To attain a rock-solid physique and put on muscle mass while simultaneously keeping muscle tone, hard work trumps any miracle product. There is no reason to waste a cent on magic bullet scams, which are often bad for you as well. Instead, try utilizing the effective and cost-free method of gaining muscle mass and accenting muscle tone – exercise. With the knowledge of how a workout routine should be orchestrated, you have all the tools you need for building a great physique.

Choosing Your Desired Physique

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger strike as a proper idol, or would you rather create a slender physique with an accent on muscle tone? Although everyone already has a body type which determines a default physique, through hard work and dedication, some boundaries can be broken. There are 3 broad body-types which each person falls under.

  • Ectomorph – Smaller body frame and physique, trouble gaining muscle and weight, fast metabolism.
  • Mesomorph – Mid-sized body frame, easy time gaining as well as losing weight and muscle.
  • Endomorph – Large body frame, has trouble losing weight and easily gains muscle and weight, slow metabolism..

If muscle tone is preferred over muscle mass, then a plan needs to be cultivated for that desired goal. Similarly, if muscle mass is preferred over muscle tone, then a plan needs to be cultivated for that desired goal. Without knowing what to do, progress could be a lot slower than it needs to be.

Accent on Muscle Tone

Always warm up light weight with about 10 repetitions for the first exercise in every main muscle group. After the warm up set, perform 4 more sets at 8-12 reps each, where you end with complete exhaustion. Be sure to keep up your cardiovascular training as well, in order to retain (or obtain) a more slender physique with minimal body fat. Test your body fat before you start your regimentation, and then once again roughly 4-8 weeks after.

Perform 2-4 exercises in each major muscle category. I recommend incorporating “big lifts” into your routine, such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and clean and press. Maintain this regimentation until you begin to build a muscular base.

You may also want to try a more complicated, full body approach.

Accent on Muscle Mass

Before focusing on muscle tone, spend some time building the muscle group. After all, what good will entering a rigorous cardiovascular program do if there is little muscle mass to refine?

For building muscle mass, instead of incorporating higher repetitions in your regiment, incorporate less repetitions using a greater amount of weight. For example, 8-12 repetitions turns into 6-8 repetitions. This not only works effectively to build muscle mass, but also positively impacts the body’s response by utilizing muscle confusion and preventing the adaption to a certain weight.

Weight should almost always be increased (sometimes as low as.5 lbs when necessary) as you progress in the quest for optimum fitness. This will “shock” your muscles, tearing your muscle fibers (this is a good thing) even more so than before. Focus on compound lifts to increase overall size of the muscle, not definition.

After the desired amount of muscle mass is achieved, switch to higher repetitions to focus on muscle tone. The loss of fat is what creates muscle tone, so be sure to lose the extra body fat. Never forget the importance of building a firm nutritional base to facilitate muscle growth and hasten the progress for a desired physique.

Remember, if exercises are performed incorrectly then you could end up with an injury and ultimately gaining nothing. Always exercise in a safe manner while never sacrificing proper form for increased weight (unless you know how to properly).Good luck on your quest to optimum fitness and a fantastic physique.

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