Man Uses Cannabis Oil to Successfully Treat Another Incurable Disease – COPD

Jeff Waters was suffering from severe COPD, but after only two months of using cannabis oil, Jeff went off oxygen and all the prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Extensive Review Highlights Turmeric’s Ability to Help Treat 18+ Diseases

An extensive review compiled the ‘best research’ on turmeric and outlined the proven benefits of this ancient spice. Turmeric is truly a miraculous healer.

Analysis: 8 Million Lives Saved by ‘Smoking Controls’ Since 1964

A new analysis shows that smoking controls over the past 50 years have saved 8 million lives and increased the average lifespans by nearly 20 years.

Monsanto Visits Local School for 47 Minute Propaganda Presentation

Monsanto visits local schools to tell twelve year olds how important biotech is for our future, but mentions nothing of the dangers or poisons involved.

Traditional Chinese Medicine on a Budget: It isn’t Covered

Here are some strategies available for using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including both TCM’s herbal pharmacology and acupuncture.

Cannabis Helps Treat Young Cancer Patient in Oregon

Some of the youngest patients to date are being treated by Cannabis. Take the brave Mykala, who used cannabis to help treat lymphoblastic leukaemia.

El Salvador Pressured to Buy $277 Million Worth of Monsanto’s GM Poison Seed

El Salvador is being pressured to buy ‘improved’ GMO seeds – not to feed its country, but to further the interests of poison GMO-producer Monsanto.

4 Great Foods for Preserving Eye Health, Reversing Vision Loss

You can prevent eye disease and maintain your vision with certain foods. These 4 foods could help stave off vision loss while promoting eye health.

Weight Gain in Baby’s First Month Key to IQ Development and Later School Performance

Research suggests weight gain and increased head size during the first month of a baby’s life is absolutely key to its future intellectual development.

CDC: Autism Rates Skyrocket 30% in 2 Years

Autism is one of the most controversial diagnoses of our time, and it’s affecting more children than ever. In fact, rates of ASD rose 30 percent in 2 years.

Win: Kyrgyzstan Initiates 100% GMO Ban for 5.5 Million Population

This past Wednesday, a nation known as Kyrgyzstan became one of the first countries in the world to ban all GMO crops, including sale and importation.

Can Eating Certain Foods Starve Cancer? An Anti-Cancer Diet

Did you know that certain foods can assist in the annihilation of existing cancer cells, helping your body to fight off the potentially fatal disease?

EU Moves to Eliminate Many Food Label Expiration Dates

Organizations are calling for “best by” dating on foods with long shelf-lives to be lifted, which could save tons of food waste and money for consumers.

The Extreme Importance in Maintaining Second Brain ‘Gut’ Health

The relationship between friendly gut flora and mental and physical health is extremely important. This imbalance could be why you’re sick.

Housing Bubble Solution: Low Cost, Off Grid, Small Agricultural Plot Living

A new community being created in Somerset might be the seed for multiple off-grid, low-cost, rural homesteads across multiple countries.

5 Easy Ways to Use Food Grade Activated Charcoal

Food grade activated charcoal is an amazingly useful substance. Here are 5 easy ways to use and benefit from food-grade activated charcoal.

Study Says Diet Sodas Better than Water for Weight Loss – Could it be True?

A study funded by the American Beverage Association suggests diet soft drinks are even better than water when it comes to losing weight. Could it be true?