San Francisco Effectively Bans the Happy Meal Toys with 8-3 Vote

After a long legal stalemate, San Francisco has banned the happy meal. It has been under consideration for quite some time, but lawmakers finally approved legislation that would disallow the addition of toys in meals that include excess calories, sodium and fat.

More People Refusing Flu Shot this Year as Opposition Grows Worldwide

As the medical establishment begins the annual push for nationwide flu vaccinations, people are starting to voice their opposition to this year’s injection. A new study from Consumer Reports found that 30% of respondents were unsure

Mainstream Media Begins Reporting on BPA Dangers After Denying Previous Evidence

The mainstream media has just recently began reporting on the dangers of Bispehnol A (BPA), despite evidence that has been available for some time that links it to serious conditions such as infertility. A five-year study has just been released that confirms the link between BPA and infertility, finding it severely damages sperm health.

Infographic: Smoking in the United States Statistics Revealed

An interesting new infographic (a picture combined with information) regarding smokers in the U.S. has been created based on information provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Take a look at the state below.

Placebo Fraud Brings Scientific Validity of Clinical Trials into Question

Placebos, widely used in clinical trials that are necessary for drugs to be approved by the FDA, are coming into question. The pills are to be inert, often consisting of sugar or various types of oil that have no effect on the body. A new study has found that the majority of placebo-based trials never list the ingredients of the placebos, bringing many trials into question.

MRI Scans ‘Lead to Unnecessary Breast Surgery’ Says Surgeon

Magnetic resonance mammography (MRM) is particular good at finding tumours that are hard to spot using standard x-ray mammography. Younger women with a genetically high risk of breast cancer can be offered MRMs on the NHS if recommended by a clinician.

Study Says H1N1 No Threat this Year While H1N1 Vaccine Admittedly Linked to Deadly Disease

Canadian researchers from the Centre for Disease Control and the University of British Columbia say they that do not expect the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, to cause much of a problem this year. Despite this information, they are still recommending that citizens take the H1N1 vaccination that the government has recently admitted increases the risk of deadly nerve disease.

Link Between Flu Vaccine and Killer Nerve Disease Confirmed After Extensive Denial

Last year, you would be considered a medical “fraud” if you were to say that the swine flu vaccine may lead to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a deadly autoimmune disorder that can lead to partial paralysis and death. Now, however, even the government is admitting that the swine flu vaccine may cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Invisible Toxicity: BPA Endangers Health of Millions Worldwide on Daily Basis

A toxic chemical, often found in canned goods and plastic bottles, is continuously finding its way into our bodies on a daily basis. This gender-bending chemical, despite being linked to a conglomerate of health problems, has yet to be banned in the U.S.

Canada Officially Labels BPA Chemical as “Toxic”

The federal government has made good on a two-year-old promise to add bisphenol A, a hormone-disrupting chemical linked to some cancers, to the country’s list of toxic substances, in spite of industry opposition.

Find Out About Natural Breast Cancer Prevention for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October was proclaimed National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company, was responsible for the founding of the month. AstraZeneca manufactures two drugs related to breast cancer. Both of these drugs do nothing to prevent breast cancer, but rely

How is Aspartame Made? 1999 Investigation Finds Aspartame is Made with Genetically Modified Bacteria

As early as 1999, aspartame was exposed as a toxic sweetener that was made through a process that involves genetically modified bacteria. An article by The Independent entitled “World’s top sweetener is made with GM bacteria” revealed that two of the largest health threats –artificial sweeteners and genetically modified organisms — were joining forces.

Restore Total Digestive Health Naturally

Candida albicans, one of the most misdiagnosed health ailments in the world, is a disease that leads towards a variety of health problems including heart inflammation, fatigue, mood swings, and asthma. Sparked by antibiotic use, this yeast imbalance affects subjects who are taking pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Antidepressants Drastically Increase the Risk for Miscarriages

Antidepressants have become the most commonly prescribed drug in the United States. They are prescribed even more often than drugs to treat high blood pressure, which one in every three Americans suffer from. In 2005 alone, doctors prescribed 118 million antidepressants to people around the country.

Genetically Modified Potatoes Emerge as Newest Food Abomination

Just when you thought that genetically modified salmon was the final straw in the genetic manipulation of nature, a new food abomination has been created. Researchers in India have developed a genetically modified potato, filled to the brim with genetically altered amino acids.

BPA and Common Chemical Linked to Obesity

Two widely used chemicals are implicated in obesity after they reacted with specially-made cells and influenced fat cell development and fat storage, two underlying factors in weight gain.

New Genetically Modified Creation Threatens Health, Environment

It has been nearly 20 years since genetically modified ingredients were first introduced in America. Since then, scientists have used genetic engineering to create horrifying animal hybrids. Scientists have borrowed genes from a jellyfish to make other organisms glow