5-Year-Old Boy Buys Police Sandwiches with Allowance Money

Five-year-old William Evertz Jr. was going to use his allowance to buy a toy, but instead decided to buy sandwiches for police in his community.

Public Library Uses 3D Printer to Make Prosthetic Hand for Child

Five-year-old Katelyn Vincik was born without a fully formed left arm, but after much research, her mom was able to find a printer – in the form of 3d printing.

Teen with Autism On the Road to Win Paralympic Gold

Mikey Brannigan of Team USA may have autism, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting a record during the Paralympic qualifiers.

Bride Skips Bachelorette Party, Pampers Homeless Women Instead

Jessika Baldwin decided to skip out on a traditional bachelorette party and instead create a day for the women of a local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania homeless shelter.

Obama Just Expanded an Already Massive Ocean Reserve in Hawaii

President Obama expanded a national marine monument in Hawaii last week that is home to some of the rarest, most endangered species on the planet.

Study: This Single Dietary Change Could Easily Improve Your Health

Virginia Tech researchers found that cutting out just one sugary drink per day can give you a noticeable overall health boost.

Scientists Unlock Puzzle Piece to Latinos’ Slow-Aging Process

A new study suggests that despite a pre-disposition to a variety of health issues, Latinos age much more slowly than their counterparts of other races.

Stranger Pays for Teacher’s Supplies, Social Media Reunites Them

In the realm of good news, seventh-grade grade teacher Sabrina Drude was brought to tears when a total stranger paid for her teaching supplies.

The Internet Sent 161 of Her Favorite Shirt to Girl with Autism

The mother of a young girl with autism took to the internet to find a discontinued shirt for her daughter. She was sent 161 shirts from kind people everywhere.

105-Year-Old Woman Surprised with Sexy Firefighters for Her Birthday

For her 105th birthday, Ivena Smailes wished for one thing – a burly, tattooed firefighter to hand deliver her birthday cake. And boy, did she get her wish!

Couple Cooks Up a Feast for Louisiana Flood Victims

More light has been shone on the recent flooding in Louisiana when one couple cooked up a huge barbecue for flood victims and those in need.

Bride Walks Down the Aisle with the Man who got her Dad’s Heart

When Jeni Stepien’s dad died in 2006, she wondered who would walk her down the aisle. But his heart was with her – literally – on her special day.

Experimental Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise against Arthritis

A recent clinical trial has found that an experimental stem cell therapy known as MPC-300 could be effective against rheumatoid arthritis.

Man Drops an ASTONISHING 300 Pounds by Walking to Walmart

When Pasquale “Pat” Rocco found out he was on the edge of death, he lost over 300 pounds. He saved his own life and became a role model for his son.

Acupuncture for Pain Competes with Morphine in Shock New Study

A new study suggests that acupuncture for pain may compete even with morphine, a potent opioid used to control pain in hospitals.

Pokemon Go Saves Struggling Independent Ice Cream Shop

Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream, a small ice cream shop in Anacortes, Washington has seen its business go from struggling to booming thanks to Pokemon Go.

Homeless Man Rescues Wheelchair-Bound Man from Thieves

Joseph Hall, who lives in a homeless shelter, recently stood up to some thieves who attempted to steal his friend’s wheelchair.