Poll: 54% of Georgia Voters Want Marijuana Legalization

According to a new survey from Public Policy Polling, 54 percent of Georgia voters want to see marijuana legalized for recreational use.

Shocking: Replacing 40 Toxic Medications with Life-Saving Cannabis Juice

Marijuana is a true healer. Check out this video, where one woman reveals how she used cannabis juice to replace 40 pharmaceutical drugs.

10 Reasons to Ignore Mainstream Medicine’s “Conventional Wisdom” on Salt

Do you still think salt consumption causes high blood pressure and heart attacks? The taboo on salt has been challenged – here is the truth about salt.

Feds Advise Banks to Spy on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Users

Guidelines published in mainstream media now expose the federal government’s aim to spy on users of medical marijuana and the sellers of the substance.

What MUST Be Done to Stop the GMO Threat to Our Food Supply: Coexistence is Not an Option

While GMO labeling is better than nothing, the only way to protect the Earth and living organisms from the potential destruction is to ban GMOs altogether.

Investigation Exposes WHO and Big Pharma Pandemic Flu ‘Conspiracy’

An investigation has uncovered some serious conflicts of interest between the World Health Organization and big pharma, unveiling a flu ‘conspiracy’.

Dangerous Ingredients: 54% of Food Sold at Walmart is Banned by Whole Foods Market

Did you know that about 54 percent of the products sold in stores like Walmart would be banned from Whole Foods due to containing dangerous ingredients?

Anonymous US Gov Expert Admits Astronomical Radiation Levels from Fukushima

When a U.S. gov’t nuclear expert directly involved in radiation assessment of Fukushima says the radiation levels were off the chart, we should listen.

Marijuana Legalization a ‘Disaster': Former DEA Chief is really Mad Over Pot Legalization

Despite positive research and our rights, former DEA administrator, Peter Bensinger, is really mad about marijuana legalization, calling it a ‘disaster.’

Win: Josephine County Oregon Moves to Ban GMO Planting Outright!

GMO Free Josephine County has successfully put forth a motion to ban all GMOs on their beautiful Oregon countryside -saying no to Monsanto’s suicide seeds.

Scientists Say We Are Practicing Ecological Homicide: We Must Protect the Pollinators!

Scientists, environmentalists, and citizens are urging the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the US to halt the destruction of butterflies and our pollinators.

Arizona Moves to Label All GMOs While Organizations Try to Kill GMO Labeling Laws

While organizations try to kill GMO labeling laws, Arizona is trying to launch a bill that would require labeling on all foods containing GMOs.

Letter to EU Chief of Science Says Biotech is Lying About GMOs

A respected member of the scientific community wrote an open letter to the EU President, stating that the claim that ‘GMOs are safe’ is an outright lie.

Action Alert: The USDA Wants YOUR Input on GMOs and Farming!

The USDA is asking for your input on the issue of “coexistence” between genetically modified crops and organic crops. Speak out against GMO contamination.

Let the Poisoning Begin – Early: AMA Recommends Fluoride for Kids Under 2

Despite hundreds of independent studies suggesting that fluoride is poison, mainstream media and the AMA are pushing fluoride on children under 2.

THC in Medical Marijuana Helps Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS

A new study shows how cannabis/marijuana can help stop the progression of AIDS/HIV and its associated symptoms of chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, and more.

Vaccination by Force: Oregon Law Makes it Hard for Parents to Refuse Vaccines

Due to a new law passed by Oregon legislators, parents will have increasing difficulty getting an immunization exemption for their children.