California Egg Law Stands, Hens Spread Their Wings in Approval

In 2008, California passed a law that by 2015 all eggs sold must be laid by hens raised in spacious areas. Iowa recently challenged the law, but failed.

3 Marijuana Myths Debunked

Misconceptions about marijuana are being laid to rest across the country. Here are just 3 myths about marijuana that are totally untrue.

Florida House Judiciary Committee Passes CBD-Only Cannabis Oil Bill

Florida gave a green light to Cannabis oil this past week. Non-psychoactive components of the marijuana plant can be used to treat seizures and pain.

2 Sheriff’s Deputies Accused of Planting Weapons in LA Marijuana Dispensary

Los Angeles county prosecutors accused 2 former sheriff’s deputies of planting weapons at a legal pot dispensary to try to establish grounds for arrest.

Vermont’s Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

Will Vermont be the first state to pass an active mandatory GMO labeling bill? The GMO labeling bill in Vermont was recently sent straight to the Governor.

Nevada Initiative Takes Aim at Marijuana Legalization

A marijuana advocacy group recently filed a petition to legalize possession of marijuana in Nevada, though it will be some time before a decision is made.

Conflict: Government Agencies are Infiltrating the Pesticide Industry

A recent report details the global infiltration of government regulatory agencies. Efforts to regulate toxic chemicals are compromised by special interests.

British Government Wants to Force People to Drink Fluoridated Water, Even if they Have No Teeth

Fluoride is a toxic substance that shouldn’t be forced on any population, but the British government is suddenly trying to force fluoride on the people.

Canada Issues New Medical Marijuana Laws to Encourage Booming Pot Industry

Canada passed new laws regarding production and distribution of marijuana—allowing for any licensed company to grow and ship their product to patients.

Big Deal: Brazil Investigates Another Mad Cow Disease

Brazil’s agricultural ministry is investigating a new case of atypical mad cow disease a year after several countries banned Brazilian beef imports.

Medical Marijuana Activist Gets 300 Joints from the Feds Monthly

Meet Irvin Rosenfeld, a South Florida stock broker who openly smokes 10 or so joints daily without legal harassment. The feds even provide the marijuana.

Companies Say Going Non-GMO is Difficult: Are Big Ag’s GMOs Spiking Food Prices?

Is going non-GMO really that much more expensive for food manufacturers, causing an inevitable spike in food prices? They say it is.

House Republicans Take Aim at D.C.’s Marijuana Decriminalization Efforts

Despite Washington D.C.’s Mayor signing off on legislation decriminalizing the possession of marijuana, some federal lawmakers are saying “not so fast”.

French Parliament Permanently Bans All GMO Maize Effective this Year

The French Parliament passed a law prohibiting genetically modified maize from being grown anywhere in the country due to environmental and health concerns.

Canada Delays Spring GMO Alfalfa Release

After valid concerns about cross-contamination between GMO and non-GM crops, Canada has decided to delay the release of RoundUp Ready, GMO alfalfa.

The Netherlands Says NO to Glyphosate, Monsanto’s RoundUp Herbicide

The Netherlands has passed a measure which reduces the non-commercial use of glyphosate, determined to protect the general public from toxic herbicides.

Colorado and Washington 4/20 Marijuana Events Attract Surge of Tourists

Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts gathered in Colorado and Washington at concerts, rallies, and trade shows to celebrate 4/20 celebrations.