Global Water Crisis May Be Coming | 25 Signs

As we continue to pollute our waters, less fresh water is becoming available for us to drink. More rivers, lakes, and underground aquifers are drying up as the years pass. As bodies of water around the world continue to dry up, we’re seeing more drought conditions spread. There are dust storms in places which have never experienced them until now. As time flows, the amount of agricultural land shrinks, and deserts are growing.

Health Alert: Analysis Finds Gardasil Contaminated with Genetically Modified HPV rDNA

Recently an organization called SANE Vax, Inc decided to have vials of Gardasil tested to get a better understanding as to why the vaccine has resulted in the death of 49 individuals. What they found was quite shocking: more than a dozen of the Gardasil vaccine vials were found to be contaminated with rDNA of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Merck Paid Legislators to Pass Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine Bill

Key California legislators who were instrumental in the passing of legislation that would require mandatory Gardasil & hepatitis B vaccinations for children as young as 12 received financing from vaccine titan Merck. Merck of course is the creator of the Gardasil vaccine, linked to 49 deaths and countless side effects.

Feds May Allow Unregulated Pharmaceuticals in Water Supply

Federal regulators in charge of monitoring and controlling pharmaceutical drugs in your drinking water may allow the contaminants to go unregulated. Unsure “which pharmaceuticals pose human health risks,” the regulators are standing idle.

Number of Underinsured in U.S. Sees 80% Increase

As the cost of living increases, the number of uninsured United States citizens has increased by 80% between 2003 and 2010, according to a new Commonwealth Fund study published in the September issue of Health Affairs. Nearly half (44%) of U.S. adults — 81 million people — were either underinsured or uninsured in 2010, up from 75 million in 2007 and 61 million in 2003.

California Bill Seeks Mandatory Gardasil Vaccinations without Parental Consent

Assembly Bill 499, currently on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown, required children as young as 12 to be vaccinated with Gardasil, hepatitis B and future vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

FDA to Makeover Current Nutrition Labels Yet Ignores Real Health Issues

The Food and Drug Administration is seeking to give nutritional labels a makeover, changing the way that serving sizes work to more accurately reflect real world eating habits. In addition, the FDA says that changes will also be made to give consumers a better idea of what they are actually consuming. Of course that does not mean they will be labeling the unmarked genetically modified ingredients that have been linked to infant mortality and sterility.

False Pandemic? U.N. Warns of Bird Flu Resurgence

Despite being in decline since 2003, the United Nations has warned of a bird flu resurgence that could potentially reach pandemic levels. While there has been a large degree of speculation over the possibility of a bird flu pandemic.

Big Pharma to Charge 115,200 Dollars Per Patient Each Year for New Lung Cancer Drug

Pfizer plans on coming out with a new drug to treat a rare form of lung cancer. Four years ago, Pfizer was going to halt a cancer therapy until they discovered that it actually worked. The problem is that Pfizer’s “market” was only about 6000 patients a year in the U.S. Today that therapy is called Xalkori. Pfizer plans on charging each patient $115,200/year for the treatment, which is created only for a very rare lung cancer.

Government Illegally Raids Gibson Guitars | Steals Millions Worth of Wood

A shocking US government raid has recently taken place against the manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitars Corp. On August 24th, armed federal marshals raided the facilities, ordering that the facilities be shut down and employees go home.

Health Officials Begin Pushing Flu Vaccine Despite Nerve Disease Link

The push for the h1n1-loaded 2011 flu vaccine has begun, with the CDC calling on healthcare workers and citizens around the world to become vaccinated. The call comes almost a full year after government health chiefs confirmed a link between the h1n1-containing seasonal flu vaccination and the killer nerve disease.

USDA: Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Damages Soil

Following a report that U.S. regulators were completely aware of the fact that the best-selling herbicide product Roundup causes birth defects, the USDA is now announcing that it also damages the soil.

Tattoos Linked To Rare Skin Infection, Says CDC

According to the CDC, at least two men have been infected with a rare skin condition after receiving tattoos in Seattle, Washington. The infection does not respond well to antibiotics, and the men were considered to be otherwise healthy.

African Country Threatens to Jail Parents for Skipping Polio Vaccination

Parents who do not allow their children to be administered the polio vaccine are now facing jail time for defying a government order in one of Africa’s most populous nations. Tajuddeen Gambo, the permanent secretary of the Kano state health ministry.

Court Ruling: Your Genes Can be Patented

The biotechnology industry has been attempting to (with great success) patent your genes for quite some time, with a new case springing up over the patenting of two genes tied to an increased risk of breast cancer in women.

Scientists Announce a ‘Super Antibody’ Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers from Britain and Sweden claim to have found a ‘super antibody’ called FI6 that can fight all types of influenza A viruses that cause disease in humans and animals. The scientists used a new method to identify an antibody in humans that is intended to be developed into a ‘universal’ flu vaccination.

EPA Considers Launching BPA Investigation

Following a number of highly-publicized studies and a nationwide ban on bisphenol A (BPA) in Canada, the EPA has announced that it is considering launching an investigation into the effects of BPA. According to the EPA’s report on the issue, over 1 million pounds of BPA is released into the environment anually.