New FDA Rule Makes it Harder for Farmers to Give Animals Antibiotics

On January 1, the FDA took an important step in fighting antimicrobial resistance when it banned the use of antibiotics to help livestock gain weight.

Federal Lawsuit Alleges Prevagen Memory Pill Doesn’t Work

A federal lawsuit accuses the maker of the Prevagen memory supplement of making false and unsubstantiated claims about the efficacy of the pills.

Lawsuit Says Coca-Cola of Misleads People, Downplays Soda Health Risks

A recently-filed lawsuit alleges that Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association misleads buyers about the health risks of consuming sugary drinks.

Pot Activists Will Hand Out 420 Free Joints on Inauguration Day

Need weed and want to show your support for marijuana legalization? You could be one of 420 people lucky enough to get a free joint on Inauguration Day.

Delay in Opening Pot Shops in Mass. Leaves the State in Legal Limbo

Lawmakers in Massachusetts signed a bill delaying the opening or marijuana shops by 6 months, saying they need the extra time to improve the new law.

Driver Charged with DUI for Having Caffeine in His System

A California man is fighting a DUI charge after tests showed the only substance he had in his system was caffeine.

New FDA Guidance Aims to Prevent Med Device Hack Attacks

The FDA released a 30-page guidance aimed at addressing cyber vulnerabilities in medical devices, which is supposed to help fix security problems in equipment.

769 Hospitals Face Partial Loss of Funds from Medicare

Medicare is penalizing 769 hospitals for having high rates of avoidable patient injuries and antibiotic-resistant infections.

FDA Looks to Limit Lead in Cosmetic Products

The FDA released draft guidelines on December 21 aimed at regulating lead levels in lipstick, eye shadow, and other cosmetic products.

Medical Marijuana Likely to be Available in PA by Mid-2018

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program is expected to be up and running by mid-2018, and the state will get up to 27 dispensaries.

Why Did the FDA Ban Powdered Medical Gloves?

The FDA has only banned 2 medical devices in the agency’s history – prosthetic hair fibers back in 1983, and now powdered medical gloves.

Federal Data Shows Fewer Teens Using Marijuana After Legalization

Marijuana opponents warned that legalizing pot in Colorado would lead to an increase in teen use, but new federal survey data show that opposite occurred.

Maine Voters Approved Recreational Pot, but the Governor is Fighting

It’s official: recreational pot is legal in Maine after a recount of votes spurred by an anti-marijuana group. But Gov. Paul LaPage isn’t done fighting it.

Is the DEA Trying to Exert Authority over Marijuana Extracts? *Updated*

The DEA’s latest move has some pot advocates fearing the administration is trying to extend its authority over all cannabinoids.

What Future Does Legal Marijuana Have Under a Trump Presidency?

Votes in 2016 made marijuana legal in the majority of U.S. states; but Trump and his likely cabinet picks, Christie and Giuliani, may stop the progress.

Trump Picks Dow Chemical CEO to Head Manufacturing Council

Donald Trump chose Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris as head of the American Manufacturing Council. Some fear Liveris could use his position to benefit Dow.

FDA Ditches Black Box Warning for Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix

The FDA will allow Pfizer to remove the black box warning from its quit-smoking drug, Chantix, despite a long history of causing users mental health issues.