Tell Kraft Foods to Stop Polluting the Waters with Capri Sun Packages

Sign this petition telling Kraft Foods to stop making Capri Sun juices packaged in non-recyclable, non-biodegradable pouches made of metal and plastic.

How Will You Know if Your Store is Selling GM Salmon?

How will you know if your store is going to sell the newly approved genetically modified salmon, since the FDA does not require labeling?

Huge: Séralini Wins Defamation and Forgery Court Cases over GMO Research

Séralini, the scientist known for his research linking GM feed with cancerous tumor growth in rats, recently won defamation and forgery court cases.

Alaska Fishermen Concerned GM Salmon Could Harm $6.4 Billion Fishing Industry

Alaska fishermen are concerned that the newly-approved genetically modified salmon could tank the fishing industry.

GMO Corn and Herbicide Found in 100% of Frito-Lay SunChips Samples

Independent labs have found that 100 percent of the corn tested in Frito Lay’s Sun Chips is full of genetically modified Bt toxic pesticide and glyphosate.

Chuck Norris Takes Action Against FDA’s GM Salmon

Chuck Norris is taking action to a whole new level with recent commentary on the FDA’s approval of GM salmon.

Bacteria from a Hair Tie Nearly Causes Woman Sepsis

One Louisville, Kentucky, woman thought the bump on her arm was a spider bite. It turned out to be a serious infection caused by a hair tie.

US EPA Reverses Decision on Dow’s Toxic Enlist Duo Registration

The US EPA recently reversed its registration of Dow AgroScience’s latest one-two punch in herbicide, Enlist Duo, meant for mass use on America’s crops.

Fast Resting Heartbeat Could Predict Early Death

Research suggests that a rapid resting heart rate could be an indicator of early death, even in people without the usual risk factors for heart disease.

Bernie Sanders Interview ‘Cancelled Because Monsanto Was Threatening to Sue’

Bernie Sanders reportedly attests that a scheduled interview with CBS on agriculture was cancelled because “Monsanto threatened to sue” the network.

GM Mosquitoes Could End Malaria…or Spread It

Scientists at the University of California say they have created a new strain of mosquito through genetic modification that could help wipe out malaria.

ADHD Meds Are Screwing Up Kids’ Sleep

Medications used to treat symptoms for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be causing sleep problems in children, a new study says.

FDA Ignores 2 Million+ People Saying “No” to GMO Salmon

Center for Food Safety and others plan to sue the FDA over its recent approval of AquaBounty’s AquaAdvantage® salmon for human consumption.

FDA Won’t Make Food Companies Label GM Plant Foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said recently that it would not require labeling of genetically modified plants that have been approved for sale.

Alaska First State to OK Marijuana Use at Pot Shops

The board responsible for writing rules on recreational marijuana in Alaska has voted to allow people to use pot at certain stores that will sell it.

Hungary and Austria Team Up to Regulate Ban on GMOs with Fierce Resolve

As the U.S. embraces GMOs, member states of the EU, Hungary, and Austria team up to make sure genetically modified food isn’t getting into their countries.

What the ‘Monsanto Law’ in South America has Done to Farmers’ Rights

Monsanto has forced its wares into multiple South American countries without considering farmers’ rights, indigenous seed, or food sovereignty.