A Village Full of Centenarians Shares Secrets to Longevity

An Italian village near the see boasts 81 centenarians our of only 7,000 citizens. What is the secret to their longevity?

6-Year-Old British Girl with Cancer in Remission After Experimental Treatment

Six-year-old Erin Cross’ parents raised $180,000 to send her to the US for experimental leukemia treatment. She is now in remission.

New Inhaler Developed to Protect Lungs Against Air Pollution

In the wake of toxic levels of pollution, scientists have developed over the counter inhalers to help protect lungs from the worst of it.

Extreme Couponer Plans to Feed 30,000 People by Her 30th Birthday

A Virginia woman who has already fed more than 5,000 people with food insecurity has a goal of feeding 30,000 people by her 30th birthday next September.

Video: Man Saves Miracle Kitten on Busy Russian Highway

Cat proves it has 9 lives by dodging traffic on a Russian highway for several minutes before being scooped up by a benevolent stranger.

Good News: Healthy Diet for Kids may Help Improve Reading Skills

According to a new study, a healthy diet in the first 3 years of school is linked to enhanced reading skills in children.

Light Beams May Replace Electricity in Heart Beat Disorders

A team of scientists have found that beams of light can help replace electric shocks for patients who suffer from potentially fatal heart rhythm disorders.

California Bans Breeding Killer Whales and SeaWorld Shows

The state of California bans the breeding of killer whales in captivity. The whales are also no longer allowed to perform in SeaWorld shows.

California Considers Energy-Saving Rules for Computers

California is on its way to becoming the first state in the nation with energy standards for computers and monitors, which account for 3% of home electric bills.

Woot! Costa Rica Has Been Running Solely on Renewable Electricity Again … for 80 Days

Costa Rica has hit a new milestone, running on 100 percent renewable energy for the past two months solid. It is an amazing achievement.

Cancer Breakthrough: Blood Test Detects ‘Cancer Symptoms’ 10 Years Before they Begin

Scientists have discovered something about cancer that could make the disease detectable up to 10 years before it becomes extra problematic.

Good News – Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has reclassified giant pandas from Endangered to Vulnerable, thanks to China’s conservation efforts.

Dog Becomes Local Celebrity for His Daily 4-Mile Commute into Town

Bruno the dog has become an iconic resident in Longville, Minnesota, thanks to his daily 4-mile trek into town to meet and greet with the locals.

Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Owner for 6 Days

A 2-year-old dog named Maya has become somewhat of a celebrity in Spain after refusing to leave the hospital where her owner is staying for over 6 days.

Engineers are Creating a Braille-Based “Kindle” for the Blind

Dubbed the Holy Braille, this new product, using refreshable braille technology, will help blind people participate in digital culture.

Refugees Donate Time and Money to Help Italian Earthquake Victims

Refugees and asylum seekers in Italy are aiding in the aftermath of an earthquake in three small mountain communities that killed nearly 250 people.

Japan to Create Eco-Friendly Medals for 2020 Olympics

Tokyo is gearing up to take the stage for the 2020 Olympics. Taking an eco-friendly approach, Japan is hoping to create medals out of old cell phones.