French Gov’t Insists EU Raise Awareness About Toxic Chemicals in Foods

Experts in France are putting pressure on the European Union to define the list of growing toxic chemicals, endocrine disruptors, in foods and products.

France Bans GMO Maize Despite EU Commission Pressure

France’s agriculture ministry banned the sale, use, and cultivation of Monsanto’s MON 810 genetically modified maize, currently authorized in the EU.

Breaking: Sri Lanka First Country to Ban Monsanto’s Glyphosate Due to Study on Chronic Kidney Disease

In light of studies linking it to chronic kidney failure, Sri Lanka has become the first country to ban Monsanto’s toxic RoundUp Ready chemical, glyphosate.

Poisonous Chemtrail Rain is Killing our Trees

Whether you call it aerosol geo-engineering or chemtrails, the poison that is raining down on our soil, air, and water is killing our trees.

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Completely

Numerous scientists have been studying exactly how THC’s potent anti-cancer activity kills cancer cells entirely – without adverse effects to healthy cells.

Activist Group Asks UK Government to Re-Think Ill-Founded Pro-GMO Stance

Food & Water Europe as well as countless activists have asked the UK government to change its vocal position of supporting GMOs, and to restrict GMOs.

More than 100 Groups Ask Obama to Halt Funky Chicken Rules

Over 100 organizations have asked Obama in a formal letter to withdraw the poultry industry’s ability to self-regulate its livestock and meat.

Whole Foods Issues Statement on GMO-Transparency Progress

Whole foods vowed that all of their products would carry GMO labels by 2018. Now, Whole Foods has issued an update indicating that change is coming.

Clear Signs in Favor of California Marijuana Legalization

California is seeing considerable momentum in marijuana legalization. Recently, California Democrats voted to approve a platform of all-out legalization.

Huge: New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers

A new lawsuit filed March 12, 2014 demands that federal documents be released which might incriminate the USDA over findings that GMO were harmful.

Chinese Government Cafeterias Stop Serving GMO, But Feed it to Public School Kids

China’s Ministry of Education announced they don’t serve GMOs, but the toxic foods are still being served to children who attend public schools.

New York Pushes Ever Closer to Medical Marijuana

New York is working toward marijuana, with Assembly Democrats as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo offering proposals for a medical marijuana system.

Video: 200 Organizations Ask President to Honor Pledge to Label GMOs

Obama promised in 2007 to label GMOs, but he has yet to follow through on that pledge. Now, over 200 anti-GMO groups are pressuring Obama to act.

Colorado Pot Prisoners to be Released? Fake, But Not an All-Bad Idea

Is the Colorado Governor, John W. Hickenlooper, releasing marijuana offenders from state prisons and expunging their records? No, but not a terrible idea.

What You Should Know About the Hemp Amendment, Even if You Don’t Use Marijuana

There are dozens of great uses for hemp. Why on earth would it be illegal? Everyone should know why the cultivation of industrial hemp is so important.

The Hawaiian Upheaval – Maui Citizen Activists go Against GMO

Maui might just earn itself a new name due to its recent citizen activist’s petition to halt GMO production – the island of heroes.

Chemtrails Cause Harm, Even If You Don’t Believe they Exist

Are you aware of chemtrails? Chemtrails are chemical sprayings in the air which expose the population to toxic heavy metals, and they are causing harm.