Mike Barrett
February 4, 2011

One very important factor in the addition of lean muscle is the consumption of quality protein. Best consumed after a workout, protein helps to replenish your body quickly and effectively through speedy digestion. Whey protein in particular has been shown to aid in muscle growth to a great degree.

It is discouraging when people possess the motivation to exercise, working overtime to improve their physical condition, only to find that the fruits of their labor are dismal. Many people don’t realize that it is not all about the hours spent in the gym when it comes to harboring results. Similarly, a so-called “healthy” diet alone will not lead to groundbreaking results. It is, however, a combination of the two that will result in lean muscle.

After exercise, especially intensive exercise, muscles are fatigued, drained, and are in desperate need of replenishment. Protein, taken with a fat source, can provide the nutrients necessary to replenish the body. Lean muscle mass cannot be expected to develop unless they are fed properly.

When the body is not supplied with adequate protein, progress is significantly diminished, and the results you desire become much harder to achieve. Whey protein has even been shown to stimulate the gene that signals muscle rejuvenation considerably.

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