Affirmations for Health and Positive Thoughts Proven Effective in New Research

Are the majority of your thoughts positive, or are they hampering your mood and subsequently bringing along negative health consequences? New research has found that savoring the moment and thinking positively can help to improve your health and help steer health-conscious decisions in the right direction. In particular, the findings found positive thoughts to be especially beneficial to those already suffering from diseases like coronary artery disease and high blood pressure.

Unplug Yourself: How Advertising and Entertainment Shape Your Subconscious

They say the subconscious is more powerful than the conscious. Usually, people are more influenced by their innate subconscious desires or intent than a rational and planned decision. This aspect of human nature is heavily influenced by your daily activity. In western society, the subconscious mind of the individual is often subject to a number of heavy influences, through entertainment mediums especially.

Proof that Your Own Thoughts and Beliefs Can Cause Self-Healing

If you are struggling with any major health concern, it is important to realize that your mind can sometimes be your own worse enemy, or it could be the main reason for treating a problem. Increasingly, it is being recognized that a ‘mind over matter’ approach can actually produce noticeable results in your health. The power of the mind is immense. Its influence can literally bend reality to match its perspective.

How to Make Your New Years Resolution a Success

In reality, a New Years resolution isn’t much different than any other resolution made on any other day. But still nearly everyone takes this time to set a new goal. Actually, the goal set is often the same as the previous year since people seldom follow through with their New Years resolution. Interestingly, not achieving that specific goal each year is making the following achievement that much more difficult due to so many subconscious past ‘failures’.

Enhance Your Health by Overcoming Stress, Negative Influences

With the world in the state it is, becoming overwhelmed and distressed is less than a steep leap. Simple situations can quickly transform into emotionally agony and psychological stress; sometimes they happen in a heartbeat. Stress is arguably one of the greatest threat to an individual’s health and wellness, and it must be dealt with.

How to DeStress the Brain | 8 Surprising Ways

Stress always has been and always will be one of the main causes of virtually every problem known to man. Although it was, and still is, very hard for many people to believe how impactful stress can truly be, realizations concerning its connection with illness and disease are beginning to be achieved. Stress levels today may very well be at the highest point they have ever been in history.

Benefits of Meditation Beat Morphine | The Power to Relieve Pain

People have been experiencing the benefits of meditation for centuries. The power of meditation is often harnessed for intense and deep relaxation. The practice can be extremely beneficial when it comes to eliminating stress and therefore can be utilized to rid the body of illness and disease as stress is a huge factor when it comes to contracting illness.

Mindless Eating in Certain Environments

Habitual eating could be a problem many people face without even knowing it. Once a certain pattern is ingrained in the mind, it is often unrecognized and therefore difficult to get out. Someone who grabs a bag of chips a few times before going to watch TV may automatically want to eat chips whenever that TV turns on. This idea was tested with movie goers and popcorn eaters.

Enjoying Life to the Fullest – Questions to Ask Yourself

Although some people feel unlucky and even reluctant to enjoy all that life has to offer, to enjoy life is one of the great reasons we are here. It is a wonderful thing to live with such diversity and different views. Free will is magnificent and should be greatly appreciated. However, some people have come to frown upon views which are not there own.

Why We Eat When We’re Not Hungry

Have you ever wondered why despite feeling full, you continue to reach for the carton of ice cream? The answer may be tied to your emotional state. Oftentimes anxiety, anger, fatigue, and stress can overcome physical hunger due to hard-wired triggers in the brain.

An Ancient Technique to Shape Your Mind and Body

Whether you’re thinking of getting involved in martial arts or have already begun, you can improve your health and pave the way to preventing future medical problems, all while having fun learning non-violent self-defense. The martial arts all have different traditions, philosophies and styles. Since they are often based on ancient philosophy, no matter which one you choose, there is usually a spiritual element and the possibility for inner growth.

Infographic: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition that affects a large number of military personnel (and others subject to extreme trauma) worldwide. With 18 U.S. veterans committing suicide daily, PTSD is condition that deserves much more attention. Here is an infographic (image containing useful information) that sheds some light on what PTSD is and how it plays a role in the mental health of soldiers.

5 Ways To Age Gracefully and Healthfully

Most of us say we would like to age gracefully. But the concept seems pretty much out of our hands or in the hands of a plastic surgeon. We say we aren’t going to take those drastic measures, but then many of us end up doing so.

105 Million in U.S. Have Diabetes or Prediabetes, CDC Says

Unfortunately, diabetes is a condition that widely affects people of all ages. A staggering 26 million Americans are currently diagnosed with the condition. A total of 105 million have either pre-diabetes or diabetes, according to stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.