Monsanto Video Revolt: Massive Grassroots Campaign Launched Against GMOs, Monsanto

Following the great success of campaigns like March Against Monsanto, the new Monsanto Video Revolt brings the online revolution against Monsanto to life.

Maine House Crushingly Supports GMO Labeling: 141 to 4 Vote

The state of Maine has voted to pass a bill called LD 718 that would require genetically modified foods to be labeled: Produced with Genetic Engineering.

Glyphosate Found to Fuel Cancer Cell Growth, Pose Carcinogenic Threat

A groundbreaking new study has found that glyphosate is fueling breast cancer by increasing the number of breast cancer cells and igniting cell growth.

Hard-Hitting Report: Pigs Fed GM Diet Experience Significant Health Problems (Photos)

Scientists have found that pigs fed a diet of GM corn and soy experienced numerous adverse health effects, says new hard-hitting report.

Court of Appeals Sides with Monsanto over Organic Farmers

U.S. organic farmers tried to create some legal protection from being sued if Monsanto’s GM seeds mix with their crops, but Monsanto won in court.

Brief History: Monsanto Has Been A Merchant of Death for Decades

Monsanto’s tale of destruction is far from new. As a matter of fact, Monsanto has been harming people for decades.

Remember? Dr. Oz Sells Out to GMO Companies, Calling Organics Elitist & Undemocratic

Dr. Oz has told the mainstream that ‘we’ shouldn’t need non-GMO foods, as they are ‘elitist’ and that organic foods are ‘undemocratic.’

Europe, Nations Around the World Rejecting Monsanto

Monsanto has given up pursuing operations in Europe and other nations around the world — but when will they be kicked out of the US?

USDA Expands Investigation into Escape of Experimental Monsanto GM Wheat

The USDA appears to be more concerned than they’re letting on to over the escape of Monsanto’s genetically modified wheat into the environment.

Breaking: Connecticut Senate Passes GMO Labeling Bill

The Connecticut state Senate has amended and passed GMO labeling bill HB 6527 by an overwhelming vote of 134-3.

Monsanto and GMOs Continue to Make Us Sterile While Infertility Business Booms

Biotechnology corporation Monsanto, along with GMOs, have been shown numerous times to make us sterile. The infertility business is booming.

Illinois Ag. Department Illegally Seizes Privately Owned Bees Resistant to GMO Poison

The Illinois Agricultural Department recently seized Terrence Ingram’s privately-owned bees resistant to Monsanto’s GMO pesticides.

USDA Alert: Genetically Modified Wheat Escapes Test Fields

Found in farmland within the state of Oregon, the USDA is now admitting that we may have a very serious case of GM crop pollution.

Media Coverage Blackout Over Anti-Monsanto Protests

The mainstream media has failed once again to cover events that matter, such as the March Against Monsanto. But in reality, it doesn’t matter.

GM Salmon, Genetic Engineering of Farm Animals to Arrive in Summer 2013 Despite Public Opposition

By summer of 2013, the U.S. is expected to allow genetically modified salmon and allow for genetic engineering in farm animals for human consumption.

March Against Monsanto A Major Success! Anthony Gucciardi Video Coverage Coming Soon

The March Against Monsanto has been a major success, generating mass awareness across the nation – Anthony Gucciardi covers the event.

The Protests are Working: Dow’s New “Enlist” GMO Corn Delayed

Protests have delayed Dow AgroSciences from releasing a new genetically modified corn crop known as Enlist, one of numerous GMO crops to come.