FDA Ignores 2 Million+ People Saying “No” to GMO Salmon

Center for Food Safety and others plan to sue the FDA over its recent approval of AquaBounty’s AquaAdvantage® salmon for human consumption.

FDA Won’t Make Food Companies Label GM Plant Foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said recently that it would not require labeling of genetically modified plants that have been approved for sale.

Alaska First State to OK Marijuana Use at Pot Shops

The board responsible for writing rules on recreational marijuana in Alaska has voted to allow people to use pot at certain stores that will sell it.

Hungary and Austria Team Up to Regulate Ban on GMOs with Fierce Resolve

As the U.S. embraces GMOs, member states of the EU, Hungary, and Austria team up to make sure genetically modified food isn’t getting into their countries.

What the ‘Monsanto Law’ in South America has Done to Farmers’ Rights

Monsanto has forced its wares into multiple South American countries without considering farmers’ rights, indigenous seed, or food sovereignty.

Could Listening to Music Really Improve Your Health?

Surgery patients who listen to music before, during, and after a procedure may have less pain, better vital signs and less anxiety, a new analysis shows.

US Senator Joins Consumers in Outrage of FDA’s GM Salmon Approval

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, joins consumer groups in voicing concern over the newly approved genetically modified salmon.

6 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner Without Getting Stuffed

Avoid weight gain this Thanksgiving by following these simple suggestions to enjoy the holiday without completely stuffing yourself.

World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Company to be Created with $160 Billion Deal

Pfizer, a Monsanto spin-off company, has announced that it will purchase Allergen, the makers of Botox and other drugs in a $160 billion dollar deal.

Hershey’s Removes Fake Vanilla (Vanillin) from Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s promised to replace some of its synthetic ingredients with natural ones. The company says it has pulled vanillin and other ingredients.

Superbug Resistant to ALL Antibiotics Found in China

Scientists in China have found a gene mutation that makes bacteria resistant to all antibiotics. They say it’s the result of feeding the drugs to livestock.

Experts Say Major Earthquake Will Slam Oklahoma

Oklahoma now has more earthquakes than anywhere else in the world, and experts are saying it’s a matter of time before the state is hit with the “Big One.”

Synthetic Pot Sickens San Diegans

San Diego police responded to emergency calls about more than a dozen people who were sickened after ingesting synthetic marijuana on Sunday.

Sugar Beet Farmers Face Record Low Sales as Demand for ‘Non-GMO’ Booms

Thanks to Monsanto’s GMOs, sugar beet farmers began counting on increased yields and reduced costs. Now they face record low sales as NON-GMO demand booms.

Doing This During the Day may up Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

If you’re often sleepy during the day and frequently take a long afternoon snooze, you’re more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, reports researchers.

Know the Causes and Symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation

AFib is the most common type of heart arrhythmia, where the heart does not beat properly. Here are some causes and symptoms of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

FDA Has Approved GM Salmon for Consumption, and It Won’t Be Labeled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale of genetically modified salmon – the first GM animal allowed on the market.