Ensure Your Workout is Helping You and Not Hurting You

Working out should be something that is both fun and beneficial. The body responds almost immediately to proper training, but it also responds to improper training. Improper training can lead to aches and pain down the road, or even muscles tears. Are you working out the right way?

Why Getting Visible Abs Has Almost Nothing to Do with Crunches

Everybody wants a toned body, but what does it really take? Endless crunches will get you nowhere, and neither will those silly ab gadgets that are seen on television screens across the world. Crunches are closely associated with a defined abdominal section, so how could it be that crunches aren’t to thank for a chiseled six pack?

You Can’t Get Quality Definition from Just Working Out

It is a common misconception that through working out alone you will be able to achieve the muscular definition you are looking for. How such a myth has come to be believed by a majority of athletes is quite astonishing. A basic understanding of how the body works can debunk this myth

Building Muscle Tone and Muscle Mass – Attaining Your Desired Physique

Everyone has seen the ridiculous advertisements claiming their product will magically help you gain thirty pounds of lean muscle in three weeks. These products hardly ever work, and they’re usually pretty harmful to your body. There is no reason to waste a cent on these scams.

An Exercise Plateau May Be Blocking Your Muscle Gains

So you’ve finally motivated yourself to get to the gym. You have a great routine you follow every week that works perfectly for you. Progress is great and at this point there is really nothing else you could ask for due to the overwhelming satisfaction.

Cut Cardio Time in Half with High-Intensity Interval Training

The traditional way of doing cardio is a thing of the past. Instead of spending two hours jogging on a treadmill and getting zero results, you can get substantial results in only fifteen minutes. The best part? It doesn’t cost a dime. Check out how you can utilize this modern day cardio technique.