U.S. Farmers Report Widespread GMO-Organic Crop Contamination

According to a new survey, a third of organic growers are reporting problems with GMO-organic cross contamination, and most farmers are concerned.

Huge: China Refused 887,000 Tonnes of US GMO Corn, But may Accept Syngenta’s MIR162 Corn

China refused over 887,000 tonnes of GMO corn shipped from the U.S. since just last November, but may soon be accepting Syngenta’s GMO corn.

2 Nuclear Reactors to be Built in US Using Taxpayer Money: Falling Down Alice’s Radioactive Rabbit Hole

Recently, the U.S. government has approved a $6.5 billion loan (taxpayer money) to build two new nuclear reactors on U.S. soil. Seriously?

Boulder Brands CEO Says 43% of Customers Want Non-GMO Food

Thanks to the anti-GMO movement, makers of Smart Balance will remove GMOs from their butters and spreads. The change will happen as early as this March.

New Yorkers Push Hard for Lawmakers to Pass Medical Marijuana Act

Advocates across New York are doing a month-long push to encourage their elected officials to pass the Compassionate Care Act and pass medical marijuana.

Groundbreaking Legal Action Filed to Protect US Wildlife, Forests from GMOs, Pesticides

The CFS has filed a legal challenge demanding that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protect our wildlife and habitat by banning GMOs and pesticides.

Major Grocery Stores Announce Refusal of GMO Salmon, Despite FDA Ruling it ‘Safe’

The largest chain grocery store companies in the US have agreed not to sell genetically modified salmon, but this GMO salmon won’t be labeled as such.

Woman Fights for Sovereignty After Judge Declares Living Off Grid Illegal

A Florida woman has been living off the grid with solar powers and rain water to generate power, but a judge has recently declared her efforts illegal.

California Bill Would License Medical Pot Dispensaries but Limit Patient Access

Two California organizations are now backing a bill that would more tightly regulate marijuana and limit the number of doctors who can prescribe pot.

Video: FDA Now Monitoring Social Media, Targeting ‘Whistleblowers’

Amid powerful activism, it should come as no surprise that agencies like the FDA are concerned about whistleblowers leaking key intel to the public.

Biotech is Creating GMO Human Babies: What Could Possibly go Wrong?

Scientists in the UK and US have already submitted proposals to legally create GMO babies. Actually, GMO human embryos have already been created.

New Ag Gag Law In Idaho Protects Animal Cruelty, Restricts Activism

Idaho has recently passed an ‘ag-gag’ bill that would make filming on agricultural and dairy farms illegal, thereby protecting animal cruelty.

Will Russia Ban GMOs? 80% of Citizens Oppose GMO Creations

Almost 80% of Russian citizens want to ban GMOs along with a legislative bill which would make cultivating any GMO seed in the country illegal.

University Bans Unvaccinated Students from School After Mumps Outbreak

One university is telling students they can’t attend class if they haven’t been vaccinated after a mumps outbreak, but the victims were all vaccinated.

Minnesota Law Enforcement Could Stop Medical Pot Law

Minnesota is looking to change their marijuana laws, but the governor will only sign such a bill if it has support from law enforcement in the state.

Next Target: GMO Biotech Descends on African Countries

Biotech bullies want to weasel their way into African governments to allow GMO biotech farming in countries where thousands are already dying.

New Highly Radioactive Leak Found at Fukushima Plant

Officials announced this week that a leak in a Fukushima holding tank recently allowed 100 tons of radioactive water to pour out.