Pesticide-Maker Syngenta Accepts $43 Billion Takeover by Chinese Company

Syngenta has agreed to a $43 billion cash buyout by government-owned China National Chemical Corp in one of China’s most aggressive takeover attempts.

Hillary Clinton is ROLLING in Big Cash from her ‘Big Enemy’ – Big Pharma

Hillary Clinton is proud to name Big Pharma as one of her enemies…yet she accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the industry.

Sad News: Organic Farmer Suffering from GMO Contamination Dismissed by Court

After a six-year legal battle GMO crop contamination, organic farmer Steve Marsh has lost his bid for a higher court for compensation.

Hillary Clinton’s Support for GMOs Once Again Confirmed

Hillary Clinton’s unyielding support for GMOs was once again revealed recently when she was quoted on the Cornell Alliance for Science website.

Could Artificial Turf Actually Cause Cancer?

Two years after it was brought to the public’s attention, 3 government agencies have agreed to study the potential link between artificial turf and cancer.

Marijuana May Soon be an Approved Treatment for PTSD in Rhode Island

Passage of the legislation could help thousands of veterans with PTSD live again with the help of medical marijuana.

Russia Bans All U.S. Corn and Soy Imports Due to GMO Contamination

Russia’s food safety regulator just announced a complete ban on all US corn and soy imports due to genetically modified crop and microbial contamination.

Could a ‘Monsanto Insecticide’ be Causing Microcephaly in Babies?

As the World Health Organization and the Brazilian government insists that the Zika virus is causing microcephaly, many scientists openly disagree.

USDA Gives Colorado Cannabis Farm First Approval to Use Organic Seal

Got organic cannabis? CBDRx, a Longmont, Colorado cannabis farm, was recently granted the first organic in the nation by the USDA for its hemp.

Global Ban on Glyphosate Called for by Portuguese Medical Association President

President of the Portuguese Medical Association, José Manuel Silva, is calling for a worldwide ban on Big Ag’s most used herbicide, glyphosate.

Governor Rick Snyder a ‘No-Show’ for Flint Water Crisis Hearing

Governor Rick Snyder of Flint, Michigan, largely blamed for the ongoing water crisis in the state, will be a no-show to the second hearing on the water crisis.

Huge News: Monsanto to Pay $80 Million for Misrepresenting Round Up Earnings

Monsanto must pay an $80 million settlement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission a penalty for lying about earnings for its herbicide, Round Up.

Big: New York Inches Closer to a Mandatory GM Labeling Bill

A GMO labeling bill requiring mandatory labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms recently moved forward in New York.

The Fraud of the American Cancer Society Exposed

The American Cancer Society is the most profitable non-profit out there, having deep ties to Big Pharma and suppressing alternative cancer treatments.

Huge: Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List

Biotech giant Monsanto is now suing the state of California to keep Round Up off the state’s list of carcinogens.

Native Americans Sue Postal Service over Seizure of ‘Sacramental Cannabis’

A dissenting branch of the Native American Church claims the US government illegally seized its sacramental cannabis.

Canadian Fruit Growers Say NO to Genetically Modified ‘Arctic Apples’

Fruit growers in Canada will ask the government to de-register the genetically modified Arctic Apple until further studies can be conducted.