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Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPA’s Safety Limit for Mercury

Anthony Gucciardi
October 2nd, 2011
Updated 11/11/2012 at 1:08 am
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toxinskull 210x131 Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPA’s Safety Limit for Mercury

Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function [1]. Each multi-dose flu vaccine vial contains around 25 micrograms of thimerosalover 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit of exposure.

Mercury, a neurotoxin, is especially damaging to undeveloped brains. Considering that 25 micrograms of mercury is considered unsafe by the EPA for any human under 550 pounds, the devastating health effects of mercury on a developing fetus are truly concerning. Though thimerasol is not entirely mercury, the mercury content is still extremely high, making it very toxic to the human body. Despite highly exceeding the EPA safety standards for mercury content by over 250 times, flu shots are still recommended for children over 6 months and pregnant women.

It seems that the age groups that are urged to receive the flu shot are actually most affected by mercury exposure. Young children, pregnant women, and elderly are the ‘targeted’ demographic of flu shot manufacturers, and these individuals also happen to have the least defense against the elemental neurotoxin mercury.

Dr. Russel Blaylock, a leading neurologist, expains:

A recent study looked at the immune reaction in newborn infants up to the age of one year who had received the HepB vaccine to see if their immune reaction differed from adults getting the same vaccine. What they found was that the infant, even after age one year, did react differently. Their antibody levels were substantially higher than adults (3-fold higher) and it remained higher throughout the study.

In essence, they found that the babies responded to the vaccine by having an intense Th2 response that persisted long after it should have disappeared, a completely abnormal response.

In 2004, the The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs petitioned the FDA to limit the use of thimerosal in vaccine citing safety concerns. In a reply made public years later, the FDA denied the request despite overwhelming evidence that mercury is harmful to the human body [2] [3] [4].

In addition to mercury, vaccines also contain other toxic fillers and preservatives that have been linked to health conditions such as cancer:

  • Aluminum: Also a neurotoxin, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease [5] and other cognitive diseases [6].
  • Antibiotics: Various forms include neomycin, streptomycin, and gentamicin.
  • Triton X-100: A detergent that should not be injected into the human bloodstream.

By recommending flu shots to the public, the CDC and vaccine manufacturers are ignoring the warnings of not only major studies conducted by prominent universities, but also the EPA. The EPA’s safety limit of mercury exposure is being exceeded by over 250 times each shot. In addition to a number of other ‘recommended’ vaccines, flu shots are dished out each year to the public, meaning that this exposure increases to 250 times the limit each year. Over a 10 year period, it is possible to exceed the limit by 2500 times simply by receiving a yearly flu shot.

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From around the web:

  • Erwin Alber

    I have long ago arrived at the conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. Behind the junk science is however the precise science of biochemical warfare which vaccination actually is.The various vaccine ingredients are added to impair certain areas of the brain or other organs, and certain physical processes. Vaccination is therefore social engineering used to mutate the human race into a subservient species which has had its basic survival instincts and independent thinking destroyed. This means that medical so-called science has been hijacked to serve the psychopaths' genocidal agenda which started about a century ago with JD Rockefeller creating the medical monopoly. While this takeover has resulted in progress in some medical fields, other aspects of medicine such as the prevalent use of medical drugs and the systematic poisoning of our children with vaccines are clearly genocidal in nature. Why e.g. are mercury and aluminium, both of them highly neurotoxic and in combination even more so, added to vaccines? Mercury is suposedly added as an antiseptic/preservative while aluminium is said to be an aduvant, which is a substance supposedly used to increase the immune response. These professed uses are however just red herrings used to detract their real purpose, which is to delete certain brain functions and to interfere with normal brain development.

    • Erwin Alber

      Oops – in the last sentence I meant to say "…red herrings used to detract FROM their real purpose".

  • mothman777

    Thimerosal is such a filthy toxin; at the very least they ought to replace it with silver sol as an alternative preservative, or preferably ban vaccines altogether as it has been proven that the acid/alkali balance of the body and mineral/vitamin content, with healthy gut flora, containing 80% of the body's immune system, and prana-filled food and sunshine, is the key to a self-sufficient immune system. In Russia, phage medicine is freely available to all, should they choose to request it as an alternative to the usual allopathic medicine, as a natural germ predator exists for every germ pathogen known, so the natural enemy germs of the pathogenic germs are given to patients with non of the nasty side-effects of antibiotics or vaccines. The continued forcing of people to accept this and other poisons is purely a political issue, as part of the sinister machinations of the chosen who wish to inherit the earth by depriving the rest of us of it. If it were not so, they would ban this rubbish overnight as a matter of common sense.

    • Padre

      Its not a political issue. Its a population reduction issue. People keep saying its political but genocide has many factors pushing it. Its not "for our own good" or caused by people who don't know what they are doing; these are deliberate, preplanned agendas to destroy as many of the "99%" as they can get away with. Someone can rob a convenience store and get twenty to life; but a BART cop can shoot an unarmed man lying face down in the back and got two years (minus time served). It would be an isolated incident but for the plethora of videos popping up now that many Americans have cell phone cameras showing police abuse DAILY. The new "Internet safety" laws [we must protect the children] will, if passed, remove our ability to identify and protest these abuses.

      Wake up people: the easiest way for them to "balance and/or ensure" our societies "safety nets" is to make sure you don't live to see 65. Look in the obituaries: every person who dies before 65 (62 for early retirement at less money) represents tens of thousands of PAID FOR BENEFITS that are reduced to a $255 "death benefit". (if paid at all, its limited to spouse or minor children)

      Its said that "guns don't kill people, people do", in our case "laws don't kill people, Congressmen and LEOs do."