EPA Delays Rule That Would Help Prevent Pesticide Poisoning

The EPA is delaying a proposed rule that would ensure the restricted-use pesticides, atrazine and chlorpyrifos, are applied safely by adult farmworkers.

Scientists Fearful of ‘Ecological Risks’ Sparked by GMO Microalgae

Scientists have created genetically engineered microalgae that have the potential to spread and to cause health and environmental problems.

Lawsuit Accuses Monsanto of Hiring Online Trolls to Attack Critics

Cancer sufferers and their relatives claim in a lawsuit that Monsanto has an “army” of online trolls who are paid to attack people who criticize the company.

Study Finds Pharma Reps Influence Doctor Prescription Decisions

A new study suggests that in teaching hospitals that restrict drug reps, doctors prescribe more generic drugs than branded drugs.

Johnson & Johnson Loses Another Talcum Powder-Cancer Lawsuit Trial

Johnson & Johnson must pay $110 million to a woman who claims her decades-long use of talc-based products caused her ovarian cancer.

UN Urges Action as Microplastics in the Ocean Outnumber the Stars

The United Nations is urging countries to tax or ban single-use plastics that break down into microplastics that clog the oceans and harm marine life.

EPA Won’t Ban Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Despite Proof that It’s Dangerous

EPA head Scott Pruitt says his agency won’t ban the insecticide chlorpyrifos, despite overwhelming research showing it’s dangerous to kids and farm workers.

Trans Fat Ban Reduced Heart Attacks, Strokes, Deaths in NY State

The number of heart attacks and strokes decreased in New York State after several cities and counties banned trans fats, according to a new study.

New Poll Reflects America’s Changing Attitudes Toward Marijuana

A new national survey shows that the majority of Americans view tobacco and alcohol use as a bigger threat than marijuana use.

U.S. Bumblebee Gets Federal Protection … Finally

After a more than month-long delay and much concern, the rusty patched bumblebee has finally been added to the endangered species list.

Lawsuit Aims to Ban Hot Dogs, Processed Meats from LA Schools

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine said in a lawsuit that the Los Angeles school district should not be allowed to serve hot dogs and other processed meats to students.

FDA Warns 14 Companies over Questionable Health Product Claims

The FDA is cracking down on 14 companies which the agency claims is selling untested and unapproved cancer treatments online.

Medical Marijuana Gets the Green Light in North Dakota

In North Dakota, voters passed a law legalizing medical cannabis on November, 2016 by a majority 64%, but lawmakers have been haggling over many details.

Medical Marijuana No Longer Illegal on Arizona College Campuses

Medical marijuana is no longer illegal on college and university campuses in Arizona, but the campuses still have the option of banning it.

Clinical Trial for a GMO Zika Virus Vaccine is Coming to Miami

Researchers will test an experimental, genetically modified Zika virus vaccine on over 2,400 people, beginning in the Miami-Dade area.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Package to Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol

Two Oregon lawmakers introduced to Congress in late March a bold package of bills that would legalize marijuana nationwide.

Recreational Marijuana will be Legal in Canada by July, 2018

Legislation will be introduced in Canada the week of April 10 to legalize recreational marijuana across the country by July 2018.