. lead to the
                all most ending of the disease, that the Vaccines were made for, and, the
                administration of the vaccines, made matter worse. Books such as Dr. Russell
                Blaylock: Health and Nutrition Secrets, Dr. James A. Howenstine: A Physicians
                Guide To Natural Health Products That Work, or Ty Bollinger: Cancer, Step
                Outside the Box, or even a Veterinarians book, Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.: The
                Nature of Animal Healing, or Andrew Saul, PHD: Doctor Yourself, or Bruce Fife,
                N.D. Stop Alzheimer’s Now, and many, many more, that, I own and have read. All
                point to the dangers of Vaccines, and not one, is a book devoted to
                Of course, there is Dr. Mercola, Barbara L. Fisher, Dr. Sherry
                Tenpenny, and Cardiologist, Dr. Donald Miller, and many, many more. Even Dr.
                Jonas Salk, admitted, that his oral Polio Vaccine, cause a huge out break
                of….POLIO! Yes, you heard that right. Dr. Bernard Greenberg U.N.C. school of
                public health, in 1962 testified before congress that not only did the cases of
                polio increase substantially AFTER mandatory vaccinations, but that the
                statistics were manipulated by the Public Health Service and the CDC to give the
                opposite impression.
                In 1977, Dr. Salk testified before a senate
                subcommittee that ALL polio outbreaks since 1961 were CAUSED by the oral Polio

          • puppymama

            Another question for you to ponder, is what happened to educating the public about other issues that may cause those to have poor immune systems? Such as daily habits like smoking, drinking, eating high-fat/poor nutrition diets, sitting for over 12 hours of their day, not just at work but in front of the TV or computer?

            As a physician, do you fully claim that it is science, and science alone, that controls our immune system? Nature as nothing to do with it? Even though conception, fetal growth and development, and birth are all natural processes on their own accord, there is no way nature has any part in our health? Natural foods, consistent sleep cycles, breast feeding, exercise and motion, were all developments of science? If not, then they have no merit to claim that they aid towards a healthy lifestyle and a stronger immune system. Yet, even physicians say they still do, unless, do they not teach this in Medicine 101 anymore? Is there evidence to support that these natural process are not effective towards the strength and survival of our species?

            So yes, there are people who decide to take alternate paths, past vaccinations, and see different benefits in natural health. To claim that this alternate route works for everyone is a false statement. However, to claim that vaccinations are 100% effective for everyone is also a false statement.

            People have a right to choose whichever path they please, neither party has a right to point fingers and call the other “insane” or “idiotic”.

            There may not be articles that state that “the negative effects of vaccination outweigh the positive”. Yet, the negative is still there, and it is anyone’s right to be cautious of them, and choose something different for themselves.

            • puppymama

              Also to note, that by 20-35 vaccinations, I am not indicating that there are 20-35 viruses to vaccinate against, I am adding up the compilation of “doses” one is subjected to receive for just one virus. Sorry for not specifying. Yet, 3 doses of DTap? Why not 1?

            • Jakerb25

              I absolutely agree with some of what you have said. Taking care of your body is essential to good health. A healthy diet, exercise, and not smoking cigarettes would keep thousands more people alive in this country every year. This would be called “preventative” medicine, and is vastly underserved. In my opinion, a good physician treating someone with say, high blood pressure, will not only prescribe blood thinners, but also suggest a dietician in order to help educate that person on what they can do to help themselves.

              However… no amount of exercise and no diet will defend someone from viral meningitis. Viral infections are spread via fecal or respiratory contamination from person to person. Once it gets into your body, you have a very serious chance of it taking effect. Some will get lucky and pass it without getting sick. In the case of viral meningitis, once it infects the meninges in your brain, you either get to a hospital and get treatment, or you will suffer brain damage or die.

