Video: Nutrition on Steroids – How to Sprout Superfoods for 1000x Nutrition

Watch this video to learn how sprouting foods can earn you up to 1000 times the nutrition of the fully-grown plant!

Inspirational Video: How one Man Cooks for 170,000 Flood Victims

After floods in Chennai, India left thousands of people in despair, a single man managed to feed 170,000 people in a bout of non-stop cooking and altruism.

Could Hackers Really Hijack Your Medical Device?

Close to 5 billion smart devices are currently connected to the internet, even giving hackers the ability to hijack medical devices, called ‘medjacking.’

Action Needed: 20K More Signatures to Convince Congress to Stop Wasting Food

Landmark legislation was recently introduced to combat hunger and reduce food waste, but it needs help getting Congress’ attention.

Students Learn Organic Farming, Sell Thousands of Pounds of Produce After Internship

Students are finally starting to learn how to grow organic vegetables like people did years ago through farming programs, like one from Dr. Steve McLaskey.

The Real Cost: 81% of Dollar Store Products Contained These Hazardous Chemicals

A 2015 report found that 133 of 164 dollar-store products contained at least one hazardous chemical that could cause serious health issues.

Weed-Killing Robot Developed: No Herbicides Needed

A new robot called BoniRob, developed by the German company Bosch, can travel through fields and remove weeds without the use of pesticides.

Vending Machine Offers Only Fresh, Organic Salads Instead of Candy Bars

Twenty-seven-year-old Luke Saunders set out to create a vending machine offering organic, restaurant-quality salads and snacks. It’s called Farmer’s Fridge.

Could This Hormone Shot Block Urges to Smoke, Drink, and Overeat?

In the next 5 years, an injection could become available that stops people’s cravings for cigarettes, alcohol, food, and other vices.

20-30 Years From now, Burgers Might Come From a Test Tube

Would you eat a burger born in a petri dish and grown in a test tube to ‘save the environment?’ This may be coming in 20-30 years.

FDA Panel: Codeine-Containing Medications are Unsafe for Kids Under 18

FDA medical advisers are saying that medications containing codeine should not be given to children and most teens to treat pain or cough.

Detroit’s Urban Blight Transforming into Food-Producing Landscape

A new $15 million project is turning useless land in Detroit into a thriving agricultural landscape, producing both food and jobs.

Are Genetically Modified Pigs up Next for Approval by the FDA?

Professor Bruce Whitelaw has produced swine fever-resistant pigs through a new gene-editing technique., which he hopes will become FDA-approved.

We Now Know HOW Antibiotics Kill off Good Bacteria in the Gut

Scientists have recently found out HOW antibiotics kill off good bacteria in the gut, noting how the meds attack bacteria responsible for altering bile acid.

Tribe Donates $10,000 to Help Save Flint, Michigan Residents from Toxic Water

The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians from Manistee, Michigan is donating $10,000 to assist in providing clean water to Flint, Michigan residents.

German Supermarket Chain Bans Bee-Killing Neonic Pesticides on Produce

Aldi Süd, a German supermarket chain with stores in the U.S., has become the first major European retailer to ban pesticides toxic to bees, known as neonicotinoids.

Send a Message to Obama: Ban ‘Likely-Carcinogenic’ Glyphosate-Herbicides!

Citizens of the United States are urging president Obama to act on ‘likely-carcinogenic’ glyphosate-containing products such as Round Up immediately. Be heard!