Whole Foods Hopes to Draw more Consumers with Lower Prices

In a bid to bring in new business and recoup losses, Whole Foods said it will start offering deep discounts and start opening its 365 stores in fiscal 2016.

Pennsylvania Proposes Much Stricter New Vaccine Rules

Pennsylvania’s health and education departments seek to give parents just 5 days to get all of their vaccinations after starting school.

Toxic Algae Bloom Delays California Crabbing Season

Warmer sea temperatures caused by El Nino have caused a massive toxic algae bloom that has left Dungeness crabs with high levels of a dangerous neurotoxin.

American Prescription Drug use more than Doubles

Prescription drug use among American adults has more than doubled, especially medications to treat diabetes, heart disease and other obesity-related drugs.

Raw Milk Farmer Jailed for Removing Gov’t Surveillance Cameras from Own Property

A Canadian farmer that provides raw milk to his community was arrested and jailed for removing government surveillance cameras from his own property.

10 of the Filthiest Items in Your Home

Do not be surprised if you feel a little sick after you look at this list of the 10 most bacteria-, mold- and yeast-prone places and items in your house.

Group Says CDC ‘Attends Secret Meetings’ to Hide Lyme Disease Dangers from Public

The The Mayday Project has accused the CDC of violating federal law by participating in secret meetings to hide Lyme Disease dangers from public.

Marijuana may be ‘More Effective than Adderall at Treating ADHD’

Researchers in Germany say marijuana may treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) better than the popular drug Adderall.

Paperwork, Red Tape, and Pay Cuts are Driving Doctors out of the Medical Field

Mounting paperwork, insurance costs, and lower reimbursements are driving doctors toward new careers.

1,300 Patients at Pennsylvania Hospital may Have Been Exposed to Dangerous Bacteria

Health officials believe contaminated heart bypass devices could be behind more than 1200 recent infections at a Pennsylvania hospital.

Oregon Teen Contracts Bubonic Plague While on Hunting Trip

Health officials in Oregon believe a teen girl diagnosed with bubonic plague caught the disease from an infected flea.

Lane County, Oregon Tries to Kick Out Monsanto with GM Ban

Residents of Lane County have begun work collecting signatures to get a GMO crop cultivation ban onto the May 2016 ballot.

Win! Industrial Hemp Now Legal in North Carolina

In a huge game-changing move for the US, North Carolina has recently legalized the cultivation and manufacturing of industrial hemp.

Celebrities Promote Petition to Tell Tyson: Stop Ripping Heads Off Chickens!

If you watch any of the undercover videos exposing the animal cruelty chicken-supplier Tyson participates in, you will see why people go vegetarian.

Combining Birth Control Pills Triggers Heart Attack for 24-Year-Old

Sarah Brison thought she was having a panic attack when she awoke in agony, but she was actually having a heart attack caused by her birth control pills.

McDonald’s, Burger King Lure Kids with Toys and Targeted Ads

A new study finds that fast-food commercials which are clearly aimed at young children are working, and they are compounding the obesity problem.

EPA Proposes Extended Ban on Neurotoxic Pesticide Sprayed on Crops

The Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposal that would ban a pesticide commonly sprayed on citrus fruits, almonds, and other crops.