Monsanto Blames GM Wheat Contamination on Activists

In the case of unapproved GM wheat recently found in Oregon, Monsanto is pointing it’s fingers at activists, suggesting sabotage.

International Media Begins Covering Monsanto Video Revolt

The international media has already begun covering the Monsanto Video Revolt, an online revolution against Monsanto and corruption at large.

Species Alteration: Is GMO Rewiring our DNA?

New studies in cell research are bringing up some alarming new questions concerning GMOs, showing how genetically modified foods likely affect our DNA.

Monsanto Bt Pesticide Damages Red Blood Cells, Organs

Studies are now showing that Monsanto crops damage red blood cells which are responsible for delivering oxygen to the body.

Tiny Himalayan Country Becomes First 100% Organic Nation

Bhutan, a nation of farmers nestled in the Himalayan mountains, has decided to become the first country to go 100 percent organic.

Monsanto’s Website Hacked After 2 Million March

The Monsanto corporate website was hacked on May 29, 2013, just days after more than 2 million people marched against the organization around the world

Chipotle First US Chain Restaurant to Label GMOs

Chipotle Mexican Grill has become the first US restaurant chain to go ahead and label all GMOs sold through their locations on the menu.

Grassroots Campaign Monsanto Video Revolt Brings Fight Against Monsanto Online July 24th

The new Monsanto Video Revolt campaign is aimed at bringing the fight against Monsanto to a whole new level online.

Target to Remove GMOs from Major Food Brand

Target’s Simply Balanced brand will be on shelves soon and will phase out genetically modified ingredients by the end of 2014.

Top 7 Myths About GMO Foods & Monsanto

It is time to debunk some of the biggest myths about GMO foods. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda being fed to you by Monsanto.

Monsanto Video Revolt: Massive Grassroots Campaign Launched Against GMOs, Monsanto

Following the great success of campaigns like March Against Monsanto, the new Monsanto Video Revolt brings the online revolution against Monsanto to life.

Maine House Crushingly Supports GMO Labeling: 141 to 4 Vote

The state of Maine has voted to pass a bill called LD 718 that would require genetically modified foods to be labeled: Produced with Genetic Engineering.

Glyphosate Found to Fuel Cancer Cell Growth, Pose Carcinogenic Threat

A groundbreaking new study has found that glyphosate is fueling breast cancer by increasing the number of breast cancer cells and igniting cell growth.

Hard-Hitting Report: Pigs Fed GM Diet Experience Significant Health Problems (Photos)

Scientists have found that pigs fed a diet of GM corn and soy experienced numerous adverse health effects, says new hard-hitting report.

Court of Appeals Sides with Monsanto over Organic Farmers

U.S. organic farmers tried to create some legal protection from being sued if Monsanto’s GM seeds mix with their crops, but Monsanto won in court.

Brief History: Monsanto Has Been A Merchant of Death for Decades

Monsanto’s tale of destruction is far from new. As a matter of fact, Monsanto has been harming people for decades.

Remember? Dr. Oz Sells Out to GMO Companies, Calling Organics Elitist & Undemocratic

Dr. Oz has told the mainstream that ‘we’ shouldn’t need non-GMO foods, as they are ‘elitist’ and that organic foods are ‘undemocratic.’