Does a Holistic, Natural Psychiatric Approach to Wellness Exist?

Does a natural psychiatry approach to wellness exist? Orthomolecular Psychiatry relies on mega-dose supplement and dietary approaches for mental disorders.

Heart Expert: Saturated Fat Causing Heart Disease is a Myth

A UK cardiologist recently made waves when he said the entire saturated fat scare is a farce. That’s right, saturated fats don’t cause heart disease.

The Anxiety Epidemic: Causes, Symptoms, Solutions

Are you anxious? Millions of people throughout the world suffer from some form of anxiety. Well, here are some causes, symptoms, and natural solutions.

Reefer Sanity’s 7 Lame Arguments for Marijuana Prohibition

Do you support the legalization of marijuana? Here are 7 lame arguments used to combat the use of marijuana, for medical reasons or otherwise.

Health-Boosting Tip: Exercise and Rebounding to Drain Your Lymph Fluids!

It is very important to move lymph fluids around in your body. This tip for ridding your body of toxins is done through simple exercise and rebounding.

Transgene Escape: GMOs Spreading Uncontrollably Around the World

A new report reveals that genetically modified organisms are uncontrollably contaminating the world’s non-gm food supply and wild plants.

5 Reasons to Rethink Chicken

There are several reasons chicken—and especially mass-produced chicken—might not deserve a place on your plate. Here are 5 reasons to re-consider chicken.

Photos: 5 Absolutely Beautiful Places on Earth You’ve Never Seen (Part 2/3)

Planet Earth is full of beautiful landscapes not many of us get to experience. Here are 5 surreal landscapes that can be found on planet Earth.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Found to Increase Asthma Risk by up to 540%

Did you know that the rise in asthma cases since the 1980’s could be due to the increased use of acetaminophen found in pharmaceutical pain relievers?

Special Message: We Are Reclaiming The Food Supply

We are truly on the right path to reclaiming our food supply and taking back our power as individuals once again, and here’s why.

Surprising Natural Herb Tackles Virulent Cancer Tumors

Bindweed extract has been shown to be helpful for numerous cancers, including prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancers, and even ‘virulent’ cancers.

Longevity Secrets: 6 Reasons Okinawans Live to Be Older than 100

People from a small island off the coast of Japan, Okinawa, have figured out a secret recipe for living to be more than 100 years old. Here are some tips.

Study: Just 30 Minutes of Cell Phone Exposure Affects Brain Activity

A new study suggests it doesn’t take years or even months of exposure for cell phone radiation to (negatively) alter our brains—it only takes minutes.

The Cost of Labeling GMOs: How Much Will It Cost Consumers?

How much will GMO labeling cost consumers? The truth of the matter is that labeling GMOs won’t cost consumers a single penny. Not one.

Fish Oils Save Young Accident Victims from Permanent Brain Damage

In 2010, a young boy was in a terrible accident, left with severe brain damage. Fortunately, doctors used fish oil to help the boy to recovery.

Bottled Water Leeches 24,000 Chemicals into Your Body, Study Finds

Recent research out of Germany indicates there are more than 24,000 chemicals in bottled water. Many are causing serious hormone-disrupting effects.

Steps for Avoiding this Cancer-Causing Substance in Cooked Foods

Did you know that cooking your food may produce a cancer-causing substance? The FDA has issued an action plan for reducing exposure to this carcinogen.