              • puppymama

                So, that being said, are we protecting ourselves from each other? Are un-vaccinated children to blame for current outbreaks? One thing that infuriates me, is parents point fingers at other parents, and blaming them for the sickness of their child. Claiming, (even though their child was in fact vaccinated), that their child or they themselves became ill due to the one child who was not vaccinated. I understand, a sneeze can spread germs, because it is the body’s natural way of eliminating the sickness from the body. Yet, I cannot wrap my head around how an un-vaccinated child, who do not get sick, is the cause of another’s illness. This is almost a claim that un-vaccinated children harbor illness, as a rodent would. What would you say to a parent who claims this about another individual’s child?

                • puppymama

                  To correct my tense, “Yet, I cannot wrap my head around how an un-vaccinated child, who DID not get sick, is the cause of another’s illness.” If that child sneezed, no fever came about, they are fine, no sickness. They still manage to get blamed when the child next to them starts to sneeze and does get sick. (sorry I did not review that last post).

                • Jakerb25

                  There aren’t any current outbreaks… that is the point. These illnesses are uncommon now. Where as they used to be very common. There were 20 or so cases of viral meningitis where I lived in Texas when I was in middle school. Everyone was made aware and vaccinations took place at community centers. The spread stopped as quickly as it started. If everyone stopped vaccinating for one or two years the public would immediately realize the significance and importance of being vaccinated, just as my town did.

                  Why you “cannot wrap your head” around these issues is because you are totally unfamiliar with the issues. This is because vaccinations make the circumstance so rare. Trust me, if we stopped vaccinating for these things for a few years, the entire idea would become much more simple and easy to understand for you. It is trivial to contemplate who we are supposed to blame, what parents want to say, and what insignificant problems may arise out of vaccination in extremely rare circumstance. And like I said before… children who have been vaccinated DO NOT get sick from what they are vaccinated against. The children who get sick ARE NOT vaccinated. Parents who vaccinate their children don’t ever have to worry about who they need to blame.

                  This is what I like to call a, “First World” problem. Being overly worried about negative effects of vaccinating against deadly viruses. Only in a country like America would something come to pass. All the while, thousands of people continue to die every year around the world to illnesses we have easy, cheap, and totally effective countermeasures against. Let’s not sit here and complain and speculate when the proven facts are that vaccines work and that vaccines are safe. Get your children vaccinated, and America will continue to be safe from the majority of deadly communicable diseases. Stop vaccinating your children, and we’ll get to see what America was like before vaccines became routine.

                  As for as this argument I have read on this thread (Not from you) about America’s health system being ineffective, and mortality rates being higher in this country for certain people, let me try to put this to rest. The American system of healthcare is the best system on the planet. People from all over the world come to America to be treated for cancer, have surgeries, etc. Not the other way around. No other country’s healthcare system could manage to keep 300 million people as safe and healthy as Americans are. I know because I interned in Europe. There is no comparison. The wait time for interventional procedures is so much longer, it is laughable. In every state in this country a person can find the right doctor to do the right kind of procedure that is available to help them, if it exists anywhere on the planet. And they will not wait as long as they would anywhere else. Americans do not live as long as those in Europe for two reasons, young Americans shoot each other in the cities in ludicrous amounts, and Americans over eat and die from complications due to obesity in epidemic numbers. These issues are not the fault of the healthcare system. And if people want healthcare to be cheaper, than stop suing doctors, and stop allowing others to get free emergency services because they don’t want to pay for insurance or are not of legal status to pay for insurance. The cost falls squarely back down on those who have insurance, become ill, and need treatment.

                • Steve Sweet

                  Un vaccinated children, and people, enjoy better, overall health, and like un vaccinated pets, have a lower cancer risk as well.

                • Jakerb25

                  That is ridiculous.

                • Steve Sweet

                  You don’t even need to leave this website for an article on this:

              • sseals

                My mom applies this same principle to driving at night. It’s more dangerous at night because of lower visibility, so she doesn’t drive at night. Should we avoid sex so that we don’t contract herpes or is there a vaccine for that also? Herpes have killed many babies…

                • RealityCheck

                  Would you recommend increased exposure to sunlight as a cure for herpes? I certainly hope not.

