South Africa Rejects Appeal from Biotech to Grow GM Potatoes

The Minister of Agriculture, Water Affairs, and Fisheries has rejected a biotech appeal for the commercialization of GM potatoes throughout South Africa.

Exercise Might Come in a Drug Someday, Researchers Say

Someday, couch potatoes may be able to swallow their exercise in the form of a drug rather than engage in physical activity, researchers say.

Reawakened Ancient Retrovirus in DNA may be Behind ALS Cases

An ancient virus that has laid dormant in our DNA for what researchers say is millions of years may be springing to life and causing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Biotech Stock Plummets, Bull Market Announced Dead on Arrival

The MSM recently announced that the bull market is dead for biotech stocks, and Hillary Clinton is reportedly the reason why.

Pediatrician Admits ADHD is ‘Made Up,’ Prescribes Meds Anyway

Pediatricians like Dr. Michael Anderson admit ADHD is made up, and prescribe Adderall to children whether they show signs of the disorder or not.

Electronic Capsule can Deliver Medication Directly to the Gastrointestinal Tract

Researchers have developed an electronic capsule that can deliver medication directly to the colon, a development that could help treat multiple ailments.

Public Drinking Fountains Sometimes Harbor Legionella and Other Dangerous Pathogens

It seems that public drinking fountains sometimes harbor unwanted germs and pathogens that could cause you to get sick, or worse.

Woman Uses Drain Cleaner to Blind Self with Help of Psychologist

One North Carolina woman has finally achieved her dream of being blind by having a psychologist pour drain cleaner on her eyes.

New Test can ‘Detect Virtually any Virus’

A report details how a new test called ViroCap can detect virtually any virus. It “works so well” that you do not need a doctor examination for diagnosis.

Study: Red Wines in U.S. Found to Contain ‘High Levels of Arsenic’

Researchers are warning that many red wines produced in the U.S. contain arsenic, and that aficionados should limit their intake.

Brain Prosthesis Could Help Damaged or Diseased Brains Capture Long-Term Memories

Researchers have developed a brain prosthesis designed to help dementia sufferers and brain-damaged soldiers recapture their memories.

7 Natural Anti-Anxiety Herbs to Reduce Stress

Looking for a non-pharma solution for easing nerves and reducing anxiety? Here are 7 natural anti-anxiety herbs for reducing anxiety and stress.

Why Are Older People Taking as Many as 30 Big Pharma Drugs?

Seniors represent 13 percent of the population, but they take 40 percent of pharmaceutical drugs in the US. Are we relying too much on Big Pharma drugs?

Why is the University of Illinois Receiving $1 Million from Monsanto?

How can dirty money given to universities from biotech do ‘good’ science on GM crops, soil, and the chemicals which are used to grow them?

Green Tea Purchased from China Blamed for Teen Girl’s Hepatitis

A new report details how a 16-year-old young woman who purchased green tea from a Chinese website temporarily lost her health via acute hepatitis.

5 Tips to ‘Trick Yourself’ into Eating Less and Eating Healthier

It can be hard to control your food portion sizes, but there are solutions. Here are 5 tips to eat less (but enough) and healthy at the same time.

New Drug Could Beat Superbug ‘C. Diff Infection’ While Unharming Good Gut Bacteria

Scientists say they have found a way to disarm dangerous gut bacteria that cause C. diff without killing the helpful good bacteria in the process.