New Study Finds Garlic Heals 100% of Warts in 2 Weeks

Adding to the body of research outlining the health benefits of garlic, a study indicates garlic holds the power to eliminate warts and help heal corns.

3 Cigarette/Tobacco Facts You May Not Know About

Here are 3 little-known facts about smoking that you may not be aware of—facts that could further convince you to drop the habit for good.

Marijuana Trade Association Formed in NY to Create ‘Safest, Most Effective’ Marijuana Program

Marijuana advocates have joined forces in New York to create one of the safest and most effective medical marijuana programs in the nation.

Florida Seaweed may Hold Promise as Protector Against Cancer

Another study suggests a seaweed found off the coast of Florida could hold the key to preventing prostate cancer, as well as other forms of cancer.

Win: Farmers in El Salvador Successfully Oppose Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

Recently, the U.S. tried to indirectly force El Salvador into purchasing Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds. But El Salvador is fighting back.

FDA Deems Inflammation a “Disease”, Protects Big Pharma Interests

The FDA has deemed inflammation a disease, leading to the removal of anti-inflammatory supplements since supplements can not claim to treat disease.

Alarming Amounts of ADHD-Causing Artificial Colors Found in Kid-Popular Foods

A recent study found that many foods marketed to children, especially breakfast cereals, have some of the highest levels of ADHD-causing food coloring.

Chasing a Phantom Hepatitis C Virus that may Not Exist?

Years ago, the CDC drafted a proposition to have everyone born between 1945 and 1965 tested for hepatitis C in order to receive costly tests and vaccines .

NaturalSociety and Message of Natural Health Grows to 200,000 Followers

As a powerful testament to the intellectual resistance to Monsanto and others, NaturalSociety has reached 200,000 followers of natural health information.

Is Your iPad Harming Your Skin?

The iPad device recently triggered a visit to a hospital in California for a young boy due to an allergic skin reaction. Why? Exposure to the metal, Nickel.

New Onslaught of Pesticides Being Approved by the Corrupted EPA and FDA

The EPA and FDA are about to approve a whole new type of pesticides to be unleashed on crops fields and the public. What will it take for this to stop?

6 More Ways to Prevent Dementia and Boost Brain Power

There are numerous methods to preventing cognitive decline. Here are 6 nutritional protectors against Alzheimer’s and general dementia.

Cannabis Capsules Help Elderly Man Overcome Terminal Cancer

With weeks to live and with conventional cancer treatments failing, an elderly man discovered that cannabis capsules could propel him to wellness.

First HPV Vaccine Lawsuit Filed in Spain Against Manufacturers and Health Authorities

Much controversy surrounds the efficacy and safety of the Human Papillomavirus vaccine, leading to the first lawsuit against Spain’s health authorities.

7 Reasons Chocolate may Be the Most Healthful Candy Around

Chocolate isn’t only good because of its taste – some of the best qualities of chocolate are actually health-related. Here are 7 reasons to eat chocolate.

Poll: 77% of U.S. Northwest are in Favor of GMO Labeling

A recent poll suggests 77 percent of residents in the Northwestern region of the U.S. would prefer that GMO-containing foods be labeled.

Hemp Seed-Eating Village in China Holds Oldest, Healthiest People in the World

A village in China, Bama Yao, holds some of the oldest, healthiest people in the world. The secret is in the diet, which includes lots of hempseed.