                • sseals

                  What I wrote was to illustrate a point. What you wrote is sarcasm knowing that sunlight often exaggerates herpes symptoms (unless you didn’t know that).. There is a constructive way to view things and a not so constructive way to view things; the choice is yours. There is no need to debunk, as I do not debunk allopathic/western medicine itself. I will always continue to debunk the idea that western medicine is in some way the end all system for making people healthy. It is a “much” smaller piece in reference to the puzzle of this subject than many people yet understand and this is why they so often go without getting the truth they so often need.

              • Steve Sweet
          • sseals

            Why not fortify the immune system instead of using a vaccine to compensate for not doing so? Why try to create this “shortcut” to immunity? Why not do what it takes to compensate for the deficiencies, imbalances etc that make the vaccines “necessary”? Aren’t most vaccines seasonal? Aren’t we humans? Don’t humans experience hormonal changes? Doesn’t more sun or less sun affect our state of immunity? Don’t we get less sun during the winter seasons in most cases? Aren’t those the ones that get the most attention from those who are against vaccines? What does the fact that they are seasonal indicate? As an M.D. wouldn’t it be completely counter productive to constructively answer any of the above questions? How would you be of any use when it comes to “health” as an M.D.? You’re job is disease and “condition” treatment. Have you helped “cure” anyone of a disease? Do you talk with your patients about cure rates? Do you know the difference between healing, curing and treating diseases? Do you treat diseases… or people? Your cure rates? Do you talk with your patients about the entire line up of options we as “humans” (are we just “paytients”) have? The Pharmaceutical drugs, the vitamins, the minerals, the amino acids, the enzymes, the herbs, the macro/micro-nutrients, organ correspondences, mind states, thought patterns etc etc the list is long… As a final thought, and you can take this with you into sleep this evening, do you understand the difference between a patient that has hypertension and one that is hypertensioning? The patient with hypertension will accept your treatment of his hypertension (a condition and solely a condition) and become a good source of income for you… and the one that is hypertensioning (empowered through an understanding of his role in his “condition/actions”) will not, because he trusts that you will help empower and educate him through his role and responsibility in his situation towards doing and being what is needed to bring him back to health if he isn’t too far gone… or he’ll go elsewhere to find the truth. He wants to be properly addressed, as a human/person, not a lab rat.

            • RealityCheck

              The body simply does not work the way you propose. Yes, people should do what they can to support the immune system which in no way entails consuming snake oil.
              A physician has cured me of a disease. I’ve had a few infections in my life. I was prescribed antibiotics to kill the disease-causing organisms. I was cured of disease by an M.D.

