Medicine in Trouble: The Death of Informed Consent

A huge ethical issue is hitting the entire medical establishment in the US that threatens its integrity and trust. Computers are now making the decisions.

Monsanto’s Deep Legacy of Corruption and Cover-Up

While Monsanto touts integrity, respect, and honesty, the company actually has a legacy of contamination and cover-up that dates back more than a century.

6 Good Reasons to Kick Your Favorite Drink to the Curb

If the threat of obesity isn’t enough to make you put down that Coke or Pepsi, here are 6 other health threats you might want to consider.

McDonald’s Announces Shift to Antibiotic-Free Chicken – Kinda

McDonald’s has announced their intent to remove antibiotics from their chicken products – will this be enough to win back their lost customers?

Newly Released: Study Confirms Chronic Kidney Failure 5 Times Higher in Glyphosate-Ridden Areas

Farmers in Sri Lanka exposed to glyphosate through drinking water are 5 times more likely to develop chronic kidney failure than those who are not exposed.

Breaking News: New York Moves Forward with GMO Labeling Bills

Great news for New Yorkers who want to know if their food contains genetically modified organisms – a GMO labeling bill is a step closer to passing!

4 Important Tips for Growing Your Own Superfoods

The nutritional value of a single food can surpass the quantity of fruit and veggies consumed. Here are 4 tips for growing nutrient-dense superfoods.

Ghana Temporarily Bans GMO Commercialization

Judge Kwadwo Yeboah ruled for a temporary halt on any further commercialization and development of GMOs in Ghana. Will the ban remain?

Sustainability on Steroids: Organic Farmer Grosses $100K an Acre

A Californian farmer is blowing other farmers away, making $100K/acre by using both ancient and cutting-edge farming skills that do not require pesticides.

Why Eating Fats Really Doesn’t Make You Fat

Does eating fat really make you fat? Recent evidence shows that we have been told a big fat lie, and that eating fat does not cause weight gain or disease.

Search Tells You If, When, and How Much YOUR Doctor Was Paid by Big Pharma

Is your doctor on the payroll of the mega pharmaceutical companies? A public search engine reveals when, if, and how much.

Medicinal Mushrooms Proven to Fight the Human Papilloma Virus

One of the many conditions that certain species of mushrooms have been found to heal is human papilloma virus infections. They can even eradicate the virus.

Kraft, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola And Dozens More Continue to Lose Money

The public is losing trust in Big Food manufacturers like Kellogg’s and Kraft. Earnings are falling, and dozens of Big Food companies’ stocks are down.

5 Great Natural Substitutes for Cancer-Causing Soda

The millions of people consuming soda daily are increasing their risk of cancer, specifically due to the carcinogenic ingredient known as caramel coloring.

TED Talk on Legalizing Medical Marijuana Will Break Your Heart

Medicinal marijuana is highlighted in this tear-jerking TED Talk where Hugh Hempel describes how marijuana helped heal his twin girls.

International Protest Against GMO Trees Coming March 3rd

On March 3rd, Brazil will make a decision about genetically modified trees that could change the planet. We must send a resounding message – No GE trees!

Food Network Airs Monsanto Advertisement

The Food Network is helping Monsanto with their PR campaign by airing commercials with the same message as their anti-GMO labeling campaigns.