Australian Man Morphs Potatoes into Cheese. Yummy?

Would you eat cheese made from liquefied potatoes? An Australian engineer claims he has done just that, and is looking for investors.

USDA Approves 2 New Types of GMO Potatoes

The USDA has approved 2 new GMO potatoes. If the FDA and EPA give them the all-clear in January, they could reach the market by spring.

Just THINKING About Mobile Devices Disrupts Kids’ Sleep

A review of 20 studies shows that even when kids aren’t using mobile devices at night, they’re still thinking about them, and it’s wrecking their sleep.

Weird: Toyota to Sell “Companion Robot” Next Year for the Lonely

Set to sell a Kirobo Mini robot in Japan, Toyota says that Kirobo is a companion that “you will come to love and be kind towards…just as it does to you.”

Reporter Says “F**k It” and Promotes Marijuana Legalization, Faces 54 Years in Prison

Remember the TV reporter who said “f**k it” and quit her job on the air to run a cannabis club? She’s facing 54 years in prison.

Environmentalist Wears Trash to Open the Public’s Eyes

An environmentalist is walking around New York City with his trash strapped to his body to show Americans how much waste they generate

Smoking can Permanently Damage DNA – But Quitting can Heal Some Wounds

When a person quits smoking, the majority of the genetic damage eventually fades. However, a new study suggests that part that damage is permanent.

Outrage: Nestlé Buys Drought-Stricken Town’s Water Supply

People around the world are furious over Nestle’s latest escapade: buying a drought-stricken town’s water supply.

Swedish Scientist Edits Genes of Healthy Embryos for First Time

A Swedish researcher is the first-ever scientist to attempt to edit genes of healthy human embryos in an effort to treat infertility and eradicate diseases

World Leaders Meet to Finally Address Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

The UN General Assembly formally approved a declaration aimed at helping world leaders tackle the humanity-threatening problem of antibiotic resistance.

Prominent Group of Pediatricians Warn: Codeine is not Safe for Children

A leading group of pediatricians warned this week that codeine should never be used in children for pain relief or as a cough suppressant.

Video: Man Saves Miracle Kitten on Busy Russian Highway

Cat proves it has 9 lives by dodging traffic on a Russian highway for several minutes before being scooped up by a benevolent stranger.

A Young Man’s Obsession with Disney Helps him Thrive with Autism

The experiences of Owen Suskind, 25, a man with autism, come to life in a new documentary about how Disney cartoons have help him express his feelings.

New Smartphone Game Could Help Doctors Diagnose Dementia

Scientists hope to gather data on hundreds of thousands of people via a new video game for smartphones to help doctors better diagnose dementia.

The Truth About ‘Being Positive’ Revealed

Millions of people are on a journey to become more positive in their lives, but there’s a deep truth behind the social media-driven push towards positivity that most people aren’t talking about.

IKEA may Nix Use of Environmentally-Destructive Styrofoam

IKEA is considering replacing its polystyrene packaging with compostable, biodegradable mycelium packaging for environmental reasons.

Tobacco Companies Again Ordered to Disclose Harm from Cigarettes

Big Tobacco companies must publicly disclose the harmful effects of smoking. A U.S. District Court upheld a ruling of 15 years ago to this effect.