Public Outrage Causes Pepsi to Finally Release Aspartame-Free Diet Pepsi

Beginning next week, PepsiCo will offer aspartame-free Diet Pepsi following concerns that the artificial sweetener can cause health problems.

These 2 Grapefruit Compounds May Act Through DNA to Stop Cancer

It is essential to protect DNA to halt illness and disease. Researchers documented that one way to protect DNA is to eat grapefruit – here is why.

Hair Loss in Women and 4 Natural Treatments

Many women are blaming work and stress for thinning hair and hair loss. Here are 4 natural treatments for hair loss and hair thinning in women.

Anonymous Scientists Say Their Work is Suppressed on GMOs, Neonics

An investigation reveals how scientists who submit work on neonicotinoids and impacts of GMOs find their livelihoods and scientific credentials in jeopardy.

The Right to Grow Your Own Food Is Being Hijacked by the Federal Government

Your right to grow food was arguably taken away years ago and given to the Federal government through the right of ‘seizure’ given to the Feds, by the Feds.

Passage of the Steve Gleason Act to Make Life Easier for ALS Patients

Life is about to get a little bit easier for people with ALS, thanks to the Steve Gleason Act, which was signed into law by President Obama recently.

6 Ways the Medical System Makes Us Ill Before Kindergarten

From GMO-formula to antibiotic use, here are 6 key ways our medical system is harming our children and damaging their prospects for future health.

One of the Cheapest Cancer Fighters on the Planet

Did you know that onions possess a super-powerful anti-cancer compound known as quercetin? Find out how onions can be so powerful.

Facebook Knows About Your Health-Related Internet Searches

A new study finds that 91 percent of health-related pages (on Facebook, for example) relay the URL to third parties, often without the person knowing.

56,000 Signatures Convince Cheesecake Factory to Use Cage Free Eggs

After 56,000 people signed a petition presented by, the Cheesecake Factory has committed to using only cage free eggs at their restaurants.

8 Artichoke Health Benefits to Boost Total Health

From boosting brain and heart health to relieving indigestion, here are 8 artichoke health benefits that will keep you coming back for that delicious heart.

3D-Printed Drugs Will Bring Hope and Hazards to American Homes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved a drug created by a 3D printer called Spritam, made by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals.

White House Petition Asks Obama to Keep 2007 Promise to Label GMOs

Natural Society and Anthony Gucciardi have launched a White House petition asking Obama to keep his 2007 promise and enact GMO labeling nationwide.

Independent Lab Confirms Kashi Go Lean Cereal Loaded with Toxic Glyphosate

An independent lab has found that Kashi’s Go Lean Original breakfast cereal (owned by Kellogg’s) is loaded with the herbicide chemical glyphosate.

Revealing Graphic Shows What Happens When You Drink a Coca Cola

The following graphic provides shows how drinking a Coca Cola can have adverse effects on your health, starting with 10 minutes and ending with 60 minutes.

The One Amino Acid You Should Be Eating to Lose 62% More Fat

Eating more protein, and the amino acid leucine in particular, can boost metabolic rate 3x more than eating fat and simple carbs – leading to weight loss.

Synthetic Marijuana a Serious Problem in Major Cities this Summer

People in major cities are dying from overdoses and violent crime is on the rise, thanks, in part, to the use of synthetic marijuana.