Psychedelic Mushroom Compound Found to Grow and Repair Brain Cells

Research has found that psilocybin, a compound in psychedelic mushrooms, can help grow and repair new brain cells, helping to eradicate mental illness.

Vive La France: Country Bans Monsanto GMO Corn Before Sowing Season

Just recently, France’s agriculture ministry – the equivalent of the USDA – banned the sale, use, and cultivation of Monsanto’s MON 810 GMO maize.

Older Terminal Cancer Patients Walk Away from Hospice with Cannabis Oil and More

It’s amazing for someone to leave hospice, especially when they are older. Well, here are 2 cases of individuals leaving hospice thanks to cannabis.

Houseplant Protects Against HIV: Geranium Prevents HIV from Invading Cells

According to a new study, extracts from geranium roots, a common houseplant, hold promise in staving off HIV-1, the most common form of the virus.

Did New York Times Article Mislead About Supplement Risks?

The New York Times tied dietary supplements to liver damage while ignoring the fact that acetaminophen/Tylenol is the leading cause of acute liver failure.

The Tropical Fruit that can Detox Toxic Fluoride

From detoxing fluoride to boosting heart health the tropical fruit tamarind has much to offer. Here are more than 10 tamarind health benefits.

4 Real Stories of Cannabis’ Life-Saving Benefits

There are numerous real-life stories out there showing how marijuana can save lives. Here are just 4 of our favorites showcasing life-saving cannabis.

Is Your Perfume Toxic?

If you wear anything that contains fragrances—shampoos, lotions, deodorants, and some oils—you could be absorbing these toxins directly into your skin.

New Imaging Test Could Detect Cancer Without Radiation

Researchers are currently working on an imaging test that wouldn’t use any radiation in order to reduce the risk of cancer caused by radiation treatments.

Avemar: Fermented Wheat Germ Kills All Types of Cancer Cells FAST

One incredible, natural product, Avemar, kills seemingly ALL kinds of cancer, and has been subjected to numerous scientific studies to prove its efficacy.

90 Year Old Woman Healed Her Broken Pelvis with Carrot Juice

Carrot juice has helped thousands heal various maladies. Now, what if a 90 year old woman healed her broken pelvis by juicing mostly carrots?

Splenda Found to Reduce Friendly Gut Bacteria Significantly

As evidenced in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Splenda destroys healthy gut flora – an absolute must for a healthy immune system.

How to Find the Right Arsenic-Free Rice and Prepare it Properly

Since much of the rice available is contaminated with arsenic, it is important to choose the right rice. Here is how to find the right rice and prepare it.

Syngenta Halts GMO Corn Seed Sales in Canada Due to Importer Resistance

Syngenta has recently halted its commercial sales of a new GMO corn strain due to lack of approval for their genetically modified goods.

Instead of Daily Aspirin for Heart Health, Here are 7 Heart-Healthy Alternatives

Daily aspirin for heart health can be dangerous. Here are 7 natural heart-healthy protections with positive side effects while boosting cardiac strength.

A Diet Rich in Animal Products Alters Gut Bacteria Rapidly and Profoundly

Diets profoundly affect gut bacteria. One recent study indicates a diet rich in animal products may be doing the most damage to our internal ecosystem.

Son Fights for Dad Serving Life in Prison for Marijuana Charges

Jeff Mizanskey from Missouri is spending the rest of his life in prison for marijuana possession, a harsh and unbelievable reality.