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Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination

Mike Barrett
February 16th, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 10:27 pm
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For many years government and health officials have been trying to push vaccination on the people. While childhood vaccine exemption rateshave been increasing, we have been seeing an overall increase in the amount of people receiving the flu shot each year. There have even been numerous occasions where legislators and others have called for mandatory vaccinations that could affect health care workers in particular. In fact, many pediatricians are so angry with their patients who refuse vaccination that they are ‘firing’  patients and their families, refusing to play their role as doctor.

Pediatricians “Firing” Parents and Families for Refusing Vaccines for Children

That’s right, pediatricians are refusing to help parents — and their families —  if they aren’t ‘responsible’ enough to vaccinate their children. One study of Connecticut pediatricians found that some 30 percent of 133 doctors said they they refused to help a family due to vaccine refusal. Another survey of 909 Midwestern pediatricians found that 21 percent dismissed a family due to vaccine refusal.

While doctors are trained and told to ‘sell’ these vaccines, many people are becoming aware of vaccine dangers and risks. One study found that more than 1 in 10 parents are straying away from the traditional vaccine schedule, with the number to increase exponentially over the next few years. For doctors to refuse care for those making a decision for their own health is irresponsible to say the least.

Perhaps doctors should consider these truths about vaccines and the flu shot before ‘firing’ patients who refuse to be pricked.

  • Vaccines suppress the immune system which could actually increase your risk for contracting the flu for weeks or months.
  • The flu shot “protects” against  the influenza virus, but only about 20 percent of flu sicknesses are caused by influenza type A or B. The 80 percent remaining are caused by over 200 other bugs which make you feel like you have the flu.
  • Your immune system is the absolute best defense for any sickness.
After reviewing this information, it is no wonder why so many parents are refusing vaccines for their child. If your doctor is refusing to help you due to vaccine refusal, be sure to thank him later for making you find a different doctor.
About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Doctors Now Firing Patients Who Reject Vaccination Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • ezra

    Older kids who are not immunized can pass diseases to babies under 2. Part of the point of vaccinations is to protect babies under 2 from diseases their immune systems are not ready for. So they were right in doing that. Before vaccinations, there were a lot more deaths of babies, from diseases for which there are now vaccines.

  • pauline

    i have said no to the teenage immunisations,can u explain anyone more info bout thisas fed up with how many vaccines kids get now compared to years ago,been doin my own research and feel so angry

  • Deb

    My daughter was fired from a DR for refusing to vaccinate her children, in IA. I'm very proud of my daughter!

  • Lisa Long

    A relevant/great article about pediatricians and vaccines:

    Plenty of things you can do to put these cretins out of business

  • Anonymous

    I am a registered nurse working in one of the top pediatric facilities in the nation and because I refused to get the flu vaccine for the 2011 'flu season', I have been given a final written warning. I have the potential for termination this winter when I face a 2nd final written warning for refusing to become vaccinated for the 2012 season.

  • Judy

    The extreme anger by the doctor when one won't go along with the program is evidence enough that something is going on behind the scenes! The best way to decrease the population is through the medical community! Making people think something is healthy when it destroys health, lessening the lifespan and pumping lots of money into the docs and pharmaceutical companies, while the person is dying! What a plan! And then to promote it they make YOU look like the bad guy (which they are)!

    Their anger is the key!!!! What are they hiding? these are the same people who gave us deadly chemo and radiation!

  • Chuck

    Good. They are better off seeing a homeopath or acupuncturist. Fire them.

  • Tyranny

    Great Info Mike, Bring your Dr "The Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety" And ask if they will sign it. They most likely won't. Fire your pediatrician first and find a Dr that is not pushing these poisons. Help, "Boycott The American Academy Of Pediatrics."

  • lastevens

    After my older kids experienced bad vaccination reactions, I said no to the younger ones getting any. My pediatrician thought she was the one making the decisions. I fired her and found a pediatrician who knows better. There are plenty out there.

    In the childrens' files she sent over to the new doc was a note blasting me and my non-cooperation and dangerous thinking.

    Screw her.

  • Dave J

    seems a likely violation of the hippocratic oath to me.

  • Annie

    I don't think they are doing that in the Uk. Not to my knowledge they are not.

