Working out should be something that is both fun and beneficial. The body responds almost immediately to proper training, but it also responds to improper training. Improper training can lead to aches and pain down the road, or even muscles tears. Are you working out the right way?

Misconception #1: The Longer, The Better

Contrary to what you have heard from old school bodybuilders, a longer workout does not lead to better muscular gains. In fact, a longer workout can be detrimental to your muscular gains. After a period of roughly 45 minutes, your body has been found to go into a catabolic state. In this state, the body feeds off of the muscles for energy. This is the complete opposite of what you want the body to do. That does not mean that you cannot workout for an hour here and there, but it does mean that hours of weight training on a daily basis are going to crush your goals.

The reason that many bodybuilders were able to train for up to four hours a day is quite simple: they were taking anabolic steroids. That does not mean that every single bodybuilder was taking them, but anabolic steroids allow for extremely long workouts with little rest periods. Anabolic steroids, of course, come with a host of damaging side effects and should not be taken.

Misconception #2: If You Work The Same Muscle Every day, It Will Grow

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