Black Seed Shows Promising Health Effects for Women

Black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used as a healer for ages. Two recent reports, for example, show how black seed can benefit woman in particular.

Next Target: GMO Biotech Descends on African Countries

Biotech bullies want to weasel their way into African governments to allow GMO biotech farming in countries where thousands are already dying.

New Highly Radioactive Leak Found at Fukushima Plant

Officials announced this week that a leak in a Fukushima holding tank recently allowed 100 tons of radioactive water to pour out.

Extreme China Smog Leading to ER Visits Rise, Businesses to Shut Down

In Bejing and six other Chinese provinces, citizens are being suffocated by a heavy haze of smog. Emergency room visits are through the roof.

Study: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Use in Pregnancy Linked to Behavioral Problems in Children

A study suggests maternal use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) could be to blame for the rising number of children diagnosed with hyperkinetic disorders and ADHD.

New Rules Would Limit Predatory Junk Food Makers in Schools

The USDA and the White House announced new rules that would limit the amount of marketing for unhealthy foods that children are exposed to in school.

Big Ag Fights Kauai’s GMO Ban in Federal Lawsuit

Shortly after the Hawaiian Island of Kauai restricted GMO crops, Big Ag corporations quickly swept in to legally fight and destroy the restrictions.

FDA Delivers New Food Labels, But GMO Labels are Missing…

The FDA has released new-and-improved nutrition label for food to help consumers make wise choices, but the decision is missing something…GMO labeling.

Banned in Other Countries, ‘Yoga Mat Chemical’ Found in 500 U.S. Foods

Azodicarbonamide is a chemical used to make yoga mats, but a new report shows that this toxic chemical is also present in nearly 500 U.S. foods.

New EU Report States 20,000 Square Miles Were Contaminated by Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Incident

An EU study has found that 3 months following Fukushima disaster, land 20,000 square miles around Fukushima was contaminated with radioactive nucleotides.

Alaska Voters Will Soon Decide on Marijuana Legalization

It’s official, Alaska voters will soon decide whether or not to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in their state. Most support legalization.

There is NO Peaceful Coexistence with GMO: USDA Just Doesn’t Get It

The USDA is fighting for the coexistence between GMO and organic crops, but coexistence of these crops is a fairy tale, and not one with a happy ending.

Maui Could Be Next Hawaiian Island to Ban GMOs

A recently launched petition on the island of Maui would temporarily suspend the production of genetically modified crops on that island. It shall pass!

Monsanto’s Glyphosate Linked to Kidney Disease Epidemic in Poor Farming Regions

Researchers recently found that glyphosate in Monsanto’s RoundUp is killing farm workers by the thousands in the form of chronic kidney disease.

FDA Claims Once Again that BPA is Safe with “Flawed” Study

Despite countless studies showing BPA dangers, the FDA has released a study that supposedly confirms the safety of BPA. Critics say the study is worthless.

Lipsticks and Other Cosmetics Carry Toxic Risks for Women and Unborn Babies

One recent investigation found that nearly all tested cosmetic brands contained traces of heavy metals, and some even exceeded “safe” heavy metal limits.

The Next Prop 37: New ‘Cleaner’ GMO Labeling Bill Introduced in California

California state senator Noreen Evans has introduced a new GMO labeling bill (SB 1381) in California. It is a ‘simpler and cleaner’ version of Prop 37.