5 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

While genetics may be a factor in breast cancer development, there are other controllable risk factors as well. Here are 5 breast cancer prevention tips .

4 Herbs for Sciatica Pain Treatment

Instead of using drugs for sciatica pain treatment, here are 4 herbal choices proven effective again and again in the treatment of sciatica pain.

The Numbers on Plastic Bottles: What do Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the numbers, or recycling symbols mean at the bottom of plastic bottles and containers? Some are safer than others.

Rosemary Health Benefits: Growing Your Own Medicine

Growing rosemary is easy! And rosemary health benefits are some that you will not want to miss. Here is how to grow rosemary to experience the benefits.

Improve Immune Function and Blood Sugar Regulation with Zinc

According to study, zinc can counteract the negative effects of diabetes mellitus by improving glycemic control in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Emergency Water: 4 Ways to Enjoy Clean Water Anytime

Emergency water is very important in the case of a personal, national, or global crisis, which may be inching near. Here are 4 emergency water solutions.

The Health Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is fantastic herb used to make natural medicines. Clary sage oil has a wealth of benefits that should not be ignored.

Your IBS Diet Plan – 9 Dietary Tips for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Do you suffer from IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome? Here are tips for creating your own IBS diet plan, from avoiding gluten to adding fiber.

Olive Oil Could Help Fight Breast Cancer Naturally

Prized for its culinary and medicinal uses, olive oil is the center of much health research – the oil has even been shown to fight breast cancer naturally.

The Mushroom Being Used to Suppress Cancer Tumors

Used in Asia forever for it’s medicinal benefits, the turkey tail mushroom has been shown to be highly effective at suppressing prostate tumor development.

Guyabano Health Benefits – Revealing Medicinal Properties of an Exotic Fruit

The exotic guyabano fruit, also known as soursop, is a potential cancer fighter, but that isn’t all! Here are guyabano health benefits told by history.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Here are 5 ways to supercharge and strengthen your immune system. It’s flu season, so it’s time to protect yourself and keep feeling 100 percent.

Vitamin E Protects the Lungs from Deadly Diseases Like COPD

There are things one can do to to protect against COPD. One study found that vitamin E may serve as a protectant for the lungs, preventing against COPD.

Lifestyle Changes Beat Statins for Boosting Heart Health

Lifestyle changes can be as (if not more) effective than statins at maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, plus, overall health will be boosted.

10 Foods to Avoid with Acid Reflux

An estimated 25 million American adults have acid reflux, or a severe form of heartburn, and experience the issue on a daily basis. More than 60 million suffer from heartburn once a month. And while simple overeating can be to blame, there are several foods that only exacerbate the condition and make it worse. Here you will learn of many foods to avoid with acid reflux.

Having Relationships and Being Highly Social Cuts Dementia Risk by 70%

One study demonstrated that the rate of cognitive decline in social seniors was 70% slower than that of their non-social peers.

7 Home Remedies for Cellulite Reduction – Natural Solutions

Cellulite reduction is not always easy to achieve, especially in our society today, but it is possible. Here are 7 home remedies for cellulite.