Great News: Record Numbers of Manatees Spotted in Florida

Manatee numbers have rebounded so much in recent years that their status may be upgrade from “endangered” to “threatened.”

China Is Building Vertical Forests in Nanjing to Fight Pollution

In 2018, the city of Nanjing, China, will erect the Nanjing Green Towers, 2 buildings that will serve as Vertical Forests designed to fight air pollution.

Daughter of Singer Amy Grant Gives her Best Friend a Kidney

The daughter of singer Amy Grant donated one of her kidneys to her best friend January 24. The story is quite inspiring, right?

Elephant Lovers, Rejoice! China Vows to End the Ivory Trade in 2017

African elephants have scored a big win with the Chinese government’s announcement that it will shut down the country’s ivory trade by the end of 2017.

Sheriff’s Deputy Saves Fellow Officer’s Life by Donating a Kidney

A life was saved and its quality improved when an LASD sergeant donated one of his kidneys to his good friend, a deputy that he had trained.

Retailers Offer Quiet Shopping Hours for Families of People With Autism

Some retailers, like Toys “R” Us and Target, are hosting “quiet hours” so the families of autistic people can shop without crowds and loud noises.

Orphaned Kittens Find Love in the Arms of Senior Citizens

Seniors at a care facility in Tucson, Arizona, are helping raise and care for two orphaned kittens. Peaches and Turtle, who will soon be ready for adoption.

Stranger Pays Elementary School Kids’ Outstanding Meal Balances

The father of a former student at H.W. Good Elementary School brought some much-needed holiday cheer and financial relief to over 40 struggling families.

Grandma’s Accidental Text Results in an Invitation to Thanksgiving Dinner

When a kind-hearted Arizona grandma accidentally invited a stranger to Thanksgiving, the 2 ended up meeting in person, and they did have Thanksgiving.

Could Turmeric be a Solid Natural Solution for Alzheimer’s?

Studies show that curcumin, the main active component of turmeric, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia. Eating curry is good for you!

More California Residents Vote to Ban GMOs

Voters in Sonoma County have likely banned GMOs; official results are due in December 2016. Five other California counties have already banned GE crops

Improve Your Health by Doing This for 30 Minutes

Spending time in nature has been linked to better health in dozens of studies, but new research states the minimum amount of time you should spend outdoors.

Volunteers Transformed NICU Babies with Handmade Halloween Costumes

Volunteers brought a little bit of joy into the NICU of a Missouri hospital, when it presented handmade Halloween costumes for 35 premature babies..

World’s Largest Marine Park Declared in Antarctica

About 600,000 square miles of sea in the Antarctic will be protected from commercial fishing for the next 35 years, thanks to a special U.N. commission.

13-Year-Old Invents Cheap, Award-Winning Clean Energy Device

A 9th-grade girl from Ohio has invented a cost-effective, solar- and wind-powered device that could bring clean water to impoverished countries.

Virtual Reality Helps Paraplegic Volunteers Walk Again

The Walk Again Project is working to help paraplegics walk again using virtual reality and robotic exoskeletons.

If You See Teal Pumpkins This Halloween, This is What it Means

If you see a teal pumpkin in front of a house this Halloween, it means that house is handing out non-food goodies to trick-or-treaters.