Huge LA School District Switching to Chicken Free of Antibiotics and Hormones

School districts in several large cities are or will serve only antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken to students. LAUSD will be the largest to do so.

How Some Hotels are Creating ‘Rooftop Bee Sanctuaries’ to Help Bee Populations

Seven luxury hotels in San Francisco have made their rooftops sanctuaries for honeybees in an effort to boost the insects’ numbers.

New Scientific Discovery Could Make it Easier to Diagnose, Treat Autism

Researchers at Harvard and MIT have discovered a link that could make it easier to diagnose and treat autism.

Strongest Evidence Yet: Good Breakfast Equals Better Grades

New evidence shows that children who eat a nutritionally-rich breakfast see improved brain function, receive better grades in school.

Costco Raises Wages for Workers Paid the Least

U.S. retail giant Costco is raising its minimum wage for employees after nine years, but is it enough?

Could Consuming This Mushroom Protect Against Radiation?

Research indicates that melanin in fungi, which is also responsible for skin color in humans, may protect against and even FEED off of ionizing radiation.

Key Report Outlines 27 Solutions to Reduce Food Waste and Save $100 Billion

A recently-released comprehensive report outlines 27 solutions for cutting food waste significantly, saving the country $100 billion.

Major Supermarket to Eradicate Food Waste by 2017, Give Unsold Food to Charity

To help eradicate food waste, Tesco will work with 5,000 different charities in the UK in order to give all unsold food to those who need it most.

2nd State in US Ends Chronic Veteran Homelessness

Following Virginia’ lead, Connecticut has become the second in the US to end homelessness for those who have served their country.

This City is Home to the 1st Vegan-Certified Vertical Farm in the U.S.

In South Philadelphia, a vertical hydroponic farm provides restaurants and grocery stores in the area with fresh, organic produce 365 days a year.

One Company is Setting a Whole New Level of Transparency for our Food Supply

Want food transparency? The Real Co. is launching the “Single Origin” food label to tell consumers exactly where their food comes from.

Procedure Saves Young Girl’s Life as She’s Taken off Transplant Waiting List

Three-year-old Zoey Jones recently came off the organ transplant wait list without having to undergo transplant surgery – a feat that is extremely rare.

Could These Reusable, Biodegradable Silicone Sandwich Bags Replace Ziplocs?

The maker of Stash silicone sandwich bags hopes her product will catch on replace regular plastic ones in many homes.

VIDEO: This is How Banana Peels Could Help Detect Cancer Non-Invasively

The black spots on ripened bananas look similar to melanoma skin cancer and both share an enzyme scientists have used to build a noninvasive cancer scanner.

Medical Marijuana Bill Starts Moving Again in Southern State

A bill aimed at expanding Florida’s medical marijuana program is only facing one more regulatory hurdle before it reaches the full House of Representatives.

Homeless Given New Life after Working on a 22-Acre Organic Farm

Verde Farms in Miami, Florida is tackling homelessness, joblessness, and food insecurity all at once with this saying: one saying: “For people, not for profit.”

Instead of Drugs or Surgery, This Holistic Doc Prescribes Healthy Food

Instead of relying on mainstream medical drugs, doctors like Dr. Garth Davis are prescribing fresh produce and teaching patients about diet and lifestyle.