Vermont Drafts Bill to Protect From Recently Passed “Food Safety” Bill

Vermont legislators have drafted a bill that protects citizens from the effects of the S. 510 Food Safety bill. The “Resolution for Food Sovereignty” can be found on the Vermont Commons website in full

Insanity: TSA Told to Tell Children that Groping Them is a Game

An expert in the fight against child sexual abuse is raising the alarm about a technique the TSA is reportedly using to get children to co-operate with airport pat-downs: calling it a “game”. Ken Wooden, founder of Child Lures Prevention, says the TSA’s recommendation

Radiation Scientists Speak Out Against Naked Body Scanners

Progressively more and more experts are speaking out against naked body scanners. It almost seems repetitious to report on the ludicrous actions of the TSA, which seem to be increasingly more nefarious each day.

Naked Body Scanners | 5 Most Health and Privacy Damaging Aspects

As more stories of the TSA’s increasingly-invasive “security” procedures continue to hit the media, the organization is getting more bad publicity than ever before. Considering the TSA is now openly allowing agents to

TSA Now Putting Hands Down the Pants of Fliers in New Invasive Search Policy

TSA pat-downs, which are already more aggressive than those used by the United States military on Afghani prisoners, have just gotten worse. The new search measures including TSA officers putting their hands down the pants of people that happen to be wearing baggy clothing. There has already been nationwide opposition to the TSA and its naked body scanners, with naked body scanner opt-out day set for November 2th.

“Revolt Against TSA” Hits #1 on Google Trends as Biometric Scanner Hits Mainstream News

As more and more stories emerge regarding naked body scanners, “revolt against TSA” has hit #1 on Google Trends. This means that millions worldwide have both searched & read articles related to this topic. Meanwhile, it has hit mainstream news

Nationwide Opposition to Airport Body Scanners Grows, “Opt-Out” Day Emerges

People worldwide are not only questioning the implementation of naked body scanners, but protesting against it. With the president of the Allied Pilots Association recently asking pilots to refuse the naked body scanners

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to Veto Happy Meal Ban

Mayor Gavin Newsom has announced that he will veto San Francisco’s ban on Mcdonald’s toy-containing Happy Meals. The news comes after city’s Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to ban the Happy Meal, deciding that toys

Bill Gates’ Foundation Funded Approval of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Bill Gates, who recently bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, is reportedly funding the approval of genetically modified mosquitoes. It seems that not only will genetically modified salmon enter the environment along with unforeseen changes, but a new self-sterilizing mosquito may be joining them.

Monsanto Gave $470,000 to Candidates For Mid-Term Elections, Most Won

Just when you think Monsanto has decided to hide itself from the public eye after it was released that the company was listed among Blackwater’s secret client list, more information has hit mainstream news. Monsanto spent $470,631 on the mid-term elections.

Flashback: Forbes Magazine Declared Monsanto Company of the Year

Forbes magazine has named Monsanto, the company responsible for introducing genetically modified food into the food supply, Company of the year. It sounds like satire, but it sadly is not. The company responsible for crushing family owned farms and bioengineering the food

As Predicted, FDA Will Not Require Labeling of GM Salmon

The FDA will not label genetically modified AquaAdvantage salmon, claiming that it is not “materially” different from other salmon. The FDA has still not decided whether or not to allow genetically modified salmon for general consumption.

Monsanto Discovered Among Blackwater’s Hidden Clients

Almost three years ago exactly Sept. 17, 2007, a cadre of guards from the security firm then known as Blackwater shot and killed 17 Iraqis at a public plaza in Baghdad. The company, long in the public eye, has been known for brutal tactics and as a mercenary

Harvard Study Finds Bisphenol A in Dental Fillings and Sealants, Media Spin Begins

After a new study out of Harvard Medical School revealed that dental fillings and sealants contain dangerously high levels of the deadly chemical bisphenol A (BPA), some dentists are now claiming that these fillings and sealants are still perfectly safe for use in children.

Bill Gates Foundation Buys 500,000 Shares of Monsanto

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock. Monsanto is the world’s largest producer of genetically modified food, which has been tied to numerous health ailments such as sterility and infant mortality. Monsanto has already negatively impacted agriculture in African countries. For example, in South Africa in 2009, Monsanto’s genetically modified maize failed to produce kernels and hundreds of farmers were devastated.

Living Healthy Without Pharmaceuticals: Does the Healthcare Bill Limit Our Ability to Choose?

The freedom to choose is a right that has stayed principle on the minds of the liberated for quite some time throughout history. This right is vastly accepted throughout the world, but what does the freedom of choice apply to?

Policing the Food Industry: Will it Really Work?

It seems as if governmental intervention into what we can and cannot eat is becoming a rather popular trend. With the suggestion of putting a “fat tax” on sodas to help fight obesity, and a ban on salt being used in restaurants across New York, it is quite apparent that many