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meth fluWho needs natural methods of dealing with the flu when you can simply use one of the most deadly and highly addictive illegal drugs on the face of the planet? That appears to be the attitude of some medical scientists, who are now looking to methamphetamine to combat the flu.

It is no satire, scientists based out of Taiwan have conducted research on the effects of methamphetamine on the flu and are now reporting that it does indeed exhibit flu-fighting properties. Granted the scientists are not recommending that the pure form of meth be utilized in the treatment of the flu, but instead they actually plan on taking further time and research to figure out which parts of the meth are responsible for the effects. This is beyond ridiculous when considering that there is already a bountiful amount of research showing the significant anti-flu capabilities of natural substances like whole foods and vitamin D.

Slashing the risk of flu contraction by around half even in very low doses, vitamin D has been found to be extremely potent when it comes to bolstering the immune system and fending off the flu. But it appears vitamin D and other natural alternatives do not warrant further research.

Instead, illegal meth is under the microscope and is being held up as a possible answer to the flu by some scientists. Used by around 30 million worldwide, meth is known to lead to side-effects like damaged blood vessels in the brain, stroke, and can even cause death. It also contains ingredients such as:

  • Drano
  • Brake fluid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Ether
  • Hydrochloric acid (a corrosive acid that will actually ‘eat away’ human flesh)
  • Lighter fluid
Unsure of which of these deadly ingredients were truly responsible for reducing the presence of influenza viruses in meth-exposed cells, the scientists reported that the more meth used the less the virus reproduced. The research was published in the journal PLoS One. Lead researcher Yun-Hsiang Chen wrote:

 ‘We report the first evidence that meth significantly reduces, rather than increases, virus propagation…”

Studies like these highlight just how out of touch with reality (whether willingly so or not) many within the mainstream medical community have become. Waging a war against natural foods and nutrients that have been shown to fight the flu while questioning whether or not the deadly drug meth may actually hold the ‘key’ to treating the flu reveals a whole new level of ‘old paradigm’ medicine brought into focus.

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