              • sseals

                While given antibiotics you also have to take an “unnecessary” blow to the immune system to accomplish it. I wasn’t referring to the fact of whether or not physicians have cured people or not because it happens all the time (what other factors were there however; there’s never just one, because of “how the body works”) and I know that, but I was referring to having a “discussion” about cure rates and what the Dr thinks about it when you try to talk with them… It is quite the interesting discussion indeed because it isn’t common… I was told that there was nothing I could do to “cure” my prostatitis that I contracted when I was 27, but I used a “zapper” of all things after making sure to bring my liver back into functional alignment with the other organ processes that it affects and literally “cured” the bacterial infection within hours. I have cured strep throat overnight when it’s not supposed to happen. I have cured a gum abscess overnight when this isn’t supposed to happen. I stopped a friend from going to her Dr. for eczema & asthma by doing what she really “needed” as opposed to what the Dr’s were doing “to” her for over “20″ years! I had a friend who’s husband had jaundice and went from Dr to Dr until being told nothing could be done and giving up on him to the point of having to leave the country for help; we ended his jaundice together and that wasn’t supposed to happen. I have friends that have cured their own cancer and the cancers of others and know people first hand that have “cured” HIV and aids… My girlfriend had cysts that were a nuisance until I told her to just take a some proteolytic systemic enzymes and just get it over with and to stop acting like everyone else making it a drawn out lack of options issue. …and these things aren’t supposed to happen. I dare someone to try to talk about these things with their allopathic Dr’s. The discussion simply will not be a good one… I know that for a fact and we who are holistic health practitioners know and see this type of stuff happening “all the time”. How to you convince someone who has been “curing” conditions that are “always” being enforced as incurable? Especially when they have been a part of the true health/healing movement for 10 plus years? You cannot do it… All you can do is stick to your guns and promote your beliefs through a lack of awareness or understanding that things go much further than what the allopathic/western” medical systems allow people to see, understand or comprehend. I have friends that have owned holistic healing businesses and have cured people of many diseases to the point of word getting out and them being shut down by the FDA and even raided at “gun point” and forced to reduce labeling so as to take their products further away from being seen as what they really are, which is a way to truly “cure” a disease or condition. This is a War on/of health and more so of awareness. Physicians are very much an important part of the spectrum but they are “FAR” from being the entire spectrum and that is how they are so often treated. There are many of us who never resort to pharmaceutical drug no matter what the situation given that it is chronic, knowing that there are acute exceptions. The 1st step in getting attuned to the truth of health is to revoke the “beliefs” that have been imprinted upon us throughout our lives to the point of us being unable to see beyond them. To each their own, but the suffering doesn’t have to continue… Education before medication at all times. It is a long deep road…

                • Jakerb25

                  You are lying out of your ass. Is this what you do with your life? Spread lies for absolutely no reason?

                • sseals

                  What makes you think I would come on here and waste all this time writing all of this if I was lying?

                • Jakerb25

                  I’m not thinking. I know. Because I know there is no cure for cancer, or AIDS. When you say that there is… and that you know what it is… You become a liar.

                • sseals

                  Well, part of your problem is a misunderstanding of what I said. I said I know people who have cured those diseases or conditions. I never said there were “cures for those diseases or conditions”. In other words, not every condition is going to be treated the same way for everyone with the same condition because the conditions aren’t always a result of the same causes for everyone. You knew that already you’re just acting hard headed for the sake of getting into an argument about health and disease. OR maybe you really do go after the symptoms with no attention whatever to the factors that lead to them… It is a shame if you are really an M.D. It’s people like you that give people like me the drive to continue educating ourselves to help those who are left to die in a partially effective system.

                • Jakerb25

                  Oh I must have had it all wrong… I thought it was me who spend his every day amongst those who are dying and dead. Clearly I was mistaken.. and as of late a mass movement of magicians have come to the United States to cure the sick and dying. One last request… could you please let some of us useless doctors in on your secret trade that puts cancer in remission without surgical oncology or radiation therapy? That would just be wonderful. Because there are thousands of us idiots out there clueless to this wonderful procedure or potion you’ve discovered.

                • sseals

                  You still don’t get what I said… That’s why you just asked for something I nor anyone else will have. You keep searching for your silver bullet. Your childish attitude ended this discussion.

                • Jakerb25

                  I do not know any holistic health practitioners. I know people who have wasted their time consulting such people. And then after they continue to get more an more ill… they finally come to myself, or other actual medical professionals, who know what kind of treatment they need, provide it, and then they get better. I have literally witnessed persons such as yourself give up on your core values and succeed that modern western medicine is their only chance at survival, and gladly leave those foolish ideas behind them after having their lives saved by modern science. And by the way… I left a 250,000 a year production based hospitalist gig and went over into military medicine 3 years ago. I make salary now… at half my top earnings years ago. And I am still treating patients the same way I always have. Not keeping them sick as you suggest… You fucking gypsy. I have spent my entire life dedicated to serving others. I have wanted to help people since I was a child. And I have never looked back. Don’t doubt my devotion to my trade. You would be seriously mistaken. But… It seems thats a trend with you.

