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Let the Poisoning Begin – Early: AMA Recommends Fluoride for Kids Under 2

Christina Sarich
February 19th, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 9:03 pm
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fluoride sodium warning 263x164 Let the Poisoning Begin Early: AMA Recommends Fluoride for Kids Under 2

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Despite hundreds of independent studies suggesting that fluoride is poison, mainstream media and the American Dental Association (AMA) are now suggesting that parents actively participate in reducing their children’s IQ’s and feeding even their toddlers a toxic substance that is an industrial waste leftover from the phosphate fertilizer trade.

Sold to the public through the AMA and corporate propaganda, fluoride has been linked to numerous cognitive disorders, and Colgate even admitted in 1984 that a tube of toothpaste with fluoride in it was toxic enough to kill a small child. But the mainstream media is owned by corporate interests, and you can bet they will push their own agenda over the health of you and your family – even your babies as they just begin to develop teeth.

The AMA tells parents they should use fluoride as soon as a child’s teeth start to come in – at less than two years of age. Like the FDA, and CDC, these agencies are pushing a toxic health agenda on us all. The American Medical Association tells us we need to fluoridate our kids now (as if our water wasn’t enough) even though multiple other countries have banned this toxic substance, including: China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan. Nearly all of Europe’s water supply is also  fluoride-free.

We certainly don’t need kids to have their very first teeth brushed with fluoride. It’s already in our water supply, as well as in juice, coffee, soda, wine, canned soups, foods cooked in Teflon, and even baby formula.

What’s worse is little bodies can’t process this stuff as fast as adults can. Babies and small children end up absorbing more than 80% of the fluoride they ingest, with the substance going into their bones since their kidneys can’t process the toxin fast enough to excrete it from the body.

The FDA even classifies fluoride as a drug, so why put it in your baby’s mouth every single day? The AMA keeps telling parents that kid’s are suffering from more tooth decay from not using fluoride, but numerous studies show that fluoride doesn’t stop tooth decay at all. After going off fluoridated water, many countries experienced populations with less tooth decay, not more, so exactly where does the AMA get their facts and what gives them the right to lie to the public? Small children’s lives are in the balance, but they keep pushing this stuff like heroine for tiny tots.

Don’t listen to the AMA, or any other government agency, for that matter. Their noses are so far up the fluoridated water tap, they can’t see the truth for a hole in their molars. Baking soda and a little water can keep your baby’s teeth clean; you don’t need to poison them with fluoride.

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  • Undecider

    Let’s get this straight. Is it the American Dental Association or the American Medical Association? The ADA has already been forced to back on recommending this for the kiddies. Does Natural Society engage in proof reading?

  • James Reeves

    Every human being has the right to choose via Informed Consent.

    It is illegal for a doctor or a dentist to force anyone to take a drug or chemical.

    Regarding floride, it should be illegal for the government as well.

    The solution for the fluoridation issue is very simple.


    1. Take the toxic waste fluoride chemical out of the drinking water.

    2. It is still legal and available, so those who wish to take it can then put fluoride in their own glass of water.

    3. Leave the rest of us out of it, giving everyone the freedom of choice.


  • Reality of Truth

    Just more proof that the so called “United States Government” is corrupt and has some kind of agenda to poison and maim/kill as many innocent people as possible.

    Don’t even mention the poisoned food, water, air, and all the other evil things this “government” is doing.

    As I have said before, they want us to be afraid of the “terrorists over-seas” when you should all really be afraid of the Terrorists within our “Government” Running Our Nation Into the Ground.

  • James Reeves

    People everywhere are learning the truth that fluoridation is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health, so only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their drinking water. Yet Europe has a better tooth decay rate that those countries which do fluoridate.

    In additon, Israel and Queensland have both ended mandatory fluoridation within the last year. The trend is clear with people voting it out, just like the recent votes in Portland, Oregan and Wichita, Kansas. For a list of many hundreds of cities rejecting fluoridation, see:

    To read the truth, Google “Fluoride dangers” and read a few of the 12,000 articles, many by M.D.’s, dentists and medical scientists.