  • Helen

    I do have to ask, what happened to freedom of choice? since when is it up to them about those choices, we are responsible for what we put into our bodies just because they are doctors does not make them our Gods. hell in todays world most doctors have been to dont know crap they guess at what you have then give you a prescription that may or may not work. how I miss the old days when doctors really cared.

  • Renee

    So now the pediatricians are the gestopo for the drug companies, and I thought they were doctors. My daughter decided not to vaccinate her children while her friend decided to vaccinate her children and two children are same age and now the friends baby has been in hospital several times with flu, ear infection and various other colds and ailments, while my grandson having had the flu 1 time and got over it quickly and without being placed in the hospital verses the friend's child being consantly hospitalized. We also noticed that her friends children had big distended bellies and very small toothpick like legs while my grandson was well perportioned and had equal growth it seemed.Even the friend noticed it and asked about it, so my daughter showed her what the vaccinations have been reported do to the body.They have three kids each and the friends children have all been vaccinated and their bodies arent portioned physically like my grandchildren. This isnt just confined to my daughters friend's children we noticed this in several peoples children,and even being the same age as my grandchildren these children are much smaller and dont seem to talk as quickly,or stay well during the cold and flu seasons.It seems the doctors have the agenda of the drug companies to keep people sick and coming back to the doctor. Its hearbreaking and people line up for the vaccinations everyday when it is publicly known that population reduction by vaccination is included in scientific disscussion and research.

  • allison

    i had the same problem in marin county, california… where providers who accepted blue cross blue anthem insurance required immunization… some offered modified shot schedules… but the enthusiastic nurse practitioner said their practice was a designated "immunizing clinic"… the less enthusiastic physician told me his hands were tied due to insurance company pressure. the np also said i wouldn't find anyone who would accept my insurance in the country and accept my children as clients w/o vaccinating. the md suggested i go to a free clinic for basic needs… and lose the insurance. after investigation i learned that the only clinics that would take us were "private pay" fancy clinics… so there really is a two tier system… for the haves and have nots.

  • tony

    Medical practices get a bonus if their patients are vaccinated above a certain percentage.

  • Mindanoiha

    Maybe there should be a list made of all these pediatricians who fire patients.

    It could be distributed widely, advising people to report, blacklist and boycott them.

    Advice about how to change pediatrician/ doctor could also be included.

  • organic dream

    The USA is crazy to let big pharma rule over parents chose not to stick there kids with toxic chemicals. and doctors should be ashamed of them self's for doing it. As far as i can tell the population of the USA is being culled off buy evil corporations. You all better wake up down there, your so deep in it. sick sick sick cookies running the show.

  • newsnut

    I hope the public that is aware and informed on this issue do NOT succumb to these tactics by the government and accept these damaging vaccines. Their agenda is to reduce our populaton by any means necessary! Research population control and dangers of vaccines and connect the dots.

    • S Barringer


      I became informed of these issues years ago, and refuse all vaccines. My doctors all have a fit, and if they could, wouild force these toxic brews on all of us in this clinic (no names here). If they could punish those of us who refuse, I'm sure they would. Fortunately, we have the right to refuse offered "care".

  • Anonymous

    thank you. i think the doctors-in-training should be asked to take courses in the following as part of their medical education in addition to everything else: 1. at least one medieval or ancient/classical language such as ancient Greek, 2.both modern and premodern history of disease, 3. history of children before Edward Jenns, and 4. history of at least two of the following populations in which the secondary/triary hiers were drawn from in premodern times – a. women before Susan B. Anothony, b. the disabled before Anne Sullivian and Helen Keller, c. mixed unions, mixed marriages, and mixed heritage children before Adolf Hitler, or d. the new money rich, the middle classes, meritocracy, and the status inconsistent before Andrew Carnegie.

  • Lisa Le

    Also when our daughter was born in 06 our Pediatrition fired us because we didn't get vaccines for our baby. He also banned us from all the sister clinics.

  • Lisa Le

    In WA State we became foster parents and they refused to let us adopt or foster any child between 0-2yrs old because our biological daughter didn't have all of her vaccinations. We fought it all the way to our congressmen but nothing happened.