New Trial Suggests Resveratrol Might Prevent, Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Resveratrol, found in red grapes, raspberries, dark chocolate, and red wine, may halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, a study suggests.

FDA Launching Overhaul of Food Safety Regulations to Help Prevent Food Poisoning Outbreaks

The FDA is making the most dramatic changes to its food safety regulations in more than a century in an effort to stave off outbreaks of food poisoning.

Minnesota Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Chipotle Franchises

A number of Chipotle restaurants in Minnesota have been linked by health officials to a recent outbreak of salmonella.

Harvard Finds Pesticide in 70% of Honey Samples Tested

A recent study shows that 70 percent of honey samples collected in Massachusetts contain at least one neonicotinoid, a class of bee-killing pesticides.

30,000-Year-Old Virus from Siberia About to be ‘Awakened’

After unearthing a 30,000 year old frankenvirus from the icy wasteland of Siberia, scientists plan to awaken it. But why unleash this super virus?

World’s First Head Transplant Scheduled for 2017

The world’s first head transplant is schedule to take place in December 2017 with a procedure to take 36 hours. Will this mark history in medicine?

Homeopathic Healers Found Hallucinating at German Seminar Test Positive for Hallucinogenic Drug

investigators say they have pinpointed the LSD-like drug that caused the bizarre behavior for 29 homeopaths gathered for a conference in Germany – 2C-E.

Studies: Chemicals in the Water ‘Turning Male Fish into Females’

Male fish are becoming hermaphroditic due to environmental insults (such as chemicals in the water). But what exactly is to blame?

How to Stop Hay Fever This Fall – 13 Natural Tips

Need to know how to stop hay fever this Autumn? Here are 13 tips to help you cope with (and hopefully prevent) hay fever during ragweed season.

Companies are Developing “Safe” Screens that Filter Blue Light Emitted by Electronic Devices

Numerous tech company’s are developing new and improved screen technologies that cause less potential damage to our eyes and sleep cycles.

Monsanto Brings on Academics to Push ‘Benefits of GMOs’

Biotechnology companies like Monsanto are hiring academics to speak on the benefits of GMOs in order to negate a tsunami of bad press. Will it work?

5 Neat Avocado Oil Uses – A Nutritional and Beauty Supplement

From improving digestion to revitalizing hair, here are 5 avocado oil uses anyone can use to boost overall health and beautify.

Study: Antipsychotic Drugs Found to Shrink the Brains of Patients

Research warns that the long-term use of antipsychotic drugs, used to treat schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, may negatively impact brain structure.

Vitamin C ‘as Effective as Exercise’ at Improving Vascular Tone

A new study has found that vitamin C may be just as good as exercise for improving vascular tone in overweight and obese individuals.

Fed Advisory Group Urges Doctors to Screen Teens for Depression

A federal advisory group says doctors should screen teens for depression, but the number of students that benefit from the directive might be small.

New Findings: Over 4000 ‘Gene Probes’ Altered with Low-Dose Roundup Exposure

A new study shows that even low-dose glyphosate can alter over 4000 genes and their proper functioning within the livers and kidneys of rats.

Young Boy Suffers Brain Damage Caused by Sulfuryl Fluoride Exposure

A 10-year-old boy suffered brain damaged and his family fell ill after their family home was fumigated with a pesticide known as sulfuryl fluoride.