vaccineWhat do you do when you are offered something free? If you’re like most people, you accept it, oftentimes when it’s something you will never use or don’t even like. So, when a state offers free vaccines, those with limited knowledge of their negative effects may begin lining up. Unfortunately, flu season is approaching, so millions will line up for this questionable anti-flu solution.

That’s the concern of Michelle Goldstein at Goldstein reports on a recent incidence in Missouri, where state officials launched a propaganda campaign aimed at vaccinating as many in the state as possible, by offering free Tdap vaccines in the St. Louis area.

The “giveaway” was recently announced in St. Louis, where the paper announced that incidence of whooping cough have risen to levels not seen since 1955, due in part because vaccinations given more than 10 years ago were wearing off. Last year, more than 41,000 cases of pertussis were reported nationwide; this is in contrast to 18,719 cases the year before.

While St. Louis Today and the Missouri Department of Health are quick to point out all of the scary effects of whooping cough, they neglect to discuss the scary effects of the Tdap vaccine and the fact that pertussis can be effectively treated without conventional pharmaceutical means.

According to Goldstein:

“Health consequences resulting from the Tdap vaccine include encephalitis, brain damage and death. A comprehensive report made by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) documents clearly the widespread health dangers associated with the Tdap vaccine. Tdap and DTap vaccines are currently used in the United States, replacing the DTP vaccine in 1996, but all three vaccines contain the dangerous pertussis toxin with unsafe additives.”

Exposing the Vaccination-Immunity Fraud

Also interesting, most of those who have recently contracted pertussis were actually vaccinated at some point. In other words, while there is solid proof of the vaccinations causing harm, there is no solid evidence that it can definitively prevent the disease.

In addition, whopping cough can be treated without prescription drugs. As a matter of fact, a successful bout of pertussis means lifelong immunity. In other words, once you have it you won’t get it again. What’s the most effective treatment for whooping cough? A vitamin C protocol that can dramatically reduce symptoms and complications.

Finally, the other conditions this Tdap vaccine “protects” against—tetanus and diphtheria—are not only uncommon in the U.S., but can similarly be prevented and treated with risk of complications being relatively low.

Since whooping cough can be problematic for young children, it’s important to do whatever you think is best as a parent; it’s just important to know truths behind the chosen solution.

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