Leaked Texts: Dangerous Work Environment at Samsung Causes 56 Cases of Leukemia

Samsung just released a public apology for the dangerous chemicals workers in their factories were exposed to, causing 56 documented cases of leukemia.

The Milk Freedom Act of 2014 Could Unshackle Raw Milk Production in U.S.

The Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014 is working toward freeing the raw milk supply, and replacing toxic conventional milk with healthful raw milk.

Report Says 50% of People are Conspiracy Theorists: You’re Probably One of Them

A study and a Reuters Health report say 50 percent of the population believe in conspiracy theories, often because they believe in alternative medicine.

NFL may Soon Accept Marijuana with New Drug Policy

The NFL maintains a strong anti-marijuana stance, though the stance may soon change as states support marijuana for it’s medicinal value.

Breaking: Russian Lawmakers Want to Impose Criminal Penalties on those Conducting GMO Business

Russia is so against GMOs that lawmakers may decide to impose criminal liability for those conducting GMO-related business or activities.

Uruguay’s Marijuana Laws Will Deliver ‘Quality’ Marijuana for $1/Gram

Uruguay is rolling out with jaw-dropping marijuana news. Legal marijuana in Uruguay will cost 20 percent of the market price for high-quality cannabis.

Florida Town Fires Entire Police Force Amid Found Corruption

A small Florida town has fired its entire police force after finding out about massive corruption in a recent audit exposing unlawful actions.

Big Owner of Monsanto Shares: Does Bill Gates Want Population Control?

Owner of 500,000 Monsanto stock, Bill Gates has been quoted saying that ‘if we do a really good job, we can reduce the world population by 10-15 percent’.

Canada Presents First Cannabis-Dispensing Vending Machine

The first ever cannabis-dispensing vending machine has opened in Vancouver, Canada, where individuals can purchase marijuana easily and anonymously.

Big Pharma Spends $65.4 Million on Lobbying in Q1 of 2014

An incredible $65.4 million was spent on lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry during 2014’s first quarter. No wonder all the drugs get approval.

MN House and Senate Must Agree on Medical Pot In Order for Passage

Both the state House of Representatives and the state Senate in Minnesota recently signed off on medical marijuana legislation. Will it go through?

County in Florida Rejects Spending $800,000 to Fluoridate Water Supply

About 60,000 households in Hernando County, Florida were debating spending $800,000 to poison themselves with fluoride. Thankfully, they decided against it.

New Report: 5 Nobel Prize Economists and World Leaders Say ‘End the War on Drugs’

Nobel Prize-winning economists and world leaders are endorsing a just-published report which seeks to end the drug war, referencing its abject failure.

The Dirty Details Behind the Attacks on Seralini’s Notorious GMO Rat Study

After Seralini’s GMO toxicity study showed rats getting tumors, a tsunami of outrage unjustly took place. Here are the dirty details on those attacks.

Kellogg’s Kashi to Remove “All Natural” Labels Amid Lawsuit

Kellogg, a gigantic food producer, offered to settle a class action consumer fraud lawsuit regarding their ‘natural’ Kashi and Bear Naked cereal brands.

Federal Customs Stops 250 Pound Legal Hemp Seed Shipment from Italy Due to Government Overreach

Federal customs agents intercepted a 250-pound batch of hemp seeds bound for Kentucky in a huge case of government interference concerning hemp.

Breaking: First Fukushima Employee Files Lawsuit over Radiation Exposure

A worker at Fukushima filed a historic lawsuit over radiation exposure, saying TEPCO exposed him to dangerous levels of radiation without his knowledge.