Monsanto and GMOs Continue to Make Us Sterile While Infertility Business Booms

Biotechnology corporation Monsanto, along with GMOs, have been shown numerous times to make us sterile. The infertility business is booming.

Illinois Ag. Department Illegally Seizes Privately Owned Bees Resistant to GMO Poison

The Illinois Agricultural Department recently seized Terrence Ingram’s privately-owned bees resistant to Monsanto’s GMO pesticides.

USDA Alert: Genetically Modified Wheat Escapes Test Fields

Found in farmland within the state of Oregon, the USDA is now admitting that we may have a very serious case of GM crop pollution.

Media Coverage Blackout Over Anti-Monsanto Protests

The mainstream media has failed once again to cover events that matter, such as the March Against Monsanto. But in reality, it doesn’t matter.

GM Salmon, Genetic Engineering of Farm Animals to Arrive in Summer 2013 Despite Public Opposition

By summer of 2013, the U.S. is expected to allow genetically modified salmon and allow for genetic engineering in farm animals for human consumption.

March Against Monsanto A Major Success! Anthony Gucciardi Video Coverage Coming Soon

The March Against Monsanto has been a major success, generating mass awareness across the nation – Anthony Gucciardi covers the event.

The Protests are Working: Dow’s New “Enlist” GMO Corn Delayed

Protests have delayed Dow AgroSciences from releasing a new genetically modified corn crop known as Enlist, one of numerous GMO crops to come.

Senate Shoots Down GMO Labeling Bill

Senators in Washington D.C. voted against a key GMO labeling amendment to the Farm bill. One that would have allowed states to decide to label GMOs.

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End

Over 800 esteemed scientists have spoken out against GMOs, calling for the end of the GMO ‘experiment’ on the population.

China Incinerates 3 US Shipments of Genetically Modified Corn

China has destroyed a total of at least three genetically modified corn shipments with origins from the United States in a major anti-GMO move.

Are GMO Crops Producing Health-Compromising, Fake Hormones in Your Body?

Sparked by 70,000 different chemicals, foreign hormones called xenoestrogens are interfering with the natural estrogen in your body, causing numerous health complications.

Monsanto Protection Act May Soon Be Repealed Thanks to Activism

Massive activism and outrage over the Monsanto Protection Act has led to a new bill that may repeal it within the Senate.

USDA Needs More Time to “Review” Monsanto and GMO Crops?

The USDA is brushing off activists, saying it needs ‘more time’ to conduct environmental studies on Monsanto’s GMO crops.

Leak: U.S. Using Taxpayer Dollars to Promote Monsanto GMOs Overseas

The United States government has been caught in a series of new leaks literally using taxpayer dollars to promote Monsanto’s GM seeds to other nations.

Above the Law: Supreme Court Sides with Monsanto over Farmers in Patent Case

In a decision highlighting the close ties between Monsanto and the US government, the Supreme Court has sided with Monsanto in a shock decision.

March Against Monsanto is the Beginning of the End for Monsanto

The grassroots March Against Monsanto movement is spreading across the nation, and it is the beginning of the end for GMO juggernaut Monsanto.

Breaking: Vermont House Passes GMO Labeling Bill

In a legislative blow against GMO giant Monsanto, the Vermont House has passed a new GMO labeling bill 99-42.