                • sseals

                  Well, what can I really say to someone who is in too deep to look at the bigger picture? The most effective healers that I have come across aren’t physicians. You keep attending to symptoms. There are plenty of people that aren’t limiting themselves like that… You probably still think simply drinking a lot of whole milk makes your bones strong.

                • Jakerb25

                  Jakerb25 puppymama

                  • 3 days ago

                  I absolutely agree with some of what you have said. Taking care of your body is essential to good health. A healthy diet, exercise, and not smoking cigarettes would keep thousands more people alive in this country every year. This would be called “preventative” medicine, and is vastly underserved. In my opinion, a good physician treating someone with say, high blood pressure, will not only prescribe blood thinners, but also suggest a dietician in order to help educate that person on what they can do to help themselves.

                  My post from last week. That should cover that assumption you made of me.

                • sseals

                  You “so called” professionals are a shame to this country…

                • Jakerb25

                  Us “so called” professionals have usually been at the death beds of thousands of our patients. You probably sell someone flax seed.

                • Jakerb25

                  Well this particular “shame to our country” was providing assistance to trauma surgeons pulling scrap metal out of Rangers at Bagram in Afghanistan while you were providing spiritual counseling and cracking someone’s back. Do you know what the hardest part of treating a wound from an IED is? Plucking the thousands of individual dust particles it kicks up out of the area of catastrophic tissue damage so it can heal properly. Takes a hours.

                • sseals

                  “That” is exactly what your purpose is. Trauma and acute situations… That part isn’t a shame. That is usefulness… You aren’t very useful for chronic conditions. We don’t have to keep going in circles by the way. As long as everyone knows their place and doesn’t try to fill the wrong shoes everyone will be ok.

                • A

                  Modern medicine is meant to be used for acute illness. If your body has the best tools to use such as high quality foods, superfoods and herbs It can heal itself. Along with detoxification. I urge you to watch Charlotte Gerson as well as Dr. Joel Furhman. As a nutritionist for the last 22 years I have many dramatic healing testimonies of people curing so many different issues.

                • sseals

                  How on earth are you going to automatically jump to the I am lying conclusion? I’ve spent countless hours over the last 10 years researching, studying and contacting alternative health practitioners for the sole purpose of not having to get caught up in the state of mind that you are in… What do you even know about a holistic health practitioner?

          • Steve Sweet

            in 1986 the

            U.S. Congress created National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Now that alone
            is worthy of a story, because what most Americans don’t know is that a family
            who has child injured by a vaccine, cannot simply sue the vaccine maker. Under
            this 1986 law, Congress took that power away from families and instead created a
            “vaccine court” if you will.

            So what is the vaccine court? It is a Federal Claim’s court that deals
            specifically with vaccine cases where families can go for injury compensation if
            their child is injured by a vaccine.
            The official name, the Vaccine Injury
            Compensation Program (“VICP”). Of course, this program is seen as necessary
            because virtually every child who attends a pre-school, daycare or public or
            private school is required to be vaccinated.

            • Jakerb25

              And yet the same government who created it, still highly recommends some vaccines and makes many other mandatory. Because they know that the benefits far outweigh the risks. And I know they do as well.

          • Peter Holleran

            Insane, Jakerb25, hardly. There is just no evidence of what you say here. Small Pox like most or all major infectious diseases were all almost totally eradicated BEFORE the mass innoculation campaigns started. All one has to do is look at the bell graphs. This is even more so in the case of Small Pox. Interestingly, thesmall pox vaccination campaign created mass epidemics in the UK before they finally stopped mandating it – at which time (circa 1900) the US BEGAN innoculating, with small pox almost non-existent. It was hygiene and cleaner water, etc., that defeated small pox. The great Jenner was a fraud. He wasn’t a doctor. He paid 15 pounds to get a license. His first ‘cured’ patient, a young boy, died of horrible neurological ailments a few years later. Yet powerful monied interests in the Crown reasoned that they could make a fortune if they mandated the vaccination, which they did, after which small pox soared. Study the facts,my man, this is not my opinion. Moreover, Salk and Sabin both confessed that their polio vaccines never helped anybody, and that the only outbreaks of polio since the 1950′s were among the vaccinated populations. – Peter

