Millions of people each year commit themselves to their New Years resolution. The percentage who actually stick to their resolution is shockingly low, with 75% of people failing to complete their desired goals. Setting goals is an efficient way to increase both productivity and motivation, but you must be setting the right goals. You need to set goals that last – a lifetime goal.

The majority of people who commit themselves to a New Years resolution end up dropping it after the second week. Some even turn apathetic after only one day. Their lack of self control is not the determining factor when it comes to sticking with their goals. When someone makes a New Years resolution, they are setting themselves up for a short-term goal. Sure, some people are able to go through with their resolution rather easily, but obviously these people are not the majority.

Health = Wealth

If you told your friends that tomorrow you’re going to be a millionaire, they’d think you were crazy. If you told them that you’re going to take the necessary steps to open up your own business and make money through selling a useful product, then they’d probably think quite differently. Your health is the same way. Getting in the best shape of your life takes a commitment. This commitment must be made with the understanding that it does indeed take time for your body to change the way you want it.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve digestion, or feel better all around, it will still take time for your body to adapt to your new healthy ifestyle. Of course with this comes the change you desire. The reason for making a lifetime commitment over a New Years resolution or a “spurr of the moment” decision is that it will truly stick. Plan out your goals, and decide how you will ease into them.

Adapt to Your New Schedule

With News Years resolutions comes hasty decisions. Don’t jump into the extreme end of your goal the day you set it. Your body needs to be able to adjust to your new food intake and/or exercise routine. You can’t expect to throw around 500 pounds weights your first day at the gym, and you can’t expect your body to take on the physique of Hercules due to your recent change to a salad-based diet.

In order to meet the end result of your lifetime resolution, you must first know what exactly you want to obtain. Start by brainstorming (and eventually writing down) answers to these key questions.

Why am I unhappy with my current state of health?
Where do I want to be in 6 months?
A year?
Where do I want this goal to ultimately bring me?
How will I accomplish it?
How will I make it coincide with my daily activities?

Planning is key. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You do not want to make a change in your lifestyle that will eventually cause you to be so stressed out that it actually ends up negatively affecting your life. When you sit down and consider all of the options and implications, it’s rather simple to place things in the correct order.

Be sure to start the right way and end the right way

The last thing that anyone wants is to find out that they’ve been eating the wrong way or training the wrong way for the past 6 months. Please be sure to check out these vitally informative articles, as they will ensure you start and end the right way. While it’s a good idea to focus on one that is closely related to your goals, it’s a good idea to read them all to make sure that you develop your health in every way possible. Balance is the key to health, whether you are seeking artery health or six pack abs.

Starting with Nutrition Basics

Cut Your Cardio Time in Half and Get Double the Results

Vitamin D Tied to Weight Loss

Making a lifetime commitment is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Don’t wait until the new year to create your goals. Change your life, not the first two weeks of January.

Storable Food

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