Rampant: Monsanto’s RoundUp Causing Deformities, Infertility

Will first-hand accounts of animal deaths and deformities, as well as human reproductive failure lead to the demise of Monsanto’s RoundUp and glyphosate?

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Landmark? Major Corporation Calling GMOs ‘All Natural’ Targeted for False Advertising

Major opponent of GMO labeling, Heinz is the latest target for false advertising claims and for supplying food with toxic GMO ingredients.

Study Indicates 70-300% Increased Brain Cancer Risk from Using This Device

New research suggests that long-term cell phone users (25 years) could be at a 300 percent increased risk of developing brain cancer.

Experts Smash Untruths About Glyphosate, GMOs at Beijing Conference

The true harm perpetrated by the makers of GMOs and glyphosate-based herbicides were discussed by experts in late July at an event in Beijing. Check it out.

Breakthrough: Simple Exercise Found to Spark Molecular Changes in the Body

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Mass Salmon, Plankton, Sea Star Die Off in Pacific Northwest: No One Mentions Radiation

The mysterious die-off of salmon and low plankton levels have many scientists concerned. Could radiation off the coast be the reason for the die offs?

Exposing Syngenta’s Toxic Best-Selling Weed Killer in Your Water – Atrazine

Atrazine is a toxic weed killer made by Syngenta found in the nation’s water, but the EPA is ignoring the research, allowing the toxin to run rampant.

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What’s the Deal with the Latest Ebola Pandemic Scare?

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Cop Reassigned Desk Job After Internal Investigation Finds He Wrote 80% of All Pot Tickets

It was uncovered in a recent investigation that of 83 pot-smoking tickets handed out this past year in Seattle, officer Randy Jokela handed out 66 of them.

Monsanto Wants 14-Year Reuters Veteran Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO Dangers

In Monsanto’s latest inexcusable move, the company is trying to have a veteran reporter fired for talking about genetically modified organisms fairly.