          • Doug

            This is the kind of closed minded, holier-than-thou mentality that allopathic physicians often have. The breathless resort to ad hominem attacks like that from Jakerb25 is typical, and why having a congenial conversation or a respectful debate about this topic is nearly impossible. I remember what the pathology professor told us the first day of medical school: “When you are my age, you will realize that half of what we taught you was wrong”. I’m sure one of Jakerb25′s attendings or professors said a similar thing to him and his colleagues in medical school, but he seems to have forgotten the lesson in humility and the value of constantly asking questions that that statement was meant to impart.

        • Jakerb25

          Furthermore, any physician who has every treated someone with the measles will tell you what I am about to tell you… those people were not vaccinated. Case studies are done time and time again on the roughly 200 people each year in the United States who are hospitalized with the measles. The vast majority of them were not vaccinated. It is not disputable medical science any more, and It has not been for many years. Vaccines save lives. Vaccine prevent epidemics. Vaccines are safe. People who dispute this cannot provide sound research. They are the same king of people who suggest vitamins and a positive attitude are the way to effectively treat cancer rather than focused beams of radiation and chemotherapy. 99.9% of licensed, trained medical professionals laugh at these kinds of claims.

          • StoneAge

            That 99.9% is going down on a daily basis now. Many Licensed MD’s are LOSING their licenses or giving them up voluntarily because they are waking up to the reality of what is going on.

            Can anyone show that vaccines are NOT safe? Well Court of law has proven that Autism can be caused by vaccines. The fact that the companies that produce the product DO NOT stand behind them. I sell a product and I stand behind it 100%.

            Can anyone show irrefutable evidence that vaccines are indeed safe?

            Is mercury a poison? Yes or no? If the answer to that is yes, then why is it in the vaccines? At any concentration. And if the monkey pus, chicken embryo’s and snake venom is not stable without it.. well… Make your own conclusion.

            People must remember that the only reason Pharma is in business is because you are sick. Like I said earlier – Follow the money and the truth appears.

          • Steve Sweet

            58% of all measles cases were contracted by people who HAD been vaccinated,
            while only 42% of unvaccinated children contracted the disease, Neil Z. Miller Found.

            Microglial Activation and Excitotoxicity Secondary to Excessive Immune
            Stimulation: Possible Factors in GulfWar Syndrome and Autism” in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (JAPS 2004;9[2]:46—52).

        • RealityCheck

          Your entire diatribe is based on anecdotal hoo-ha. The flu kills about 36,000 people a year in the U.S. so…

          • sseals

            “Your entire diatribe is based on anecdotal…” Do you know how many times someone has said that “exact” phrase to be while in discussion? Why do people keep using that phrase? Anyway… The flu isn’t as deadly in comparison to it’s enemy/friend?? – A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that an estimated 100,000 people die every year due to correctly prescribed medications. Every drug has side effects, some of them are very lethal (JAMA Leape et. al July 5, 2000 Vol 284:95).

            • Steve Sweet

              great research and reply sseals.

    • Guest

      Absurd. I am a physician, and one of the first things you learn about in med school is the widespread and continued success of vaccinations in countries that take part in routine childhood vaccinations. Vaccinations and antibiotics are among the most successful and life saving application of modern science in medicine mankind has ever witnessed. And yet, idiots everywhere fear them and persecute them. There are roughly 200 cases of measles in the United States every year. They are almost always due to the person having not been vaccinated. It is literally, MEDICINE 101, and trained medical professionals are baffled and astonished by opinions like yours. Your argument is akin to someone saying, “radiation oncology is harmful, and therefore cannot treat malignant cancer.” I would absolutely LOVE to see you provide some kind of medical research done in the 50 years that concludes that vaccines have done more harm than good. A little tip… I wouldn’t bother looking anywhere in a book of osteopathic or research medicine.

