Avoiding Toxins in Flame-Retardant Household Products

Flame retardants are likely in your home, and have been linked to numerous negative health outcomes. Avoiding them can be difficult, but it is possible.

Study: Sunscreen ‘Not Enough’ to Protect Against Skin Cancer

A new study suggests that sunscreen may not prevent some forms of skin cancer at all, but this doesn’t mean you should stop using (safe) sunscreen.

An Obscenely Obesogenic Food: Sugar Being Revisited by World Health Organization

The World Health Organization finally woke from its sugar-induced coma to address the serious health concerns which sugar intake poses upon the world.

Study: Consume an Apple Daily to Unclog and Clean the Arteries

Like apples? According to one recent study, eating an apple a day really can boost heart health and keep the doctor away– specifically, the cardiologist.

What’s Happening to California’s Brown Pelicans?

Something is going on in the world of California brown pelicans. Migration patterns are off-schedule and breeding is significantly down. What’s going on?

3 Drugs that Made Big Pharma Millions Despite Deadly Risks

Big pharma is responsible for more disease and death than anyone might imagine. Here are just 3 drugs that made big pharma millions despite deadly risks.

Cancer-Causing Compounds Found in Blood of Hair Stylists

A new study suggests hair stylists who use more permanent waving products or light hair dyes have more cancer-causing compounds in their blood.

Yet More Evidence Chocolate Could Help with Weight Loss

A recent study indicates that not only could dark chocolate aid in weight loss, but it can prevent type 2 diabetes as well. Eat more (dark) chocolate!

Sick U.S. Nuclear Workers Paid by Federal Government for Toxic Exposure

At the Hanford Site in Washington State and others, thousands of workers filed claims for illnesses and injuries from exposure to radiation and toxic waste.

RoundUp Linked to Altered Testicular Function Just Days After Exposure

A recent study suggests Monsanto’s RoundUp and glyphosate it can impact testicular function in just 8 days after exposure of ‘normal’ concentrations.

4 Solutions for Natural Allergy Relief

Suffer from allergies? You probably would rather try a more natural solution over a medication. Here are some solutions for natural allergy relief.

U.S. Health Care Ranked Dead Last Compared to 10 Countries

When compared to 10 other countries, the United States once again ranked dead last when comparing health care systems and their efficacy.

Eating Fermented Foods to Boost the Immune & Digestive System

Do you eat fermented foods? Beneficial bacteria within the fermented foods can help regulate your digestive system, improve immunity, and fight radiation.

Supreme Court Sides with POM Wonderful in Coca-Cola Lawsuit

Pom Wonderful is taking Coca Cola to court, saying Coca Cola is stealing customers with misleading claims. The Supreme Court is allowing it to move forward.

Why we Must Save the World’s Rapid Deforestation by Agriculture

It may or may not be surprising, but the way industrialists grow food is killing our forests. It is time to make deforestation come to a halt.

Why to Use Real Maple Syrup as a Healthful Natural Sweetener

Harnessing over 30 beneficial compounds, real maple syrup is a nutritional powerhouse that can be quite beneficial as a natural sweetener.

Oenophilia: Benefits and Risks of Your Love of Wine

If drank in moderation, did you know wine can be beneficial? When it comes down to it, health is important, but so are the simple enjoyments of life.