Senate Shoots Down GMO Labeling Bill

Senators in Washington D.C. voted against a key GMO labeling amendment to the Farm bill. One that would have allowed states to decide to label GMOs.

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End

Over 800 esteemed scientists have spoken out against GMOs, calling for the end of the GMO ‘experiment’ on the population.

China Incinerates 3 US Shipments of Genetically Modified Corn

China has destroyed a total of at least three genetically modified corn shipments with origins from the United States in a major anti-GMO move.

Are GMO Crops Producing Health-Compromising, Fake Hormones in Your Body?

Sparked by 70,000 different chemicals, foreign hormones called xenoestrogens are interfering with the natural estrogen in your body, causing numerous health complications.

Monsanto Protection Act May Soon Be Repealed Thanks to Activism

Massive activism and outrage over the Monsanto Protection Act has led to a new bill that may repeal it within the Senate.

USDA Needs More Time to “Review” Monsanto and GMO Crops?

The USDA is brushing off activists, saying it needs ‘more time’ to conduct environmental studies on Monsanto’s GMO crops.

Leak: U.S. Using Taxpayer Dollars to Promote Monsanto GMOs Overseas

The United States government has been caught in a series of new leaks literally using taxpayer dollars to promote Monsanto’s GM seeds to other nations.

Above the Law: Supreme Court Sides with Monsanto over Farmers in Patent Case

In a decision highlighting the close ties between Monsanto and the US government, the Supreme Court has sided with Monsanto in a shock decision.

March Against Monsanto is the Beginning of the End for Monsanto

The grassroots March Against Monsanto movement is spreading across the nation, and it is the beginning of the end for GMO juggernaut Monsanto.

Breaking: Vermont House Passes GMO Labeling Bill

In a legislative blow against GMO giant Monsanto, the Vermont House has passed a new GMO labeling bill 99-42.

Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th

On May 25th the March on Monsanto protests will begin, with millions around the globe protesting Monsanto’s genetic monopoly on the food supply.

Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic

A 2012 nutritional analysis of genetically modified corn found that GM corn is nutritionally dead and poses a toxic threat – non-GM corn is healthful.

Top Senator Apologizes for Monsanto Protection Act

Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland has released a public statement apologizing to the public for the passing of the Monsanto Protection Act

Obama Signature On Monsanto Protection Act Ignites Massive Activism

Obama’s social media profiles are being blown up with thousands of enraged activists and concerned citizens who are demanding answers.

Surprised? Monsanto Openly Wrote Own Monsanto Protection Act

Monsanto actually authored the wording of its own Monsanto Protection Act hidden in the recently passed and signed Continuing Resolution spending bill.

Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law After Promising GMO Labeling in 2007

President Obama has signed into law the notorious Monsanto Protection Act legislation hidden inside of the Continuing Resolution spending bill.

GMO Boycott: Major Supermarkets Say NO to GM Salmon

Supermatket chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and others say they will refuse the sale of AquaBounty Technology’s modified salmon in a move against biotech and GMO.