Gov’t Pays $21 Million to Medicare Doctor: 6,400% more than Peers in Same Field

One doctor who treats degenerative eye diseases in seniors made $21 million from medicare, more than 64 times that of his peers in the same field. Fraud?

Cosmetics-Giant Avon Removing Hormone-Disrupting Triclosan from Ingredients

Cosmetics-giant Avon announced recently it would be removing the toxic, hormone-disrupting chemical triclosan from their products in coming months.

Monsanto Demands Removal of Mexican Judge over GM Maize Ban

Monsanto isn’t gaining the support desired in Mexico, so the biotech giant is asking for the Appeals Court Judge who ruled against them to be removed.

U.S. FDA Chief Still Deciding: Is GMO Salmon Safe?

GMO Salmon could ruin ocean life and human health, yet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still considering whether to approve it or not.

New Poll: 56% of Doctors Approve of Medical Marijuana

According to a new WebMD survey, 69 percent of doctors say cannabis has healing properties, and 56 percent say medical marijuana should be legal nationwide.

Maui Petition Launched to Fight GMO: Battle Lines Drawn, Monsanto Responds

A petition to suspend genetically modified crops, and carrying 9,500 signatures, was submitted to officials in Maui County, Hawaii. Will it work?

Take Action: How to Deprive Monsanto of their $70 Million GMO Campaign Money

Sign this petition and send it to your local bank, brokerage, and investment advisors to divest Monsanto of its millions of pro-GMO dollars.

GMO-Labeling Bill Moves Forward, Goes Before Massachusetts Lawmakers

GMO labeling bill H. 813 was passed out of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture. Labeling coming soon?!

Maryland Will Soon Decriminzalize Marijuana, New Hampshire to Follow

Maryland and New Hampshire may soon be the next two states to decriminalize marijuana, a notion that is supported by the majority of residents.

Sorry Monsanto: Brazil’s Federal Public Prosecutor Demands Ban on All Glyphosate Poisons

A full suspension of the toxic main ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, glyphosate, is being demanded by the Brazilian Federal Public Prosecutor.

Remember this Name: Rep. Mike Pompeo to Introduce Bill to Kill GMO Labeling

Mike Pompeo – Monsanto’s lackey and representative of the GMA – will be presenting a bill to kill GMO labeling while pushing for voluntary labeling.

Michigan PTSD Patients Gain Access to Medical Marijuana

Recently, lawmakers in Michigan decided to add PTSD to the list of diagnoses eligible for medical marijuana treatment. One step closer.

Vermont GMO-Labeling Bill Far-Reaching, Lawmakers Prepare for Inevitable Lawsuit

GMO labeling bill H. 112 in Vermont was unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Will GMO labeling soon come to the good people of Vermont?

French Winemaker Faced Possible Jail Time, Fine for Refusing Pesticides

One organic winemaker in France was facing a possible 6 months in jail after he ignored a court order that mandated he spray his grapes with pesticides.

GMO Bt Cotton Crop Failure Leads to Cotton Ban: Sorry Rockefellers

Following crop failure in seven different districts in Karnakata, Mahyco’s GMO Bt cotton hybrid MRC-7351 has been permanently banned.

TDap Vaccine Linked to SIDS and More: Admittance by FDA and Makers of Vaccine

The FDA admits that TDap vaccines have not been reviewed for carcinogenic or mutagenic results. The vaccine also has links to numerous diseases.

China Still Evaluating Syngenta’s GMO MIR162 Corn Before Approval

Previously refusing large volumes of GMO corn, China has yet to approve a genetically modified corn strain called MIR162, created by biotech giant Syngenta.