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The Five Tibetan Rites: Powerful Mind Body Healing Adds ’10 Years to Life Span’

Paul Fassa
July 5th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 8:03 pm
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yoga tibetan 263x164 The Five Tibetan Rites: Powerful Mind Body Healing Adds 10 Years to Life SpanA well-known medicine hunter, author, educator, and world-traveler researching and promoting plant-based medicines, Chris Kilham says that that a daily five minute practice of the Five Tibetans will result in adding an entire decade to your life span. The exercises are done repetitiously on an increasing gradient toward the goal of 20 or 21 repetitions of each exercise at a comfortable pace.

A Brief History

According to legend, the Five Tibetans originated form Tibetan Llamas around 2,500 years ago. Anti-aging expert Ellen Wood stresses the importance of doing the 5 Tibetans very slowly for maximum longevity results.

They were part of secret practices handed down from generation to generation to a select few or the initiated. The Tibetan monasteries guarded the practices as they were considered a part of the pathway to higher levels of consciousness.

Longevity and the restoration of youthfulness are “side effects” that get the attention of most westerners.

Esoteric Benefits

In the 1930’s, American Author Peter Kelder shared the secret of the Five Tibetans with the West. He explained that the true value of the exercises transcended the physical realm.

In his book, The Eye of Revelation, later released as The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, he states:

“I would like to make it clearly understood that these are not physical culture exercises at all. They are only performed a few times a day; so few times that they could not possibly be of any value as physical culture movements.” Peter Kelder continued, “What the Rites actually do is this: They start the seven Vortexes spinning at a normal rate of speed; at the speed which is normal for, say, a young, robust, strong, virile person of twenty-five years of age.”

These vortexes of energy, known as chakras, or wheels of energy, have been mapped out in yogic literature for thousands of years.

These energy centers are the primary energetic interface between the individual and the larger universe. It is believed in esoteric circles that when these energy centers are functioning properly, health and spiritual evolution will result.

The exercises are comprehensive and dynamic; they positively enhance and restore the body, mind including emotions and the spirit or soul. Esoterically, the exercises activate and tone the seven major energy vortexes in what yoga calls the subtle body.

Physical Health Benefits

Similar to how Chinese based Qi-gong (Chi-gong) and tai-chi work, these routines restore energy. Western aerobic calisthenics expend energy without restoration. These simple exercises enhance overall strength, balance, energy, metabolism, digestion, brain and nervous system, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, and overall health.

Some Exercise Details

In a segment with Doctor Oz, Kilham starts out doing 1 to 5 repetitions for each exercise. It’s advisable to always pay attention to your body in order to avoid injury. Never force your body to continue the exercises if your body is signaling pain. Some slight soreness or minor discomfort is expected, but beyond that is a danger zone that can lead to injury.

The advised best times to practice are sunrise or sunset, but anytime is better than never. Be sure to use a carpeted area, yoga mat, towel, or throw rug to ease the discomfort of the body moving against a hard surface.

The room should be well ventilated. Choose a quiet area where you are not distracted by others and can easily concentrate. A specific breathing pattern is included along with a detailed moving graphic and text explanation of the exercises here.

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  • Dee

    I do this every day. First they take a lot longer than five minutes. fifteen to twenty if you do them slowly and deliberately as described. Second I don’t know about the chakras or any of that but they definitely are a physical workup. I am breathing at the end as if I just finished a treadmill workout and this is a serious core workout. Lastly, two of these exercises have finally given me a butt and I have tried everything!

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    I didn't even notice it

  • @BlackHercules

    Learn when to do them, how to do them correctly and in the proper order.

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