Groups File Lawsuit over Vermont’s New GMO Labeling Law

Four national groups part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association have filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law.

Successfully Overturning the Fed’s Hemp Ban: 4 Uses for Hemp

Hemp cultivation is only allowed in studies in a few states as part of the latest federal farm bill, but its widespread cultivation in still illegal. Why?

Biotech Seeks to Overturn Hawaii County GMO-Banning Law

Hawaii’s big island currently has a law restricting the use of genetically modified crops, now, big biotech has filed a lawsuit to overturn the GMO ban.

It’s Getting Harder to Hide Infants from Questionable Vaccinations

It seems that some doctors are extremely concerned about the hepatitis B vaccination, calling it dangerous and completely unnecessary to give to a child.

Farmers See Better Animal Health with Non-GMO Feed, But Scared to Say So

Farmers across the nation have reported ill effects in their animals when fed GMO corn and soy feed, but switching to non-GMO feed fixes the problem.

Monsanto Visits Local School for 47 Minute Propaganda Presentation

Monsanto visits local schools to tell twelve year olds how important biotech is for our future, but mentions nothing of the dangers or poisons involved.

El Salvador Pressured to Buy $277 Million Worth of Monsanto’s GM Poison Seed

El Salvador is being pressured to buy ‘improved’ GMO seeds – not to feed its country, but to further the interests of poison GMO-producer Monsanto.

Win: Kyrgyzstan Initiates 100% GMO Ban for 5.5 Million Population

This past Wednesday, a nation known as Kyrgyzstan became one of the first countries in the world to ban all GMO crops, including sale and importation.

Housing Bubble Solution: Low Cost, Off Grid, Small Agricultural Plot Living

A new community being created in Somerset might be the seed for multiple off-grid, low-cost, rural homesteads across multiple countries.

Limiting DEA’s Reach: House Votes on Bills Allowing States to Grow Hemp W/O Interference

Recently, the U.S. House voted on two amendments that would prohibit the DEA from over-stepping their boundaries when it comes to hemp cultivation.

Monsanto Contaminating African White Bread with GMO Soy

A new report details how Monsanto’s genetically modified soy is contaminating much of the white bread in Africa – industry-wide contamination.

California Could be First for Soft Drink Warning Labels

Due to the unhealthful, dangerous nature of sugary drinks, state lawmakers in California have moved closer to putting warning labels on all soft drinks.

Feds may Soon Stop Harassing States over Medical Marijuana Programs

A measure that would keep federal enforcement efforts from interfering in state medical marijuana laws recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

Delaware Marijuana Bill Legalizes Possession

A bill introduced in Delaware would allow for adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for their own personal consumption.

Minnesota: First State to Ban Ingredient in Antibacterial Soaps

Minnesota has banned the potentially-harmful ingredient triclosan, commonly found in antibacterial soaps and tied to numerous health issues.

Toxic Controversy: Why is Mercury Still Used in Vaccines?

One of the biggest controversies raging among anti-vaccine supporters and those who still believe in being vaccinated is over the use of toxic mercury.

Pakistan High Court Bans GM Crop Licenses for GMO Corn, Cotton

The Lahore High Court in Pakistan is banning the licensing for genetically-modified varieties of cotton or corn until better regulations are put in place.