Big Win! Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops

This year, Monsanto reported a loss of $156 million, compared with a loss of $249 million in the same period last year. We must be doing something right.

Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 – Detention of Americans with “Respiratory Illnesses”

July of 2014, Obama amended Executive Order 13295, which redefines who can be quarantined and why. Now, America may face an Ebola crisis. What a connection.

Top 5 Companies Trying to Stop GMO Labeling in Colorado

Want to know who is trying the hardest to stop GMO labeling in Colorado and the rest of the nation? It boils down to 5 big spenders. Here they are.

What They’re Not Telling You: 4 Natural Ways to Fight Ebola

The CDC and mainline medical establishment are ignoring these 4 key natural ways that show promise in inhibiting and even treating Ebola.

‘GMO Frankenfoods Should be Labeled’: Bill Maher Talks About Monsanto, GMOs

In light of the highly questionable effects of genetically modified organisms, yet another celebrity, Bill Maher, is speaking out against Monsanto and GMOs.

Monsanto Scandal Causes Reopening of US Investigation of GMO Wheat

New GMO wheat has been detected in Montana, where Monsanto and researchers grew GE wheat as part of field trials from 2000 to 2003. This is not good news.

Time Magazine Reveals Autism Fraud: Oops!

An article in Time Magazine unintentionally blows another hole in the claim that vaccinations have no direct link to rising autism rates.

Actor Rob Schneider Says He Has ‘Smoking Gun’ Exposing CDC Fraud

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider claims to possess the smoking gun which would expose the entire vaccine-autism CDC fraud in suppressed documents.

Dr. Oz Asks Obama to Stop EPA’s Approval of Enlist Duo: Toxic 2,4-D and RoundUp Combo

Scientists, activists, and even Dr. Oz are urging Obama to halt the Environmental Protection Agency’s possible approval of Dow’s toxic Enlist Duo herbicide,

Big Pharma Stocks Plummet as Feds Say they Can’t Re-Incorporate Abroad

Big Pharma corporations are told they can no longer ‘re-incorporate’ abroad to avoid paying taxes where money was made in America. Stocks are dropping.

Breaking: Monsanto & Big Food Dump Over $8.15 MILLION to Defeat GMO Labeling in Colorado

Monsanto and its Big Food Allies have dumped more than $8.15 million into defeating Colorado’s up and coming vote to label genetically modified foods.

Huge Plunge in Kindergartner’s Vaccination Rates: Officials Stumped

Worried about potential dangers of vaccines, Californian parents are refusing to immunize their kindergarten-aged children. Officials are stumped.

Big Pharma Drug Linked to Cancer: Drug Companies Bombarded by Lawsuits

Studies have linked the anti-diabetes drug Actos to the onset of bladder cancer, an issue leading thousands of people to seek compensation for damages.

USDA to Approve MORE Pesticide-Laden GE Crops

The USDA plans to fully deregulate Dow Chemical’s Enlist corn and soybeans, genetically engineered to be repeatedly sprayed with toxic pesticides.

HPV Vaccines: The Grim Reality Revealed

Not only are HPV vaccinations proving to be dangerous with side effects, but they are also unnecessary. Is Gardasil or any other vaccine worth the risks?

Kellogg’s’ Kashi Still Under Legal Fire for Claiming GMO-Laden Foods to be ‘All Natural’

Kashi, a food brand owned by Kellogg’s, is still under fire as lawsuits fly. The company is claiming it’s GMO-laden products are ‘all natural.’

Dangerous Surfactants in Glyphosate Herbicide Slip Pass EU Regulators: Monsanto ‘Secret’

Due to ‘data confidentiality’ we are not allowed to know just how toxic pesticide chemical combinations truly are. The Monsanto formulations remain secret.