NIH Official Warns that Zika Virus Could “Hang Around” for 2 Years

A National Institutes of Health official says the end of the Zika virus could still be a year or 2 away, and that Gulf Coast states, besides Florida, are most vulnerable.

Scientists Unlock Puzzle Piece to Latinos’ Slow-Aging Process

A new study suggests that despite a pre-disposition to a variety of health issues, Latinos age much more slowly than their counterparts of other races.

Do Season and Place of Birth Increase Celiac Disease Risk?

A new study suggests that where you were born, and what season you were born in, may affect your risk for celiac disease.

WHO Releases Alarming Stats Concerning US and Maternal Death Rate

Despite UN goals to slash the occurrence, the maternal death rate has risen alarmingly over the past several years across the United States.

Stranger Pays for Teacher’s Supplies, Social Media Reunites Them

In the realm of good news, seventh-grade grade teacher Sabrina Drude was brought to tears when a total stranger paid for her teaching supplies.

The Internet Sent 161 of Her Favorite Shirt to Girl with Autism

The mother of a young girl with autism took to the internet to find a discontinued shirt for her daughter. She was sent 161 shirts from kind people everywhere.

Study: Two Genes Can Help Detect Breast Cancer Prognosis

A new study has identified two genes that make women with breast cancer more susceptible to die from the devastating disease.

Research Suggests Zika Could Cause Long-Term Brain Issues

It is already known that Zika can affect babies born to infected mothers, but new research suggests that the virus may affect adult brains as well.

105-Year-Old Woman Surprised with Sexy Firefighters for Her Birthday

For her 105th birthday, Ivena Smailes wished for one thing – a burly, tattooed firefighter to hand deliver her birthday cake. And boy, did she get her wish!

Hepatitis A Linked to Strawberry Smoothies

A string of cases of Hepatitis A outbreaks in Virginia may actually be linked to strawberry smoothies from a certain cafe, officials have stated.

“Trendy” Therapy Used By Olympic Athletes May Work For You Too

Science may not give much focus to the alternative therapy known as cupping, but there are indeed studies that show cupping to be effective.

Couple Cooks Up a Feast for Louisiana Flood Victims

More light has been shone on the recent flooding in Louisiana when one couple cooked up a huge barbecue for flood victims and those in need.

UK Plan to Tackle Childhood Obesity Deemed ‘Weak’

The UK government has issued a plan of action in order to tackle the issue of childhood obesity, but many critics are calling it ‘weak.’

Miami Beach now the 2nd Site of Local Zika Virus Transmission in Florida

The CDC has issued a 2nd travel advisory for pregnant women and their partners in South Florida, this time for South Beach.

Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania: Latest Updates

Things are progressing quickly in Pennsylvania since medical marijuana was legalized there in April, giving children some access.

Bride Walks Down the Aisle with the Man who got her Dad’s Heart

When Jeni Stepien’s dad died in 2006, she wondered who would walk her down the aisle. But his heart was with her – literally – on her special day.

Here’s How to Undo the Damage Caused by Sitting All Day

If you spend a lot of time sitting, exercise a couple of days a week won’t cut it. To protect your heart, you need to sit less and more more every day.