Composing Only 5% of the World Population, Americans Take 50% of All Pharmaceutical Drugs

While Americans comprise only 5 percent of the world population, we consume an incredible 50 percent of Big Pharma’s pharmaceutical drugs.

Gardasil Dangers: Tell Mainstream Media to Stop Pushing Deadly HPV Vaccinations

How can mainstream media talk about why girls should get the HPV vaccine when the developer has admitted to the public that it is dangerous and even deadly?

Medical Marijuana by Drone Delivery?

New start-up companies have reportedly unveiled plans to start drone deliveries of medical marijuana, but could this really happen?

Monsanto’s RoundUp Poison 125 Times More Dangerous than Regulators Admit

Recent research has found that Monsanto’s RoundUp is 125 times more toxic than glyphosate alone, the main toxic ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide.

Will Jackson County, Oregon Finally Take Monsanto Down in the GMO Fight?

Oregon farmers are standing firm against Monsanto’s attempt stall measure 15-199 which would ban genetically modified crops in Jackson County.

Are Pesticides Lurking in Your Favorite Cup of Tea?

A recent investigation has found that many tea brands contain concerning levels of pesticides – here are some teas to stay away from for your health.

Colorado Crime Rates Down 14.6% Since Legalizing Marijuana

Just 3 months after Colorado voters allowed marijuana legalization, Denver is enjoying a 14.6 percent decrease in crime from the same time last year.

6 Ways Being a Vegetarian can Save You Money

Going vegetarian may not only improve your health and prevent animal cruelty – it costs less, too. Here are 6 ways being a vegetarian could save you money.

Victory in Vermont: Senate Passes Bill 28-2 to Label GMOs

Breaking News: Vermont’s Senate has passed a bill to require mandatory labeling of foods sold in Vermont that contain genetically modified organisms.

DEA Raids Woman’s House at 5AM After She Shops for Gardening Supplies

The DEA believes Angela Kirking’s shopping for fertilizer and supplies made her a very serious subject for investigation, leading them to raid her house.

Sri Lanka Reverses Glyphosate Ban Due to Monsanto’s Bullying

Sri Lanka was the first to announce a complete ban of toxic glyphosate, but now the ban is being reversed due to Monsanto’s bullying tactics.

Even the Government Recognizes Cancer-Prevention Properties of Garlic

Garlic is one of the most potent food medicines we have, with countless studies showing how the food can fight and prevent numerous cancers.

New Study: Green Tea Extract Improves Memory, Boosts Brain Power

A new study shows that green tea extracts can enhance the working memory, supporting cognition and boosting overall brain power.

Walmart Announces Release of Organic Foods at Cheap Prices

Walmart has just announced that it will be offering packaged organic foods at the same or comparable prices as non-organic foods for affordability.

‘Premature’ Bill Banning GMO, RoundUp-Resistant Grass Struck Down in CT

A bill banning GMO, RoundUp-resistant grass seed was recently struck down in Connecticut since GMO grass seeds have not been fully developed yet.

Higher Food Prices to Come: California Food-Producer Experiencing Intense Droughts

California is a primary food producer in the U.S. The state is also experiencing intense droughts, which will result in higher food prices everywhere.

Studies Suggest Marijuana Availability Decreases Violent Crime and Alcohol-Related Accidents

Also evidenced in Colorado, two recent studies suggest that access to marijuana actually leads to decreased rates of some of the most serious crime.