      • StoneAge

        Medicine 101 sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Hmmm… Yeah, they have our best interests at heart. Success of the MMR Vaccine??? I guess you can call it successful seeing as it was discovered and put into play several years AFTER these diseases were at their lowest. Now we are seeing in India 47,000+ deaths and Non polio paralysis cases after these unfortunates took the polio vaccine. Never mind that the cases are Indistinguishable from polio – the medical profession says it’s non polio so it can’t be. There is a thing called logic that has to apply somewhere.
        Does radiation help with cancer – well, yes it can, but nutrition helps more. These treatments ought to be the VERY last resort, not the first call. But – you learned it in a Big Pharma sponsored medical school and like I said – they have our best interests at heart, not their bottom line.

        Number one mandate for a corporation is to pay their stockholders a dividend. If they can manipulate the learning at the base, then that adds to their bottom line.

        Having been in the insurance business earlier in my life – the first thing they do to investigate any high dollar claim is to follow the money. It’s a pretty good indicator of what is going on. We CANNOT outsmart Mother Nature. Period. Never have and never will.

        Antibiotics – Yeah they had a pretty good run, but now they are compromised because every batch of penicillin is exactly the same as the last one. That allows these “superbugs” to gain a hold and become immune.

        Using an essential oil regimen does not do this as every batch of oil is just slightly different so the “bugs” don’t have a chance to get “used to it”. Not saying they don’t have a place, but I’ll try an Essential oil regimen before any pharma chemicals.

        • Steve Sweet

          A-Men stoneage!

        • rivergirl

          discount-essiac-tea. com has helped alot of people also.

      • Steve Sweet

        Gee, Doc, I could give you some great books on this topic that I own, that prove this.Dr. Russell Blaylock: Health and Nutrition Secrets, Dr. James A. Howenstine: A
        Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work, or Ty Bollinger: Cancer,
        Step Outside the Box, or even a Veterinarians book, Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.:
        The Nature of Animal Healing, or Andrew Saul, PHD: Doctor Yourself, or Bruce
        Fife, N.D. Stop Alzheimer’s Now.
        For a comprehensive
        review, with 167 scientific references, on how vaccines damage infants’
        and soldiers’ brains (Gulf War Syndrome) when given too close together,
        see Dr. Blaylock’s “Interaction of Cytokines, Excitotoxins, Reactive
        Nitrogen and Oxygen Species in Autism Spectrum Disorders” in the Journal
        of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA 2003;6[4]:21—35).

      • Kelli

        Your simply believing the powers-that-be, doc. Hate to be politically incorrect to your med education sensibilities, but vaccines aren’t not necessarily a panacea. Persecution? The media and most people in general accept the orthodox medical position of vaccines.

  • RealityCheck

    There is no such thing as safe pertussis. Or rubella. Or hepatitis. Derp.

  • Free People

    “When you inject a non human protein, which are contained in all vaccines, into the human body the body goes berserk; all your systems, endocrine glands, bone marrow spin out of control. Your body begins to produce antigens to all the proteins in the vaccine. Your body sets up auto-immunity, diabetes, autism, ms and many other diseases. Nature does not permit the injection of foreign proteins into the human body or the body of any species.”
    -Vaccine Expert Doctor Shiv Chopra

    Dr. Chopra, scientist at ‘Health Canada’ for 35 years, turned whistleblower when industry pressured to introduce rBGH into Canada, has called vaccines “cluster bombs”…

  • Undecider

    Vaccines are not meant to help. They are akin to a special forces team being inserted behind enemy lines to cause chaos and destruction in asymmetric warfare.

    All the various ingredients, toxins and viruses are specifically meant to damage and turn the host victim into a “force multiplier.” The person receiving the vaccine then “sheds” the virus which can then be picked up by passersby, thereby propagating the spread of the virus.

    Do yourself a favor and never submit to vaccination.

    • RealityCheck

      That’s not how it works. You are fractally wrong.