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GMO Tumor Study Author Blasts Agencies for 90 Day GMO ‘Safety’ Study

Anthony Gucciardi
November 6th, 2012
Updated 11/07/2012 at 4:58 pm
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gmotumorstudy 245x153 GMO Tumor Study Author Blasts Agencies for 90 Day GMO Safety StudyAgencies within the United States and elsewhere tend to be very distrusting when it comes to studies linking GMOs to any form of illness, demanding every specific detail from the scientific researchers and trying their best to scrutinize just a single factor within the study. But when it comes to haphazard 90 day trials intended to prove the ‘safety‘ of genetically modified organisms, it seems that these agencies are more than willing to look the other way.

And according to the author of the recent landmark study that discovered a lifetime consumption of GMOs in rats led to not only tumors but massive amounts of organ damage, his anti-GMO research is the latest to be under fire from the same agencies that allow Monsanto’s ridiculous 90 day trial to pass as scientific gold. In response to the mass retaliation from government agencies that let GMOs ram through the regulatory process with barely any safety measures (that are continually being reduced) and questionable Monsanto-funded ties, lead researcher of the GMO rat tumor study Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini said:

 “The agencies that criticise our study’s statistical weakness have never demanded from industry a 10th of the data that they now instruct us to provide them with.”

In the same statement, Seralini explained how the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) actually accepted tests that lasted for 90 days or less conducted on a shockingly low four or five groups of rats for the Amflora potato — a genetically modified potato variety. What Seralini did not mention which is of even futher concern, however, is that the USDA is now limiting the safety testing needed on GMOs under a new ‘fast tracking’ process that allows for Monsanto push experimental GMOs through with barely any regulatory testing. Meanwhile, the organization has been tearing into Seralini’s research on a mission to prove the ‘safety’ of GMOs.

In Seralini’s research, 50% of the male rats and 70% of the female rats died when consuming GMO seed or drinking Roundup-laced water. Many of the rats also experienced tumors the size of golf balls that inhibited them from movement.

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  • Bertram Sømme

    It seems that the wishes of large multinational companies outweigh the safety and well being of the population. It is hardly surprising as governments are a tool designed to be used by those who know the system and are thus able to manipulate it. This requires skill and ability, so when a change occurs through the actions of an activist or a organisation you can be sure of its worth.

    I am involved with a similar action against a large multinational company – if i am right it is one of many companies involved with an activity that is producing a massive change in the marine environment –