Breaking: First Fukushima Employee Files Lawsuit over Radiation Exposure

A worker at Fukushima filed a historic lawsuit over radiation exposure, saying TEPCO exposed him to dangerous levels of radiation without his knowledge.

Ban or Label: The Hot GMO Debate

Do we label GMOs, or simply ban them as other countries already have? Can organic crops and GMO crops really coexist? The debate rages on.

Activists Stand Up Against McDonald’s Toxic Pesticide-Potatoes

Activists in Minnesota are opposing McDonald’s as it’s french fries are suspected of poisoning farm animals and wildlife via massive pesticide exposure.

Florida Lawmakers Approve ‘CBD’, a Limited Medical Marijuana Law

Last week, lawmakers in Florida approved a cannabis-based treatment using cannabidiol (CBD) for seizures. CBD is a non-psychoactive derivative of marijuana.

Breaking: Vermont Officially Passes GMO Lableing Bill, Monsanto Announces Lawsuit

Vermont’s governor has now signed a bill into law that will require the labeling of genetically modified foods in Vermont. But lawsuits are to come.

What Is ‘Organic’? Groups Hash it out over Synethetic Ingredients in Organics

Did you know that there are exceptions as to what is and isn’t allowed in USDA certified organic produce? Check out how the rules recently changed.

7 Marijuana Advancements in 2013: Year in Review

It was a remarkable year for marijuana, with the legality of the plant gaining momentum on a global scale. Here are 7 marijuana advancements made in 2013:

Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge: Big Monsanto Stock Dump Friday, May 9th

Millions of people will be encouraged to dump Monsanto stock this coming Friday, May 9th, to show just how anti-Monsanto they really are.

Right to Farm Being Stripped from Citizens: Michigan can Now Ban Animals in Backyards

As a further assault on human rights and sovereignty, Michigan has ruled that local governments can now ban any animal they desire from small family farms.

Major Energy Breakthroughs of 2013: The Year of Clean Energy Advances

Here we recap some advances of 2013 in the world of clean energy—advances that work toward a “zero-carbon future”. Those advances include:

Medical Drug-Pumping Microchip Plan to be Carried out by 2017

Implanted medical microchips will be able to deliver drugs, including routine birth control – all through wireless communications. Expected by 2017.

9 States Awaiting Marijuana Legislation in 2014: Reaching the Tipping Point on Medical Marijuana

There are currently 21 states where marijuana is now legal. Here are 9 other states helping the US reach a critical marijuana legalization tipping point.

Families Stage Sit-In at Governor’s Office over Medical Marijuana

Parents of seizure-wracked children plan to sit-in at the Governor’s office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania if Tom Corbett won’t legalize medical marijuana.

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Legal for 2 Years, But There’s No Way to Buy It

Over 2 years ago, Connecticut passed a law allowing for medical marijuana, but after so many months, there is still no medicinal cannabis legally for sale.

USDA Calls Police to Arrest Organic Activists in San Antonio

The USDA called in San Antonio police to arrest some vocal activists who were voicing concerns over new rules which would ruin the organic food label.

Welsh Government to Ban E-Cigarettes Indoors, Is U.S. Next?

In Wales, smoking indoors was banned in 2007, but e-cigarettes are not covered by the law. Now the Welsh government is calling for a ban in public places.

Dallas may End 5 Decades of Water Fluoridation: Saving $1 Million Annually in the Process

After 5 decades of fluoridation, Dallas will cease poisoning its water supply with sodium fluoride, saving taxpayers a million dollars annually.