VIDEO: HBO Series Highlights Problems with Genetically Modified Crops

The May 2015 episode of HBO’s VICE focuses entirely on genetically modified crops, showing undeniable proof of what genetic engineering has done to our planet.

The Super Bowl: Here’s What You Won’t Hear On TV

Here’s what you WON’T be hearing about on television when it comes to Super Bowl 50, and what it means for you…

110-Year-Old Man Says These 5 Foods are Essential for Longevity

A man named Bernardo LaPallo is over 110 years old, and says that these 5 foods are the key to his longevity. Watch what he says in this video.

How Diet Sodas Mess With Your Brain (Video)

This video explains how artificial sweeteners mess with your brain in numerous ways – often even causing you to consume more than you normally would.

M.D. Reveals 6 Real-Life Health Transformations Using Real Food

In this video, an M.D. explains how to use nutritional science and a nutritarian diet full of organic, natural foods to get off big pharma drugs and boost overall health.

Monsanto Losing Millions as GMO Labeling Push Grows: Sorry Monsanto!

In this video, Anthony Gucciardi discusses how we can and ultimately will reclaim our food supply from generically modified juggernauts like Monsanto.

9 Year Old Explains Why His Friends Shouldn’t Eat GMO Bt Corn

In this video, a 9-year-old named Daniel Bissonnette is telling people everywhere, including his friends at school, to ditch GMO sunchips and go organic.

Video: FDA Now Monitoring Social Media, Targeting ‘Whistleblowers’

Amid powerful activism, it should come as no surprise that agencies like the FDA are concerned about whistleblowers leaking key intel to the public.

Shocking: Replacing 40 Toxic Medications with Life-Saving Cannabis Juice

Marijuana is a true healer. Check out this video, where one woman reveals how she used cannabis juice to replace 40 pharmaceutical drugs.

Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps

Monsanto and other corrupt mega corporations are falling to the power of activism and consumer awareness at a base level — and here’s how.

Hilarious Video Exposes What ‘Natural’ Products Really Mean

Millions have been duped by the use of corporate language within the food products industry, and they may not even know it.

Fight Back: Anthony Gucciardi Gives $1,000 to Church Targeted By Govt for Feeding Homeless

Anthony Gucciardi takes a stand against the government crackdown on groups feeding the homeless by giving $1,000 to feed thousands more.

Video: 11-Year Old Gives the Low Down on GMO Foods

Here is a video of a young boy who blasts GMO-giant Monsanto. He explains how sustainable, organic farming practices surpass conventional GMO techniques.

There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be

The very nature of our immune systems and what vaccinations do to artificially stimulate immunity makes safe vaccinating impossible. Here is an interview.

Big Pharma Caught Pushing Drugs Causing Same Dangers they ‘Prevent’

For years, major drug companies have known about the true scientific research behind their highly profitable antidepressant drugs.

Video: Government Criminalizes Church Groups Feeding Homeless

Church groups feeding the homeless are now being targeted by law enforcement and local government around the nation.

FDA Finally Moves to Ban Heart-Clogging Trans Fats

The FDA recently announced that it will require companies to gradually phase out heart-clogging trans fats found in various junk and fast food products.