Beyond Deterministic Genes: The Morphogenetic Field

Our genes have long been responsible for what we are and our capabilities, but what if there was something else helping to determine our fate?

Most Vaccines Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients, But What More…?

Have you SEEN the ingredient used for vaccines? And we should trust an industry which puts carcinogenic adjuvants into vaccines used to ‘treat’ disease?

Consumer Reports Advocates GMO Labeling

Consumer Reports has expanded beyond the car and washing machine reviews, openly supporting the need for the labeling of genetically modified foods.

New GMO Corn Ethanol Will Ruin Your Car and Void Your Warranty

Did you know that, if approved, E15 GMO corn could ruin your car engine if your car was made pre 2012? And this damage will not be covered under warranty.

Los Angeles Will Not Be Denied: City Council to Vote on Being GMO-Free on Oct 21st

Californians have wanted GMO foods labeled for years. On October 21st, Los Angeles City Council will vote on a citizens’ request to go GMO-free.

Experts Slam German Report Deeming Monsanto’s RoundUp, Glyphosate ‘Safe’

A German report says Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide and glyphosate pose no risks to health. Experts are slamming the report, calling it anything but true.

Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Cause Excessive Bleeding, Other ‘Ebola-Like’ Side Effects

Beta-Lactam antibiotics being used throughout third world countries are causing ‘Ebola-like’ symptoms. Adenovirus vaccines are resulting in similar effects.

EPA Will be Targeted in Court for Approval of Toxic 2,4-D Enlist Duo

The Center for Food Safety has condemned the EPA’s decision to approve Dow Chemical’s Enlist Duo herbicide – a new toxic blend of chemicals for GMO crops.

Red Algae Extract Defends Against Ebola, HIV, SARS, and More

Red algae can now be known as yet another one of Mother Nature’s answers to the latest ‘Ebola Pandemic,’ as well as a host of other viruses.

Procter & Gamble, Largest Personal Care Company, Won’t Remove Cancer-Causing Ingredients from Products

Procter & Gamble (the largest personal care product company in the U.S.) offers many products, but most of them are loaded with carcinogenic ingredients.

Good News: Blushwood Berries Kill Cancer in 75% of Cases, Big Pharma Tackles Patent

Recent research has discovered that fruit from the Blushwood tree can kill numerous cancers FAST! In 75 percent of cases, the cancer never returns.

Busted: Popular “Non-GMO” Tortilla Chips Found to Contain 75% GMOs

After testing 6 different packages, Consumer Reports found that Xochitl “non-GMO” tortilla chips actually contain up to 75 percent GMO corn!

Thinking Outside the Trash Can: Austin Business Diverts Food Scraps to Organic Gardens by Bicycle

One Austin company is thinking outside the trash can, diverting more than 100 tons of food scraps to community gardens – by bicycle.

Supreme Court Investigation: USA and UK Taxpayer Monies Funding Forced Sterilizations in India

U.S. and UK taxpayer money is being used to fund the sterilization of women in India. The Indian Supreme Court is currently investigating the matter.

Maui, Hawaii Tries to Oust Monsanto: Vote for GMO Initiative Due November 4th

Maui residents have signed a petition to push Monsanto off of their land for good by prohibiting the cultivation or reproduction of GMOs with Maui County.

Washington DC Voters Poised to Pull Penalties for Marijuana Possession

A recent poll says that 65 percent of Washington DC’s registered voters support an initiative loosening marijuana restrictions for those aged 21 and over.

A Future Ebola Solution? Scientists Discover First ‘Virological Penicillin’ in Chinese Herb

Researchers from China have discovered what they call the first ‘virological penicillin,’ which may prove to be the next ‘antibiotic for viruses.’