New Orleans Begins Decriminalization of Pot Possession

New Orleans’ efforts to reduce penalties for pot possession may spur the state of Louisiana to abandon its strict laws.

Boulder County in Colorado to Phase Out GMO Crops

Boulder County, Colorado, officials have asked an advisory committee to submit a draft plan to phase out GMO crop growing on county-owned lands.

Wendy’s Shifts Tomato Source to Mexico, Sparking Boycott of Hamburger Titan

Wendy’s employees see company’s sift of tomato sourcing to Mexico as breach of food ethics, calls for company boycott.

BIG News! Senate Refuses DARK Act, Protects Americans’ Right to Know

Big News! The Senate just made the right decision in voting AGAINST a food bill that would effectively ruin GMO labeling across the country and keep Americans in the dark about what they are eating. The bill, appropriately deemed the DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know act), would halt states’ decisions to enact mandatory […]

Big Food Is Still Fighting Vermont’s GMO Labeling Bill

Big Food is using DARK acts H.R. 1599 and S. 2609 to try to stop implementation of Vermont’s GMO labeling law and to stop all states from mandating GMO labeling.

Major Hemp Bill Unanimously Moves Forward in Hawaii

A bill allowing private farmers to grow and sell industrial hemp, which has many renewable uses, has passed Hawaii’s House of Representatives.

Breaking: Big Food Giant Guilty of Money Laundering in GMO Labeling Stunt

A landmark case found the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association guilty of a money laundering scheme that shielded members’ identities as they attacked GMO labeling.

Friend of Monsanto, Pfizer Tries to Dodge $35 Billion Tax Bill

Big Pharma giant Pfizer plans to slip under the IRS’s radar and dodge an estimated $35 million tax bill by merging with a foreign company.

Mass. Hospital Association Votes Against Recreational Marijuana

A Massachusetts hospital association voted against decriminalization after buying into the myth that legal weed would make it more available to kids.

FDA Will Likely Release GM Mosquitoes North of Key West

GM modified to fight Zika may soon be released in Florida after the FDA said it believes the creatures are safe for people or the environment.

The Netherlands and Sweden Join France in Anti-Glyphosate Stance

The Netherlands and Sweden recently joined France in an anti-glyphosate stance, going against Monsanto’s most widely-used herbicide.

Hawaii Citizens Beat Monsanto, Bypass ‘Right to Spray’ Pesticides Bill

Residents of the Hawaiian Islands just avoided a bill that would have forced residents to succumb to pesticide spraying without any say.

Former Prime Minister Says Fukushima Almost Destroyed Japan

Five years after the Fukushima meltdowns, Japan’s former Prime Minister Naoto Kan reflects on the ongoing disaster and lack of help from TEPCO.

Senate Approves Bill to Tackle Nation’s Heroin, Opioid Problem

The Senate passed a bill aimed at, among other things, treating heroin- and opioid-abusers rather than punishing them, but there’s no money to fund it.

Medical Marijuana Reaches Key Legislative Approval in Texas

One of the nation’s most restrictive legalization policies for medical marijuana is reaching legislative approval in Texas.

Big Pharma Gets Wounded in China from Slashed Drug Costs

As citizens suffer in China, it seems that drug prices are being slashed where it hurts – in Big Pharma’s collective wallet. Will the price gouging stop?

Why Cornell University Is Accused of a GMO Propaganda Campaign

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is paying Cornell and other universities to promote acceptance of genetic engineering techniques and GMO crops.